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VH-FTS 28th Oct 2015 06:48

The BNEA320 thread
Hi BNEA320,

I've created a thread for you to discuss your favourite topics such as load factors and regional airport security. This way other contributors can't dilute your discussions or get upset with you anymore.

You're welcome.

slice 28th Oct 2015 07:16

Which reminds me, where oh where has Flyboat North gone?:} not a peep since that big slap down.

Skystar320 28th Oct 2015 11:39

The one post his doesnt comment in

BNEA320 28th Oct 2015 23:03

see F50 thread

VH-FTS 30th Oct 2015 04:18

TT738, you're welcome to post your thoughts here are well. You seem to be a supporter of BNEA320.

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