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John Eacott 10th Nov 2014 10:27

Qantas retro livery 737
I haven't seen this posted elsewhere: due in service in a week or so?


Fliegenmong 10th Nov 2014 10:32

That is a peculiar scheme on a 737....I'm guessing the last time that was seen was when the Rat was an exclusively 747 (Classic) fleet?

SOPS 10th Nov 2014 10:39

I like it!

34R 10th Nov 2014 10:41

Looks awesome.

Was the SP the smallest airframe that livery had seen in the past?

Fris B. Fairing 10th Nov 2014 10:42

What a splendid choice. This scheme appeared on the 707, 747 and DC-4. Note that the kangaroo has wings and no club feet. All we need now is a retro CEO and board.

34R 10th Nov 2014 10:50

Of course! Thanks Fris B

TWT 10th Nov 2014 11:01

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Fliegenmong 10th Nov 2014 11:15

Was the SP the smallest airframe that livery had seen in the past?

I reckon so 34 R, on VH-EAA & VH-EAB.....EAA flew into OOL on 25th Jan 1981, whilst I never got down to OOL to see it on the ground.......I can still see it in my memory as it flew along the Coast on a long final approach......:{

A few years after that I remember it (or may have been EAB) on the tarmac over where DHL are at BNE nowadays.....our family had a late afternoon departure in June to TSV, HNL and on to LAX ...... happy memories....and a wonderful aircraft :ok: ...even if it were a little stout and ugly....

missy 10th Nov 2014 11:20

TSV, HNL and on to LAX
I remember Cairns > Honolulu, don't recall Townsville > Honolulu.

Anyway, nice livery.

Ex FSO GRIFFO 10th Nov 2014 11:33

Bloody LUVLY!!!!

And I too agree with Mr Fris B.......

Cheers :ok:

Shot Nancy 10th Nov 2014 11:40

I like it.
MAS have a retro scheme on a 737 at the moment. I wonder who came first?

Fliegenmong 10th Nov 2014 12:02

Bloody LUVLY!!!!

Ummm...well, nostalgic...but that Ochre stripe was never an appealing colour.....symbolic.....but far from 'LUVLY'....must say I always preferred the winged rat....

JetRacer 10th Nov 2014 12:03

We need 2 more retro liveries.
That B737 looks great!

I'd like to see a B717 in this scheme:


and a B737 in this one!



Fliegenmong 10th Nov 2014 12:05

AGREED JetRacer!!!! :D:D

Capt Claret 10th Nov 2014 12:10

I'd like to see B717s with integral stairs, particularly the aft ones.

ANCDU 10th Nov 2014 23:29

The B737 looks great! Sad to believe but I think this is the last new B737 to be delivered to QANTAS, and also the last new aircraft off the order books for QF mainline. No firm new aircraft orders left for QANTAS mainline.

I wonder if the future for Qantas will be single aisle A320NEO? Some of the oldest 738's are starting to show their age.

moa999 10th Nov 2014 23:44

Agree the retro scheme looks great, albeit sadly (like Aer Lingus) they didn't go bare metal for the lower half (or the engines)

Compare to this SP pic:
VH-EAA Boeing 747SP

With the 320neo performance versus 737MAX, and potential oversupply for Jetstar (particularly if Asia continues to stay with static aircraft numbers and Hong Kong isn't approved) would not be surprised to see a 320 in Red.

That said oldest 738 is 2002 delivery (the order AA cancelled after 9/11) and an internal refurb project begins next year, so suspect it will be a while before they are replaced.

PW1830 11th Nov 2014 00:12

The DC4's were painted in this livery. The HS125 as well.
737 would be third smallest!

34R 11th Nov 2014 00:15

VH-EAG Boeing 707

Nice one of the 707

BNEA320 11th Nov 2014 01:35

catch is this old scheme might remind people how old the QF fleet is, although think they have not gotten rid of all 733's & 734's are are some being used as freighters in Australia ? or by Airwork in New Zealand ?

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