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BAC One-Eleven

Old 14th Mar 2007, 22:28
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Tubby Linton
There were two 1/11 475's with Air Malawi
C/n 245 7Q-YKQ on strength from July 74 to November 75 and
c/n 243 7Q-YKF on strength from 1972 to 1993
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Old 18th Mar 2007, 20:05
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YKF was Air Malawi's own aircraft and delivered to them new, while YKQ the leased Air Pacific model. Both were 475s.
Their most interesting sector was Blantyre-Seychelles with a point of no return and island reserve and their most interesting arrival into Seychelles was in bad weather on the 3rd attempt achieved by a low level cloud break out to sea and very long and flat run in.
Air Malawi's crews , noted for their humour as well as operational expertise, were excellent and operated the 1-11, HS 748, and the Standard VC 10 with very high standards of punctuality. A speciality of the VC 10 , which carried a Navigator , was to bypass the scheduled Nairobi fuel stop southbound if possible and operate Gatwick-Blantyre direct.
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 05:19
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"I did ask at the outset of this thread 'Does anyone know just how many are flying' and where they are?"

That would appear to be a difficult question to answer as several US aircraft are technically on the register (Mainly ex-AAL bizjet conversions) but in reality no longer flying. There's a Yahoo BAC 1-11 group you can join & I beleive they have an annual list with a speculative number but...

The active operators I'm aware of are Northrop-Grumman (flying test beds),
Boscombe Down (QnetiQ/EPTS), TAROM or its successors, Royal Omani AF (slated for replacement next year with A320s) and that's about it - maybe a dozen. Don't know what happened to the one & only Dee Howard Tay-engined prototype.
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5 pages and no mention of the Mediterranean Express 475's. I worked for them back in 1987 and had many a hairy shuttle round the Channel Islands on subs for Air UK. Now, where are my photos........
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Old 19th Mar 2007, 08:11
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Thanks ICT. Were these the same Med Express that BA did up for you ex South American, if they are we even kitted them out with seats for nothing
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look at post number 2 and look at that website.. Will tell You want You want to know..

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Old 20th Mar 2007, 05:07
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So if they were ex-South American that would make them ex-Faucett Type FDs if memory serves. Funnily enough one of the few operators of the CRJ (the 1-11's grandchild) south of the equator is Southern Wings over the same routes.
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Old 20th Mar 2007, 05:30
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UN-B1110, a -400 is still active at Almaty, and recently one (possibly two) 500s have been flying for SCAT (Ah, the sound of those Speys!), seen this month at both Almaty and Astana. Must try to identify them properly if I can get close enough.
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Old 20th Mar 2007, 05:40
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Found one picture at least......... G-AZUK
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Old 20th Mar 2007, 13:13
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BAC 1-11s still in service as of March 2007

I run the BAC 1-11 website and can confirm to all of you that want any further information to check out www.bac1-11jet.co.uk
The details on this site are more than purely "speculative" as are those on the BAC 1-11 Forum at Yahoo Groups that I also run.
I can confirm that there are approximately 20 or so 1-11s still flying.
These are as follows:-
Air Katanga - 9Q-CSJ - Lubumbashi DRC (possibly grounded by now)
Business Jet Access - N999BW - Dallas Love Field
Vigo Jet - XB-JZX - Puerto Vallarta
Grupo Adelac - XA-CMG - Toluca
GST Aero / East Wing - UN-B1110 - Almaty
ITAB - 9Q-CDY - Lubumbashi DRC (Used by compagnie africaine d'aviation)
Libavia - 5A-DKO - Tripoli Mitiga
JetEx Flight Support / MIA Airlines - YR-CJL, HRS, MIA - Bucharest Baneasa
Northrop Grumman - N161NG, 162W, 164W - Baltimore Washington
QinetiQ - ZE432, ZE433, ZH763 - Boscombe Down
Romavia - YR-BRE - Bucharest Otopeni (Government aircraft)
Royal Air Force Of Oman - 551, 552, 553 - Muscat Seeb
Select Leasing Inc - N111JX, N200EE - Waukesha Crites Field
Trast Aero / Aquiline Intl - EX-086, EX-103 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Total 24 airframes although several of these have not been reported in service for quite some time.
I hope this helps.
Please check the 1-11 website for any further updates or join the forum!
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Old 27th Mar 2007, 08:48
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Noted a 1-11 parked on the business ramp at Malaga last night.

Too dark to see any other details.
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Old 29th Mar 2007, 05:11
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If I remember correctly the last airframes built by Romaero were just abandoned on the line. Does anyone know what became of them & who, if any, now owns the design rights?
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Spare change anyone?

If so, you can purchase one here...

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Old 30th Mar 2007, 06:17
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Well, I still do not know how many are in the SCAT fleet here in Kazakhstan, but just watched a 1-11-500 depart Almaty to Dushanbe. Their schedule shows quite a few 1-11 flights :

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Old 31st Mar 2007, 11:01
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short flights long nights
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I am interested in the complicated APU start sequence. Can anybody advise?
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For something that was once almost a reflex action I am racking my cell to thinking of anything complicated.
Battery - on (no separate Battery)
Fire test
APU Master switch on
Press Start
Monitor EGT (was there a LOP light?)
Electrics available at 95%

Bleed available when stable

Might have missed something which I'm sure will be pointed out - it has been 20 years !
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Agree with WODRICK, starting was straightforward.
Maybe SOPS is referring to the change over from APU bleed air to engine bleed air after take off when a correct sequence of valve opening and closing was required.
I seem to remember there was a story about a British Eagle One Eleven that stuffed up the sequence and left the APU bleed on mixing with the engine bleed. After about an hour they had a serious duct over heat problem.
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short flights long nights
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Thanks guys..was just refering to an earlier post that said the APU was complicated to start!
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Old 29th Sep 2019, 22:07
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Interesting old thread. I flew on one of the Rombac 1-11s in 1987. It was YU-ANS, on a damp lease (along with several sister ships) to Adria Airways from Tarom. I went to Ljubljana and back from Leeds Bradford. The aeroplane itself was only three years old at the time and was pleasant and comfortable, just a little dated inside. Outside, the only changes were substituting the Tarom logo and titles for those of Adria, plus giving the aircraft a Yugoslav registration. It was a hot day in Leeds for the outbound flight and it seemed to take forever to become airborne off RW32.
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I had a similar experience coming out of Palermo in a British Island 400 series late on the evening of 18th October 1988 after visiting the Targa Florio. When the lady pilot came through the cabin later, I asked her about the lengthy take-off run and she replied "You noticed did you,so did we" and moved on. Happy Days
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