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Wirraway 30th Oct 2002 19:10

Emirates wants to double flights
Thurs "The Australian" 31/10/02

Emirates wants to double flights
By Steve Creedy
October 31, 2002

EMIRATES will seek traffic rights to increase the number of flights to Australia as part of growth plans that will see it more than double its aircraft fleet over the next eight years.

Emirates Group managing director Maurice Flanagan said in Sydney yesterday that the airline wanted to double service to Sydney and Melbourne to twice daily and boost Perth services to more than daily.

He said Dubai-based Emirates planned to operate from Brisbane, where it already has rights, "as we get more established".

The airline could ultimately use long-range A340-500 aircraft, due to start arriving next year, to service Sydney and Melbourne.

"Those (cities) really have to be non-stop out of Dubai, giving Sydney and Melbourne a one-stop operation to all the points we serve beyond," Mr Flanagan said.

"Theoretically, we could find ourselves offering Sydney-Dubai-Los Angeles ... certainly Sydney-Dubai-New York makes sense. Perth-Dubai-New York makes even more sense."

But Mr Flanagan said Emirates had no interest in becoming involved in starting an Australian domestic carrier and said it was never the case that it was a potential buyer of Ansett.

He said the carrier's 43 per cent interest in SriLankan Airlines had absorbed a huge amount of time and money.

Emirates has carved out a respectable niche in Australia and currently flies from Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

It intends to start flying to the US next year and expects to expand its fleet from 43 wide-body aircraft to 110, including 22 Airbus A380 super jumbos, by 2010.

The airline employs more than 500 Australians and spends about $4 million a year sponsoring sporting events and teams as well as the Australian Film Institute.

It is among a handful of airlines, including Qantas, that remained profitable after the September 11 terrorist attack.

RaTa 31st Oct 2002 01:42

Not wishing to knock an airline that has a good reputation, but "theoretically" flying between to JFK via DXB from SYD would be a lot longer than going via LAX. A good six hours longer!

druckmefunk 31st Oct 2002 03:17


But i bet it will be a lot cheaper on EK

RaTa 31st Oct 2002 04:50


They may end up being a little cheaper but it would take around 28hrs to get to JFK via DXB as against 19hrs via LAX.
It's a long journey either way but most punters would prefer the shorter trip. Even if you break the journey where would you rather slip, LAX or DXB?

ferris 31st Oct 2002 05:20

Maybe he means DXB-SYD-JFK? :cool:

Could certainly use the extra capacity to DXB. Hard to get a seat!

Taildragger67 5th Nov 2002 23:11

RaTa -

Where would I rather slip??

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, mate.

Can someone please give me a reasonable answer as to why, if EK are able to fill 777-300s into Sydney (which from first-hand experience they are), Melbourne and Perth (carrying LOTS of Aussies between London and Australia), the Rat isn't going there? Surely taking the 767 which was running up to BOM & extending it onto DXB wouldn't hurt??

How about a 744 direct SYD-DXB, meeting up with a BA 777 with a code-share for both the whole way?

sandpit 6th Nov 2002 04:19

Taildragger, I would say the reason QF are not going to Dubai is the reason you mentioned - EK are carrying Aussies to Europe. Get off a MEL, SYD or PER EK flight in DXB and there are only a handful of people at the baggage belt with you. The rest are connecting to other flights. So I doubt there is much market Aust-DXB, even with a 767.

However continuing through to London might be a different story. Dubai wouldn't have a problem with that (open skies) - don't know whether the UK would allow it though (Middle East routes are very lucrative). I would be very surprised if the Indians ever let QF operate BOM-DXB. Middle East routes are their money spinners too.

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