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AerialPerspective 17th Jul 2017 04:57

Originally Posted by WingNut60 (Post 9832077)
Much the same way it has liberated the power supply system

Or the previously very efficient Metropolitan Transit public transport system in Melbourne which was one of the best now is a complete joke after successive private operators... thank you Mr Kennett.

Seabreeze 17th Jul 2017 05:00

What about the 1-lane upramp into SYD departures at the international terminal? Road traffic queues back 3 km from east and west on a busy Sunday morning.

Sydney is an International destination with state of the art infrastructure? Hardly. Those responsible couldn't organise a P***up in a pub.


Lead Balloon 17th Jul 2017 05:12

Actually, those responsible could organise a pi**up in a pub, but there's no incentive for them to do so while ever they are making enormous risk-free profits (and paying no corporate tax) without having said pi**up.

Just to show how entrenched crony capitalism has become in Australia, the manager of the Canberra airport recently whinged, publicly and unblushingly, about federal public servants not travelling as much as they used to, thus adversely affecting the airport's profit margins. If these people had their way, taxpayers' would pay for a department to be set up comprising 'public servants' whose only job would be to travel so as to maintain and increase the profit margin of the privatised airports. All in the public interest, of course.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 17th Jul 2017 12:25

hence the focus on passenger numbers and amenities.
So who do you think pays the bills? (I'll give you a hint....it ain't the airlines).

Chronic Snoozer 18th Jul 2017 16:35

That 'article' is an advertisement dressed up as what? Journalism?

In 1996, when the federal government still operated our major airports, it managed the movement of 67 million passengers a year.

Today, under the private ownership model, this number has grown to more than 154 million passengers.
My back of a fag packet calcs show that between 1986 and 1996 passenger numbers more than doubled. Between 1996 and 2016 passenger numbers also doubled. I'm not sure what this mob are trying to say but I think the great success they appear to be trumpeting would have happened anyway because Australians are travelling more, airfares are comparatively cheap, and ME carriers have been allowed to cherry pick the market. Its got stuff all to do with the 'private ownership model'. In fact passenger numbers have not grown as quickly as they did before airports were sold off.

What would really be interesting is a graph of ancillary service profits these operators have trousered compared to when the government charged a buck a day to park at the airport. (figuratively :hmm:)

Private ownership models and government policy rarely share common welfare goals.

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