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crewrevue 10th Oct 2017 10:35

Qantas Pathfinders Revue tickets on sale 11/10/17
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We'd love you to join us at the Revue - if you haven't been before, it's a really fun night out where we turn the spotlight on all the crazy things that go on in the industry we love.

The show runs over 5 nights from 7-11 Nov at NORTHS in Cammeray, Sydney.
Tickets are $50 and all the money we raise is donated to the kids at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. From the cast, to the writers, costume designers, lighting and sound and backstage, everyone generously donates their time to bring the show to life. We are mostly Qantas Cabin Crew and Pilots in our day jobs.

For more details, take a look at the flyer below or visit qantaspathfinders.org.au or find our facebook page

Keg 10th Oct 2017 22:42

It's anfreaking awesome night out.

Whilst some of the songs and skits require a bit of knowledge of Qantas and/ or what it's been through in preceding 12 months, there is enough generic stuff for anyone in aviation to enjoy it.

Best of all it's for a really bloody good cause. The RIDBC do great work.

maggot 11th Oct 2017 00:22

Seconded. Great night and shows some real talent lurking in our uniforms!

goodonyamate 11th Oct 2017 02:44

This. Get there. Unreal night.

crewrevue 27th Feb 2018 13:32

Thanks for your kind words!

Pinky the pilot 28th Feb 2018 10:26

Keg; You gunna be one of the participants in the revue?:D:D

Geez...I'd even come over from SA to see that!!:ok::D

Keg 28th Feb 2018 20:38

Hmmm. The RIDBC is such a good cause Id consider performing if itd encourage more people to attend. Im not sure the world is quite ready for that though Pinky. := :ok:

B772 6th Mar 2018 07:57

To raise $7.8 million since inception for the cause is no mean feat. Any dates for this year as yet ?

Jetsbest 6th Mar 2018 09:36

Originally Posted by B772 (Post 10074312)
To raise $7.8 million since inception for the cause is no mean feat.

Or as the MC for the show quipped; Alan Joyce would call that four months pay.😆

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