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ozsmac 3rd Nov 2015 07:56

Odd place to park a JQ, near end Melbourne 16
Sitting in the Melbourne QClub, looking out towards runway 16, JQ aircraft parked in an odd spot near the end of the runway. Something amiss, or a normal remote bay?

Duck Pilot 3rd Nov 2015 08:32

Not really, I seem to recall seeing a couple of jets parked out there a few years ago. Probably done to free up the apron space especially if there are works going on near the terminal area.

Is the old Ansett F28 with clipped wings still parked out there?

Keg 3rd Nov 2015 08:53

I haven't been through Melbourne much in the last 12 months but prior to that I reckon I've seen a JQ 787 up there on a semi regular basis. Depends a bit on runway config too I think.

compressor stall 3rd Nov 2015 09:37

Not uncommon to see something parked up there.

Di_Vosh 3rd Nov 2015 10:05

Normally a Royal Brunei.


ozsmac 3rd Nov 2015 10:17

Just landed into Sydney, was about to delete this post as it really shouldn't be here. Thank you to all for feeding my curiosity.

LeeJoyce 3rd Nov 2015 10:30

we just removed them

ones departed and the other is sitting at G60A

we never want to take them there, it's a massive PITA, but they go where APAM say

there's 2 positions at bravo, and parking isn't available at Kilo for wide body a/c anymore

we had 7 B78's in mel the other day, they have to go somewhere, it's hard to fit them all into H141 and stuff in a few 320's all at the same time

Slippery_Pete 3rd Nov 2015 11:02

You want a weird place to park SIX of the damn things? Try Hong Kong.
(Just be prepared to p*ss $30m up the wall)

ACMS 3rd Nov 2015 11:04

BALI flights cancelled today due Ash.
I dare say there will be a few JQ 787's and a couple of VA 737's parked up.

Not uncommon to see Jets parked there and in the 34 K run up bay.

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