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BoeingDriver99 8th Jul 2022 04:09

EASA A320 sim in Aus/NZ
Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is an EASA 320 sim in Australia? Or New Zealand? With an EASA TRE to go along with it?

Ansett said their one is CASA only.


morno 8th Jul 2022 04:11

Your best bet might be a quick trip to Bangkok with Greendot

BoeingDriver99 8th Jul 2022 04:44

I had heard they went out of business. Their website isnít functional anymore. Do you have a link or a contact? Thanks!!!

morno 8th Jul 2022 06:02

Oh you could be right, been a few years since Iíve checked. In that case I donít know

ZFT 8th Jul 2022 08:21

AATC Bangkok still have 3 EASA qualified A320 FFSs

ScepticalOptomist 8th Jul 2022 10:07

Donít believe there is one in AUS. Singapore may be the closest / easiest.

BoeingDriver99 8th Jul 2022 10:13

Yes it seems according to EASA; Singapore and Bangkok are the closest options.


Ollie Onion 9th Jul 2022 00:46

Singapore is your best bet

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