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pinkpanther1 23rd Jan 2020 03:31

C130 down NE Cooma
Reports of a US registered C130 down near Cooma. SAR choppers heading out now.

The NSW Rural Fire Service is investigating reports of a serious incident involving an aircraft in southern NSW this afternoon.

Contact was lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working in the Snowy Monaro area.

Local ground crews indicate the aircraft may have crashed.

A number of helicopters are in the area carrying out a search.

No further information is available at this time.

logansi 23rd Jan 2020 03:35

Bomber 134 - N134CG

Allan L 23rd Jan 2020 03:37


logansi 23rd Jan 2020 03:39

Large Air Tanker (C130) Bomber 134/N134CG Down in Australia
Sounds like a LAT working in Southern NSW has crashed, appears to be N134CG


segfault 23rd Jan 2020 03:53

This article:


Says the crash is in Peak View


SnowFella 23rd Jan 2020 04:02

Both flightaware and FR24 tracks end rather abruptly with several helicopters rather quickly making their way to the last "known" location.
Might ad, looks like the ABC report doesn't show the correct airframe.

mickjoebill 23rd Jan 2020 04:04

A Royal Australian Airforce P-8-A is circling just north of Peak View.


Airbubba 23rd Jan 2020 04:04

From the New South Wales Rural Fire Service:


Airbubba 23rd Jan 2020 04:09

RAAF P-8A orbiting over the scene.


unworry 23rd Jan 2020 04:14


RAAF A47-005 P-8A Poseidon as "BLACKCAT 50" currently searching for a missing C-130 Large Air Tanker in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, Australia. NSW RFS confirmed that a C-130 is currently missing and a SAR operation is taking place

dash34 23rd Jan 2020 04:17

Hoping this is not a Coulson aircraft. They have bomber 134 registered as N130CG. Fingers crossed for the crew.


rattman 23rd Jan 2020 04:19

Originally Posted by dash34 (Post 10669157)
Hoping this is not a Coulson aircraft. The have bomber 134 registered as N130CG

yes thats it apparently

crash scene is being orbited by P-8 callsign BLKT50 and rscu201 is airborne and looks to be heading to that area

unworry 23rd Jan 2020 04:23



Airbubba 23rd Jan 2020 04:30

From JetPhotos.com:


Cedrik 23rd Jan 2020 04:40

The speed fluctuates wildly, very bad turbulence in the lee of those hills. Structural failure?

Green.Dot 23rd Jan 2020 04:45

Originally Posted by Cedrik (Post 10669167)
The speed fluctuates wildly, very bad turbulence in the lee of those hills. Structural failure?

As is often said on these forums, letís not speculate. It could be a multitude of possibilities. Come up with them in your head. No need to post them right now- they havenít even found the wreckage yet! As for your comment- I dare say the GROUNDspeed indications on that primitive freely available little graph would be similar on most firebombing sorties. Letís hope there are some survivors

RatsoreA 23rd Jan 2020 04:52

Nil survivors.

Take care everyone.

CaptainEmad 23rd Jan 2020 05:04

Speculating, rumours yep.

SPECI YCOM 230130Z AUTO 33021G36KT 9999 // NCD 28/07 Q1001

SPECI YCOM 230109Z AUTO 33025G37KT 9999 // SCT023 27/05 Q1001

METAR YCOM 230100Z AUTO 33025G36KT 7000 // SCT016 SCT023
28/03 Q1001

SPECI YCOM 230100Z AUTO 33025G36KT 7000 // SCT016 SCT023
28/03 Q1001=

machtuk 23rd Jan 2020 05:14

It hurts all when fellow aviators take their final flight. RIP -(

onetrack 23rd Jan 2020 05:14

Channel 7 News is reporting that witnesses saw the C130 crash in a ball of fire. 3 crew on board. It looks like the chances of survivors would be very slim.


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