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rob_ginger 3rd Dec 2015 10:53

Jetstar loading issues
Apologies if there is already a thread on this, but the ABC News web site has this article on a couple of Jetstar "oopsies" in October:

Jetstar plane investigated after passengers had to move due to balance issue

Jetstar plane investigated after passengers had to move due to balance issue - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

dogcharlietree 3rd Dec 2015 22:43

I like the second part of that article;

Second Jetstar flight being investigated
ATSB will also examine another Jetstar flight 10 days earlier, which took off with 16 more passengers than the pilots knew about.
As a result, the flight from Brisbane to Melbourne was more than 1,300 kilograms heavier than the crew was anticipating.

Is CASA going to suspend the Captain's licence, like they did to me (over 21 years ago)? :mad:

C'mon CASA. What are you going to do....double standards, eh???

Going Nowhere 3rd Dec 2015 23:00

"We've had no flights operate with this type of error since we introduced these measures."

So what type of errors have they had since?

Wunwing 3rd Dec 2015 23:53

As well as the obvious weight and balance issues in both of these incidents, what about the security issues?

How did 16 extra pax get on board without the crew knowing or did the cabin crew have a different count to the pilots? If they did what sort of procedures allow that to not be compared prior to flight?

There is also the issue of the new kiosk/home computer check in. How does the kiosk/computer know that (for example take any number) the 20 larger than normal footballer pax sitting together may pose a weight and balance problem? Since this system replaces the previous human one who could see this problem as it evolves, what computer input looks at this?

Surely when the bright young things came up with this someone should have asked the questions.

I recently went SYD/MEL/SYD on another carrier using the home computer printout and at no time was my identity checked against my boarding pass.

Like automated aircraft ,the automated checkin systems seems to have evolved into a system that has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.


Capn Bloggs 3rd Dec 2015 23:55

The pilot said it was necessary to pull back almost completely on the controls in order to lift the nose off the runway.
They're not controls, they're joysticks! :}

Wunwing 3rd Dec 2015 23:57

so the joysticks don't control the aircraft?

Capn Bloggs 4th Dec 2015 00:00

Lighten up, onewing, it was a joke... :)

Willie Nelson 4th Dec 2015 02:02


Thankfully, things have changed a bit in the last 21 years. I imagine that's exactly what would have happened back in "the good old days".

The crew may not have been aware of it for a number of reasons. The investigation will reveal all soon enough.

I hope you got back to flying soon enough.

dogcharlietree 4th Dec 2015 02:11

Hi Willie.
No. The bastards stopped me getting at least two jobs.
Am I bitter and twisted? You bet your sweet Nellie I am.
I guess I'd better have a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down.;)

dogcharlietree 4th Dec 2015 02:14

And for info, there was one pax on my flight who I was totally unaware of and to this day, I still don't know who authorised her or why I was not informed. :(

PoppaJo 4th Dec 2015 09:40

Tiger was grounded for reasons known, and showing very little procedure change in house, they were halted and severely restricted afterwards they were granted flying rights.

Jetstar is the same, serious incidents are continuing yet no penalties/restrictions/warnings? I've lost count the amount of incidents over the last 24 months.

What am I missing here? Where's the show cause?

waren9 4th Dec 2015 09:58

qantas owns casa.

we all know that.

mppgf 4th Dec 2015 11:09

Poppa Joe,
Apart from these two.Could you list 5 serious incidents at Jetstar in the last 24 months ?

wanabee777 4th Dec 2015 12:14

I knew captains who would hold the push until they received a manual head count from the flight attendants.

If the manual passenger count didn't match the numbers uploaded from the gate agents, the captains would delay the push further until the discrepancy was resolved.

Wise men, these captains.

fender 4th Dec 2015 12:24

This will surley get me banned forever from this site but even as a rumour site, it has to be said,
"Pilots are pathetic *****."
And I'm a pilot. Good ridance pathetic pricks. Yuck.

wanabee777 4th Dec 2015 12:32

I'll take that as a compliment.:)


Eastwest Loco 4th Dec 2015 12:57

I do recall an incident ex ADL where 5000kgs of through cargo ex SYD to PER was reported as 500kg and a 727-276 took far to much runway to get airborne and flew like a brick.

So much for "automated" load control.

It's only as good as the fully trained hands at the gate (small port mentality here) and the vigilance of the loco and bag snatchers.

Yep - I'm a dinosaur.

Best all


westjet 5th Dec 2015 00:42

Problem is Eastwest Loco, these days in the race to the bottom, contract ground handlers have poorly trained, poorly paid, disinterested staff with big turnover, the turnover meaning limited build up of experienced stafg!

One port i know of has seen 2 Jetstar flights incorrectly loaded, due to inexperienced poorly trained ramp staff!

The Jetstar checkin and load control systems are designed with one thing in mind only..... To be as cheap to own and operate as possible!

Also as mentioned by a previous poster, how can the headcount be out by 16!

Self checkin means the airlines really have no idea who or what state their passengers are in who board their flights!

neville_nobody 5th Dec 2015 01:12

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't these functions all outsourced to a Asian contractor at Jetstar?

If so Jetstar have no real control over it anyway and all can they do is keep changing contractors.

megan 5th Dec 2015 03:27

And for info, there was one pax on my flight who I was totally unaware of and to this day, I still don't know who authorised her or why I was not informed
The system would seem to hiccup from time to time. Boarded a QF 747 in MEL bound for LAX via SYD some 15 to 20 years ago to find someone else had my allotted seat. We both had boarding passes specifying the same seat. A check of the manifest by the FA (first class should it make a difference) and no mention of me. Alternative seat found and all was well. Would the flight deck have been advised?

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