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SRM 19th Jul 2017 10:51

JQ cancelled flights Bali
What's happening guys flights to Mel cancelled the last couple of nights leaving many stranded.
Got home yesterday on the flight I booked but family left for another night and even that flight was late.

wheels_down 19th Jul 2017 12:35

VKL is off sick. Not sure whats wrong with it but it had problems coming into Melbourne on Sunday from what I briefly got.

Schedule normally goes out the window when one is down, usually it's HNL that gets mothballed.

Mr.Buzzy 19th Jul 2017 13:50

No biggie, just hop on a Tiger!!!!


ozziekiwi 19th Jul 2017 17:28

Looks like the JQ43/JQ44 787 rotation yesterday was replaced with an A320 according to their ops page JetStar News |


t_cas 19th Jul 2017 23:32

Surely not another unscheduled engine change......

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