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das Uber Soldat 17th Mar 2017 03:12

Rex incident YSSY
I hear Rex reduced the landing weight of a 340 today into SY by shedding a prop. Must have been entertaining for all involved.

1a sound asleep 17th Mar 2017 03:41


photo there

Captahab 17th Mar 2017 03:41

Just the kiddies preparing for their jet interviews :E

logansi 17th Mar 2017 04:06





XM02A 17th Mar 2017 04:52


Around the 11:50 mark.

Torqueman 17th Mar 2017 05:26

Same aircraft had power issues and a diversion into Gold Coast on Wednesday, Flt# RXA 344.

Well done crew for bringing it home safely.

logansi 17th Mar 2017 05:33

Apparently aircraft was over Camden area when it occurred

jportzer 17th Mar 2017 05:36

Transcript of the pilot's report of the emergency:

"768, we've just had uncommanded engine operations and then our propeller has just sheared off.

"We've lost the propeller, we've got normal controls, still able to fly, would require 16R and services on the ground.

"We should be able to conduct a precautionary landing just fine."

Car RAMROD 17th Mar 2017 05:39


They deserve a cool refreshing drink after that one.

Any reports on the prop being found?

Capt Fathom 17th Mar 2017 05:44

No obvious airframe damage so looks like the prop has gone down and under the wing...luckily.

Lets hope it hasn't hurt anyone on the ground.

normanton 17th Mar 2017 05:51

Looks like a job well done boys!

Scooter292 17th Mar 2017 05:57

The diversion to the Gold Coast was due weather, not aircraft related. It departed again at 7am local the next morning.

logansi 17th Mar 2017 06:09

Could be mistaken but I think there were almost 3 pans with a NZ aircraft touching down just a REX declared their's with a medical.

LeiYingLo 17th Mar 2017 06:10

Originally Posted by roundhouse (Post 9708964)
Two pans landing simultaneously, I was thinking that the Dash 8 Delta was a knob for demanding 16R then it transpires that he was on a pan too.

Wait... what??

Don't think it came off over Camden looks to be further west around Lake Burragorang near Yerranderie

logansi 17th Mar 2017 06:11

The plane was likely to have been above Camden in south-west Sydney when the propeller sheared off.
Passenger plane's propeller shears off in mid-flight, forcing emergency landing at Sydney

Ex FSO GRIFFO 17th Mar 2017 06:40

Nice job gents....:D

Cheers :ok:

Ollie Onion 17th Mar 2017 06:44

Well done by all

jack11111 17th Mar 2017 06:45

Mental anguish.
"The plane's distraught passengers were taken to the terminal at Sydney Airport after the plane landed and offered counselling."


Roj approved 17th Mar 2017 06:56

now management can introduce the single engine taxi procedure ;-)

Left 270 17th Mar 2017 07:01

Nice job everyone! RH, I was thinking the same about the Dash, must of been fairly confusing for them!

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