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ad-astra 24th Mar 2021 09:29

TBL, I understand everyone leaves PNG with different memories. That's life.
I hope you will eventually smile (and laugh) like the rest of us.
Yes my 13 years with ANG was a lot different to the next guy but we certainly had our fair share of frustrations and tribulations in our time as well. We did however make the very best of some difficult times.
SP helped! .....A lot. .......216 and 215 forever etched in my memory.
As a 60+ pilot now, I do however look very fondly at the ANG medical renewal process.
With the eye test at ANG Haus (bottom two lines were VLGYTPCE and DNBLUPTC, and the probing medical conducted by Jim Jacobi - "The trees the trees oh the beautiful trees" it was a refreshing change to the CASA medicals of Australia.
Take care.

olderairhead 6th Apr 2021 00:12

Latest seniority list just published showing 15 less than at the start of February this year. More to come (go)

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