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De_flieger 15th Nov 2021 11:08

Originally Posted by Icarus2001 (Post 11142403)
Gee let me think about that, no obviously. What is clearly lost on you is that choosing to get on an aircraft is vastly different to living with an endemic virus in society.

Yes, you can choose to get on an aircraft, or not. An endemic virus, on the other hand, will spread widely and infect most of the population sooner or later, without public health measures to prevent it, so whether or not you get it depends a lot on the actions of others, things such as wearing masks, social distancing, and.... vaccination, which makes it much less likely that you'll be infected. If you're not infected, you won't pass it on to others such as the older age groups or just your neighbours who you didn't realise had asthma or an underlying heart condition.

If you think it only affects the elderly though, of the 756,962 dead in the USA as of a few days ago, 49,072 were in the 45-54 year old age bracket. As you get older, the risk gets worse, but in the 55-64 year old bracket there were 107,985 deaths. Personally I don't think that 45-54 is particularly old, or someone's death in that group should be discounted because "oh, it only really affects the elderly, they were going to die anyway". Call it about 156,000 dead, aged between 45 and 64, out of the ~756,000. How many people in your airline are in that age group? This idea that "it's only serious if you're elderly and infirm" seems most often propagated by those with a financial or political interest in not taking public health measures, or an ideological issue with vaccines. There are plenty of examples of them begging for prayers on social media as they go onto a ventilator.

I certainly never said that. By the way, SPOILER ALERT, we all die in the end.
Well, in that case, I'll tell the Homicide Squad to stand down. If we're going for gross over-simplifications then any death is just an acceleration of what was going to happen anyway over a long enough timeframe.

601 15th Nov 2021 12:25

drinking a beer full of ice
That is probably more dangerous that any infectious virus,

Maggie Island 15th Nov 2021 21:42

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11142639)
“she deserved it – bitch deserved it.” Eazy-E agrees: “Yeah, bitch had it coming.”

As Mr Eazy would later discover, it turns out if you ignore a dangerous virus - particularly one that doesn’t have much data on it, then you’ve got it coming too.

dr dre 16th Nov 2021 00:58

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11142639)
it was pretty obvious. Mentioning what is happening in other parts of Europe. WHICH ARE LOCKDOWNS.
and as it wasn’t obvious enough then…

Attacking someone’s user name doesn’t help convince others to follow your point of view.

A lockdown to me is a requirement for all people to remain to home for all but essential reasons.

What’s happening in Austria and Germany is the unvaccinated only are being locked at home in some states, whilst the vaccinated have no restrictions. For the unvaccinated there is a very simple way to get out of lockdown, get jabbed.

The Dutch have upped capacity restrictions and some earlier closing times temporarily but still short of stay at home orders.

That link from the Daily Mail that was posted - still admits that lockdowns are a far away possibility. I don’t think anyone is ever going to completely rule out a total lockdown, but expect more restrictions on those who choose not to be vaccinated.

The conspiracy theorists can go on about their loss of freedoms and one world government all day long, for the most part if you are vaccinated you’re going to be fairly free. Whilst a lot of Europe tried to open up without discriminating against the unvaccinated it looks like they’ll be now subject to restrictions.

Australia is basically going to start with this approach, and a higher Vax rate than those European countries that are seeing spikes now so should avoid a lot of these problems.

De_flieger 16th Nov 2021 01:46

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11142753)
And having a user name of a repeated women beater isn’t going to do you any favours, To those with ANY moral compass it is offensive and disgusting.

Holy thread drift, Batman! Out of curiosity though, on a moral compass is that better or worse than a user name that sounds like an introduced pest species linked to the extinction of numerous native Australian species?

(For what it's worth, I don't really care what people's usernames are, because they were probably chosen as an obscure reference to a job or an in joke or something at the time, for all I know Foxxster might be a NATO fighter pilot - or someone who plays one on Digital Combat Simulator - and Dr Dre might be a doctor of hair and skin specialising in dreadlocks. It just seems like a bit of a ridiculous thing to focus on)

dr dre 16th Nov 2021 03:02

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11142753)
I would say that an intelligent, rational person would conclude that all that just might stop some people booking a flight there. I cannot speak for you though

The chance of an intelligent rational person (who would be vaccinated) not booking or cancelling a flight to some destinations because of the risk of a future lockdown would be small.

Probably the same chance of an intelligent, rational person refusing a vaccine because they think it’s part of a sinister plot.

Basically except for the Netherlands most of the re-introduced restrictions were for the unvaccinated only, so the intelligent, rational person who got the vaccine would be unaffected.

Foxxster 16th Nov 2021 04:01

Seems travel warnings have already started with respect to EU and other European countries. How long before Australia joins in.

Israel’s top health official suggested Sunday that COVID-related travel restrictions could be imposed on some European countries, due to rising infection levels in some parts of the continent.


