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tintintin 1st Sep 2014 16:27

First Embraer E190 for Cobham Aviation
Looks like Cobham has his first E190 and a new livery. Came across this

TWOTBAGS 1st Sep 2014 21:47

Replacement for the 146/RJ100 in the short term, and positioning themselves for the renewal of the QLink717 fleet in a few years.

Embraer must be happy as it will now put the E2 as the firming leader for this order, given that Cseries is further delayed.

However given QF's fleet planing history..... some Einstein will probably select the SJ100 or ARJ21 are just fabulous for the refleeting.....:}

WagnerPrincipal 1st Sep 2014 22:37

I agree with one of the above posts, great marketing and use of photoshop. Nice looking aircraft though, but could it replace 717's or compliment the fleet on long thin routes?

EchoNovemberTango 1st Sep 2014 23:52

Paint scheme looks a little familiar to me.....

Photos: Embraer ERJ-190-100LR 190LR Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

ASY68 2nd Sep 2014 00:51

With the rego in the picture, it appears to be former Augsberg Airways - D-AEMG.

Capn Bloggs 2nd Sep 2014 00:59

From the jungle! :}

2020Balance 2nd Sep 2014 03:16

Watch this space tomorrow

myshoutcaptain 2nd Sep 2014 03:55

Embraer ERJ-190LR (VH-NJA) Aircraft Pictures & Photos - AirTeamImages.com

New livery and first E190 for Australian Cobham Aviation - Former Augsburg D-AEMG after a paintjob by MAAS Aviation Services

Capn Bloggs 2nd Sep 2014 03:59

Where's the sperm?! :{

scrubba 2nd Sep 2014 08:55

Where's the sperm?:{
Different corporate DNA, n'est ce pas?

notop 2nd Sep 2014 10:45

Cobham is bigger then just Australia

Icarus2001 2nd Sep 2014 16:07

Aviation Photos - -2 - JetPhotos.Net Aviation Photos


Looks real to me.

Icarus2001 3rd Sep 2014 11:50

Watch this space tomorrow
So tomorrow is here.:sad:

Capt Claret 4th Sep 2014 09:26

Barrow Isl. :ok:

Village Idiot1 4th Sep 2014 10:01

First Embraer E190 for Cobham Aviation
What does the Cobham fleet consist of now?
16 x 146/Rj's
18 x B717's
12 x DHC8's
1 x E190 probably reasonable to suspect more to come at some stage
Anything else?

Capt Claret 4th Sep 2014 10:11

Anything else?
A swag of DH8 with Surveillance and in PNG, not to mention the assets in the UK & elsewhere, including choppers.

Spinnerhead 4th Sep 2014 12:10

Wow - Choppers!!!!

Icarus2001 4th Sep 2014 15:30

16 x 146/Rj's
18 x B717's
12 x DHC8's
Qantas may have something to say about the B717s being part of the Cobham fleet.

Amazing what can be done with Photoshop software! ��
You may want to put some sauce on that humble pie.


WagnerPrincipal 5th Sep 2014 07:33

Pie eaten. Guess I am too cynical.

Blueskymine 5th Sep 2014 08:11

But the 146 crew won't be able to tell everyone they are four engine jet pilots now? :)

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