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Skystar320 1st Aug 2015 09:25

Network No More... Qantaslink Fokker F100
Network Aviation becomes QantasLink | Australian Aviation

Must admit the Fokker F100 looks a tad smart with Qantaslink Colours.

empire4 1st Aug 2015 10:47

You ever driven a restored 1969 corvette? Looks awesome, real head turner. Drives like a billy cart on a goat track compared to a 2014 one.

noclue 1st Aug 2015 10:57

What ever is cheaper

raja123123 1st Aug 2015 11:18

Empire4, I spent most of the 90's flying the F100. I actually found it more enjoyable to fly than my current "modern" Airbus

Square Bear 1st Aug 2015 11:23

:)...F100 was introduced in the late 80's....737 NG is a derivate of what was introduced in 1967. Therefore it is somewhat closer to the 1969 Corvette.

Have flown both and totally enjoyed each... but can only imagine how good a modern Fokker would have been.

Fokker 100 Engine Failure drill....35'...Autopilot Select....400' take action (as displayed on the MFDU) !! Awesome.

BPA 1st Aug 2015 11:43

To be correct the F100 (F28 MK 0100) is a derivative of the F28 (also developed in the 60's). The difference between Fokker and Boeing, was Fokker embraced the late 80's technology while Boeing decided to hang on to the past with the NG.

The Green Goblin 1st Aug 2015 12:32

I knew it was going to happen quite some time ago. The rumour I heard though was network was going to be called qantas regional.

Anyway, next step is the 717s or replacement. I suspect the additional two 717s will go to network.

A real shame now three internal companies are fighting over the link flying along with an external contractor. Plenty of scope to play the groups off against each other.

R.Cruizo 1st Aug 2015 22:10

The two additional B717's most probably for east cost base's. Some of the 717's may be shipped to the east coast from Perth as Network concentrates on WA with it's F100's.

airdualbleedfault 2nd Aug 2015 09:27

Empire 4, lol

empire4 2nd Aug 2015 11:35

the F100 is a dinosaur, get over it. Can't wait to see it go out full pax in February......oh wait......hahaha

Capn Bloggs 2nd Aug 2015 12:04

Some of the 717's may be shipped to the east coast from Perth
Wouldn't you fly them there?

Iron Bar 2nd Aug 2015 12:26

The Green Gob again. You knew it was going to happen quite some time ago? Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Keep listening to rumors.

"A real shame now three internal companies are fighting over the link flying along with an external contractor. Plenty of scope to play the groups off against each other."

What, just like your group you so vehemently endorsed?

Arrogant fool.

The Green Goblin 2nd Aug 2015 13:21

You are part of it iron bar. We all are.

If I recall you just voted to reduce your conditions to perhaps secure a new toy and some flying.

I'm sure the network boys are very happy securing their future. I'm also sure the cobham crews are a little nervous.

When management asks them to take one to secure the link flying what do you think they'll do?

What do you think sunstate or Eastern would do to get in on the action? Or secure the Q400 flying from the other group?

What do you think Jetstar pilots would do to expand their widebody flying? What do you think Qantas pilots would do to stop them?

Always back the self interest horse.

I'm certainly not arrogant, nor a fool. I've always just told it how it is. Most people respect me for that at least.

Iron Bar 2nd Aug 2015 22:02

Perhaps something like this?

"As for the rest. I remember sitting down with a senior group manager and asking why the expansion is in Jetstar (787) and not Qantas. The reply was the Jetstar pilot group costs 50 million less for the same safety data. Meaning why are we paying Qantas pilots 50 million more, for no more measurable increase in safety.

I'd prefer to earn less and know the company was viable and expanding, than earn more and have no progression and no future."

Green Gob Feb 14

Fine industrial philosophy that one and also a load of crap. Are you still sticking to your earn less - viable company strategy?

Network EBA negotiations continue good luck to them.

Shiny jet looks good.

The Green Goblin 2nd Aug 2015 23:51

Iron bar, that's the exact route you boys have taken.

You've ratified a deal to earn less on the 787 to secure progression and a viable future.

I stick by my comments.

theheadmaster 3rd Aug 2015 00:00

'Earn less on the 787'

The word 'less' is a comparison. So, QF 787 will earn less than what?

The Green Goblin 3rd Aug 2015 01:02

Other widebody pilots in the company.

theheadmaster 3rd Aug 2015 01:09

787 pilots will earn more than A330 pilots.

CaptCloudbuster 3rd Aug 2015 01:51

B787 Pilots will receive a higher * Super payout than an A380 Pilot:O

*(for those of us lucky/smart enough to have remained Div3)

Iron Bar 3rd Aug 2015 02:04

Long haul EA is clearly something you don't understand Gob. Anyway, we digress, this thread is about the flash (if not so new) F100 in the west.

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