EU’s Top Health Authority Suggests Avoiding Travel to Majority of EU Countries as Winter Holidays Approach


Days Before Reopening Borders for Europeans, US Advises Against Travel to 14 EU Countries


cloudsurfng 16th Nov 2021 07:16

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11142783)
I am so glad you take violence against women so glibly.
And it is certainly not a ridiculous thing to focus on. Go and take a very hard look at yourself sunshine. I want nothing to do with you or that other ****wit. You are both bloody disgraces.

Some of the injuries she suffered included a broken nose, five black eyes and even a cracker rib In her Lifetime biopic 'Surviving Compton' in 2016, Michel’le revealed that there was an incident where Dr Dre once came out and "beat her out of her sleep", after he had been drinking all night.

pretty funny isn’t it.

in 1990, he attacked Barnes after he felt that she disrespected him when during the interview she had done with Ice Cube.
In an interview with Rolling Stone in August 1991, Barnes revealed that not only was she slammed into a wall and thrown down a staircase, she was also punched multiple times by the rapper after his men blocked the exit of a bathroom. He had grabbed her hair and punched her in the back of the head. She recounted the incident in a 1991 statement saying that she endured him "slamming her face and right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway”.

still laughing..

bloody hell. What an idiot. Take your IRL first name, type it in to google, and you’ll likely find someone somewhere in history who did something stupid. Are you going to change your name now? No? You’re a bloody disgrace. How dare you.

give me a Farkin break. :ugh:

brokenagain 16th Nov 2021 07:19

I want nothing to do with you or that other ****wit. You are both bloody disgraces.
What a tantrum!

Derfred 16th Nov 2021 08:37

Folks, it was “notice-day” today for VA and QF/JQ - unvaccinated staff were told not to turn up for work this morning.

Some have just found themselves with a lot more spare time to post on PPRUNE.

Just let them run with it, I suggest.

PoppaJo 16th Nov 2021 12:19

So the SA Government have now advised nobody can enter or exit its state if they have been to any council areas that have a below 80% vaccination rate in Victoria.

The data being used is from 2016 census, so Melbourne City is below the figure as are many others, due to Foreign students who have now left, impacting the data. If you are a resident of SA and plan on dropping into the Melbourne city, you must quarantine for 2 weeks on return.

There goes any demand for SA -> VIC. What a crock of...

Derfred 16th Nov 2021 13:24

Yeah, that’s shit.

The inaccuracy bias of quoted vaccination rates based upon population calculated on pre-covid population data in certain areas has been noted, but perhaps not sufficiently included when it comes to influencing certain government policies,

Give Steve a ring and let him know. He’s a common-sense dude isn’t he?

SHVC 16th Nov 2021 18:21

We did a census few months ago, how long does it take for that to be processed? Population stats will shock some.

Foxxster 16th Nov 2021 20:30

Now Germany looks like locking down. 14 million unvaccinated. Can’t imagine the effect that will have on bars, restaurants, hotels , transport etc etc. already Munich has cancelled the Christmas markets, a major tourist attraction. Forget Europe for the next few months at least. More will follow.


Foxxster 16th Nov 2021 20:34

Originally Posted by Derfred (Post 11143003)
Yeah, that’s shit.

The inaccuracy bias of quoted vaccination rates based upon population calculated on pre-covid population data in certain areas has been noted, but perhaps not sufficiently included when it comes to influencing certain government policies,

Give Steve a ring and let him know. He’s a common-sense dude isn’t he?

seems all our state premiers are blessed with abundant common sense. Said no one ever. Same could be said for intelligence, integrity

43Inches 16th Nov 2021 21:07

The anti-vaxxers in germany are a well known problem, it's not a small group there and they even hold small parties to 'spread' the virus. A mate there has witnessed the parties while doing deliveries for the post. Locals there also show no sympathy for them, so this may end up very badly for the antis in those countries. Also be careful of how the news presents Germany and Europe in general, locals i speak to have very different views on what the news says here and the UK for that matter (suprise, suprise, the news exaggerates stuff...)

SOPS 17th Nov 2021 01:01

The UK is set to require a booster shot to avoid Q if travelling.


The ‘ let’s open up and get back to normal ‘ thing is a little more complicated than it appears.

Foxxster 17th Nov 2021 01:10

Just for old times sake and a bit of a laugh. Our old friend..off topic but.


dr dre 17th Nov 2021 01:51

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11143209)
Now Germany looks like locking down. 14 million unvaccinated...... More will follow


If they don’t want to be locked down just get vaccinated. It’s very simple and won’t cost a cent.

SOPS 17th Nov 2021 01:58

Originally Posted by Foxxster (Post 11143292)
Just for old times sake and a bit of a laugh. Our old friend..off topic but.


He never gives up!!!!

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