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piggybank 24th Dec 2017 03:02

PNG crash
Yesterday 23 December news of a North Coast Aviation plane going missing with passengers. The aircraft landed and dropped off his passengers and crashed on his return trip, presumably empty. The pilot made contact but today they were unable to contact him by his phone. Heli Solutions have dropped off some North Coast crew to team up with local villagers to do a ground search. Niugini Heliworks are doing an air search.

Petropavlovsk 24th Dec 2017 03:12

Islander P2-ISM, and pilot David T,is OK, aircraft destroyed in weather related accident at Saidor Gap area. Bad weather in the area is hampering a rescue. Pilot in contact with rescuers via SMS.

gulliBell 24th Dec 2017 08:20

A crash in PNG with aircraft destroyed, in bad weather, with no passengers involved, pilot OK and calls for rescue via SMS. That would have to be a first, even for PNG.

C172R 24th Dec 2017 13:43

Hey guys, can anyone pm me on how to find out if the pilot is ok. He's a close friend and I thought it strange that I havnt heard from him in a couple of days.

tail wheel 24th Dec 2017 19:38

1970 BN2A-26 ex Macair and Talair?

Commission investigates aircraft accident in Morobe | Loop PNG


gulliBell 25th Dec 2017 02:22

I'm surprised it's being investigated, particularly as there were no fatalities. How many investigations do they have underway? I've got a hunch the accident rate in PNG over the past 5-10 years is way lower than the long term average.

chimbu warrior 25th Dec 2017 02:29

I've got a hunch the accident rate in PNG over the past 5-10 years is way lower than the long term average.
Yes, but there is considerably less flying done than there was 20 years ago.

troppo 25th Dec 2017 05:04

Climbing a BN2 over Finisterre's on a good day is a lengthy challenge. In poor weather with limited track miles from departure even more so.
It's a Christmas blessing if he's managed to survive it.
Can't be too many BN2s left on the register.

Petropavlovsk 25th Dec 2017 07:20

Update: Christmas Day @ 17:00 hrs

Day three since aircraft crashed.
Aircraft on side of mountain at 9,200 ft (approx.)
Pilot is injured and unable to reach the survival kit in the aircraft
No food for 3 days
Freezing cold weather at that elevation at night time
Helicopters cannot get any closer than 3nm from the site
No helicopters available with a hoist
No apparent assistance from CASA PNG
Comms lost with pilot, I assume batteries now discharged.

Fingers crossed Tuesday will be a better day..........

Octane 25th Dec 2017 21:16

Maybe I'm naive, but can't they lower rescuers in using ropes?

gulliBell 25th Dec 2017 21:23

The helicopter still has to be equipped for that role. Plus at that altitude there are performance limitations.

Duck Pilot 25th Dec 2017 21:37

There are 2 winch equipped helicopters in country, Helifix and Hevilift operate them. I know that Hevilift have helped out in the past.

Performance limitations would be the major problem. PNG MRCC would normally coordinate the SAR, not CASA or the AIC.

gulliBell 25th Dec 2017 22:38

The Helifix AW139 would probably have the performance to do it, I doubt whether the Hevilift B412 would.

Petropavlovsk 25th Dec 2017 23:48

The helicopter, regardless of type and equipment has to actually get to the accident scene.

Latest news: Sadly the pilot has passed away and is confirmed as deceased, a very sad event where weather was the influencing factor.

Wcheng 26th Dec 2017 01:27

Hi, pilot is a family friend, where can I get more info?

john_tullamarine 26th Dec 2017 02:37

A right catastrophe when the initial survival is thwarted by whatever delays in rescue.

Sadly it happens .. I recall two ... son and mate of a close family friend, scud running, picked the wrong valley and came to grief in the Blue Mountains .. survived but died before rescue facilities were able to get to them. And the Commander off Wilsons Prom .. what a stuff up .. an AN F27 circled the survivor but the then DCA protocol wouldn't send out a nearby available helo to pick him up.

gulliBell 26th Dec 2017 03:01

I've always worn a survival vest flying in PNG containing the basics: ELT, signal mirror, first aid kit, water proof matches, knife, water, space blanket and survival biscuit. Should the unfortunate arise you need to anticipate you will only escape with the gear tied to you. Where our life rafts and survival kits were stowed on the aircraft you'd never get to them in a ditching or crash in the tops of the trees.

All too often you hear about aircraft accidents in bad weather in PNG where rescue helicopters can't access the crash site. I know the helicopter pilots push as hard as possible to get through, but a pilot needs to be able to see the ground ahead of him to be able to fly a helicopter, and be able to see the ground behind him to turn around if he can no longer see the ground ahead of him.

Titan Slave 26th Dec 2017 03:01

Can anyone confirm who the pilot was? I have seen a name above but really don't want to believe that it's him. A great bloke, even more loyal gentlemen and amazing musician as well.

Cilba 26th Dec 2017 03:16

Truly sad news.

I rarely post here. I flew that aircraft to the same ports in the early eighties.

I am so sorry....

Duck Pilot 26th Dec 2017 03:51

Sad news.

Hopefully the accident site is preserved to enable the recovery of the pilot and to allow the AIC to do their job so we can all learn from this tragic event.

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