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ozbiggles 1st Jul 2020 10:32

AO-2016-042 4 years!
We now return to normal broadcasting

The ATSB report for the VA 737 Pod strike in Apia has been released...4 years later,

Capn Bloggs 1st Jul 2020 11:27

And after all that time Ozbiggles is going to make us search for it! How cruel.

ozbiggles 1st Jul 2020 11:41

I thought it only fair I take 4 years to post the link!

MrBernoulli 1st Jul 2020 11:43

Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs (Post 10826213)
And after all that time Ozbiggles is going to make us search for it! How cruel.

I agree. When starting a thread about a newly released accident/incident report, it should surely occur to the thread starter that plain, old-fashioned courtesy requires including a link to that report? :hmm:

Anyway, for the benefit of all, here it is: Engine nacelle strike and continued operation involving Boeing 737-8FE, VH-YIW, Faleolo Airport, Apia, Samoa on 23 April 2016

ozbiggles 1st Jul 2020 12:12

Us colonials don’t believe in any of that stuff Governor. Unfortunately the dog ate my homework or in this modern world my phone didn’t like the link and who cares about the rest anyway.

Capn Bloggs 1st Jul 2020 12:18

As the world relies more and more on the AP, mishandling incidents like this will increase. Could easily have been me. :{

Biggles, I'm going to get Algy onto you! :=

ozbiggles 1st Jul 2020 12:23

Better Algy than Bertie or that Mr Bernoulli character from 266SQN.
I’m much more a Boeing than Airbus mind.

MrBernoulli 5th Jul 2020 20:20

Originally Posted by ozbiggles (Post 10826268)
Better Algy than Bertie or that Mr Bernoulli character from 266SQN.

Have you perhaps been sniffing glue, ozbiggles?

ozbiggles 6th Jul 2020 00:39

There are a lot of things I could have done in the four days since that was posted

Lookleft 6th Jul 2020 01:01

The benefit of waiting so long to release the report is that the :What has been done" section can be changed to " Due to the spread of Corona virus and the Parent company being put into voluntary administration the airline is no longer operating to small Pacific islands. The ATSB can state that this event will not happen again to this operator at this airport."

Bodie1 6th Jul 2020 02:41

Better change your user name biggles, it'll be erased from history shortly, given what's going on around the world.

ozbiggles 6th Jul 2020 03:47

I don’t know, my 100th Biggles book could be Ozbiggles in the Covid lockdown.

Biggles is needed to fly his Auster between heavily fortified state borders ( it will feature incompetence MS guards) into a dangerous land led by a quasi Chinese dictator....it writes itself.

Superman1 6th Jul 2020 06:29

Imagine going to work and being given a report to write and your boss saying... if you and your team can try complete the document in 4 years that would be great.....

What an absolute joke the Australian public service is....

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