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pokeydokey 10th Jul 2019 07:09

The latest at Goulburn Airport
So that's now $20 to land, $20 to taxi in, $10 to park and $20 to taxi out...


On Track 10th Jul 2019 07:12

And that is precisely why no public infrastructure should ever be privatised. I hope the operators go broke.

sms777 10th Jul 2019 07:59

Don't forget the gst.

drpixie 10th Jul 2019 09:28

Or they really don't want people using 'D' ...

KRviator 10th Jul 2019 10:10

Hey! How about that! We found someone that charges more than Warnervale! :ok:

Although it lists "Taxiway Delta", yet the AIP chart - which forms part of our preflight planning and is only available from "approved aeronautical data providers" - does not list a taxiway D, only A,B & C.

mustafagander 10th Jul 2019 11:49

This stuff is why the word is to stick YGLB up your ar$e. Don't go there.

bankrunner 10th Jul 2019 13:10

He's not quite charging LAX rates yet, but he's getting there.

Ascend Charlie 10th Jul 2019 22:55

"Oh dear, nobody is using our expensive airport any more! Never mind, we will turn it into a housing estate and make a fortune."

Vag277 10th Jul 2019 23:11

Is this the taxi way between the private hangars? If so it is a new approach to the access charges previously thrown out via legal action.

LeadSled 11th Jul 2019 01:09

Originally Posted by Ascend Charlie (Post 10515415)
"Oh dear, nobody is using our expensive airport any more! Never mind, we will turn it into a housing estate and make a fortune."

Hilariously, in this case, that is not going to happen, there is no shortage of cheap land closer to town, and supply well exceeds demand.
Not to mention the water "supply".
Tootle pip!!

zanthrus 11th Jul 2019 07:32

So land take off do circuits whatever. Tell em to f#ck off!

Okihara 11th Jul 2019 11:49

I'll call them tomorrow.

Aussie_BirdDog 12th Jul 2019 06:00

It's the reason I chose another AD to store and operate my aircraft from. It's really not a friendly place at all.

Ng5 13th Jul 2019 06:28

Can’t glean much from their website about anything including charges.A total joke like everything else they’ve done since taking over.

Vag277 13th Jul 2019 08:23

Charges are on Avdata website. "They" is one person - Ferrara

Ng5 14th Jul 2019 04:07

In a previous life I had a Tiger Moth and was very friendly with the late Dick Nell who was an institution around Goulburn Airport . Dick had a way of doing favours for people in the hope of being treated well in return. When it looked like Ferrara was going to get control of the airport, Dick warned me that he never repaid any favours and would be a disaster for the users. Looks like he was correct!

JakeG 14th Jul 2019 05:01

These charges arenít in the ERSA, how would you find out what charges apply to you before arriving? Call AD Ops?

Ng5 14th Jul 2019 12:04

The Taxiway Delta charge is not on Avdata’s website nor is it on the Goulburn Airport website. So all we seem to have is a flimsy sign. Looks like a desperate attempt when all else has failed to produce results.

BigPapi 15th Jul 2019 03:21

If it's not in the ERSA, or on AvData, is it even enforceable in any way?

Might be some VHF interference when taxiing on D anyway...

Ng5 17th Jul 2019 12:15

I attended a CASA safety seminar in Moruya tonight and was told the cost of the litigation referred to by Vag277 was in the vicinity of $800000 and was lost by the owner. Can anybody confirm this?

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