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BNEA320 25th Feb 2014 03:19

latest news-Qantas Sales Act to go, if can get thru senate
Government confirms Qantas will fly free |ETB News Australia

but who would want to buy any of QF even if they get it thru senate ?

XPT 25th Feb 2014 03:34

some venture capitalists if they can buy cheap enough, then break up QF & let international go broke fast.

chockchucker 25th Feb 2014 03:40

This is all empty rhetoric from the government and management of Qantas to deflect attention away from what is really wrong at Qantas.

As long as the opposition has the balance of power in the senate, any serious talk of repealing the Qantas sale act is a waste of oxygen.

Occurs to me that the previous Qantas management had no problems raising capital and making profits with the Qantas sale act as it is now.

More of a reflection on the current management and the belligerent anti-union war being run by the current CEO and Board Chairman.

One can only wonder where Qantas might have been by now had it not been for a management so blinded by ideology and insecurity?

RIP QANTAS.....like Ansett before you, torn down by right wing ideology and incompetence at the top.:(

XPT 25th Feb 2014 03:41

come July Clive Palmers probably going to be running the show in CBR so it probably won't matter what green & labor think.

emergency000 25th Feb 2014 03:49

paving the way for majority foreign ownership and offshoring of jobs.
Yeah because the QSA in place at the moment has definitely stopped offshoring of jobs....

Let Qantas and Virgin fit on their own merits. I say the rules of engagement should be "No shackles, no handouts". Both carriers are free to trade and operate as they see fit. Want to dump capacity on the market and let your deep pocketed investors foot the bill? Go for it! Want to slash fares and build more lounges? Sure!

Ultimately what it'll come down to is which airline has friends with the best bank accounts. Who wins either way? Aussie travellers. I guess all the QF engineers better brush up on their dishwashing skills and put in with catering or something...

XPT 25th Feb 2014 03:55

Qantas main problem must be staffing costs way above that of Virgins.

Hey everyone at QF just take a 30% pay cut & that will solve everything (or 30% of people will have to go).

Surely it really is that simple.

CamelSquadron 25th Feb 2014 04:09

You would never get staff to agree to a 30% wage cut, 20% wage cut or a 10% wage cut that was permanent.

Too much self interest - if your 1 or 2 or 3 years from retirement why would you take a pay cut to save jobs? You would rather get a payout.

If you dont like your job and your looking for an exit why would you take a pay cut to save jobs. You would rather get a payout.

A pay-cut for higher paid staff can be more affordable than someone that is earning low wages.

Your right - its what needs to happen but in reality it is near impossible to achieve.

XPT 25th Feb 2014 04:16

but payouts aren't a given either.

Media is throwing big numbers of job losses around from 3000 to 6000.

MelbPilot85 25th Feb 2014 04:21

No one will willingly take a pay cut. Maybe, just maybe if the workers didn't think the management were completely incompetent, and old mate Alan and the many other CEOs and upper level management led by example and took a cut in the manner the JAL CEO of a few years back did, there might be a chance, but as things stand there isn't an ice cube's chance in hell.

V-Jet 25th Feb 2014 04:31

Get rid of the board, CEO and senior management and you might be very surprised at what lengths QF staff would go to. Problem is, if you are an F/A, Engineer or Pilot, you can equal or increase your wage (esp if the $ stays on its current sensible trajectory) by moving to a myriad of other airlines - even Virgin Oz. The current management is so indescribably incompetent and have lied for so long that I totally agree with the ice cube in hell analogy. Why the hell should staff take yet another freeze or pay cut only to see the same amount go in bonuses and salary increases for those higher up, or unusable (for longhaul/mainline) parked aircraft being leased at vast expense through the ex CEO's company?

blow.n.gasket 25th Feb 2014 05:02

A lot of gloating from newly created personas going on here.
What the hell would certain trolls know what Qantas staff would or wouldn't do or give up to remain employed?
Up until recently there has been no real incentive to.
Management have combated this with multiple green field enterprises and the Qantas pilots now find them in their present predicament.
Hardly the pilots fault to try and negotiate the best position possible for their members is it?
Lets face it a more inclusive form of management could have handled this transition to present operating conditions if they were not so ideologically bent!
AIPA has always been willing to deal with management, not so sure you could say the same of management though!
As old Uncle scrotum face always quipped,
"you get what you bargain for ", well I suppose thats why I paid union fees all those years 'šos AIPA obviously must have done a half decent job to negotiate and end up on such a good wicket that was as well watered pitch as what it was.
A contract I might add that had been negotiated in good faith between my appointed bargaining agent ,AIPA and Qantas management.
A contract, in Long Hauls case, that has been negotiated in good faith for over 48yrs without resorting to strike action.
Some of these clowns on here should take a step back and think about just how the whole bargaining process works!
First of all my appointed bargaining agent ,AIPA, talks with management, they thrash it out, eventually come up with an agreed position, that position is put to AIPA CoM, my elected representitives to vote upon, if they are happy the proposal is sent out for debate and eventual voting upon by the rank and file members.
With luck ,it gets up ,if not, like the recent shorthaul EBA ,it goes back for further fine tuning , until consensus is reached and its voted in.
So for the life of me why is it the staffs fault for following the laws of the land and ending up in the position they now find themselves???
If anyone is to blame it ßint the staff ,it's piss poor management and the Industrial Laws of the land that need an enema, not the staff who are just following and abiding by their lawfull rights!
No one I talk to denies that the entire game plan has changed.
No one denies that there are now overpowering factors motivating people to change their attitudes.

Off the top of my head and from what I've heard colleagues suggest could be offered up are things such as : scrap overtime , night loadings , home transport, instigate fleet pay for 4eng and 2 eng aircraft, to name but a few.
Things I'm sure the present AIPA CoM members are discussing even now.

I at least feel more comfortable for my remaining colleagues in the thought that AIPA appears to be in pretty competent hands at present.

So please stop the gloating šos it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

Going Boeing 25th Feb 2014 05:21

some venture capitalists if they can buy cheap enough, then break up QF & let international go broke fast.
XPT, are you sure that the International Division is actually losing money?

Joyce needed an excuse to cancel the last eight A380's and 51 B787's to free up capital to purchase 110 A320's for Jetstar. He steadily doctored the books to make the International division look as if it wasn't performing and then said that there would be no more investment in International until they return Cost of Capital.

The loads on the flights are so heavy that, providing Commercial have got the yields right, they should be making good profits. There currently is an excess of pilots due to so many aircraft being retired and that will be a significant cost but the business itself is sound.

A new management would sort out the "smoke & mirrors" accounting system that Joyce has set up and then we'd see the true performance of the various divisions.

neville_nobody 25th Feb 2014 06:03

You would never get staff to agree to a 30% wage cut, 20% wage cut or a 10% wage cut that was permanent.

Too much self interest - if your 1 or 2 or 3 years from retirement why would you take a pay cut to save jobs? You would rather get a payout
No they have seen what has happened in the US and won't fall for the same trick.

noip 25th Feb 2014 06:45

From what I can work out,

The current Senate is hostile to the lower house.
After Jul1, the Senate will be even MORE hostile to the lower house, given the new Senate election in WA.

Corrections welcome.

So, QSA unlikely to be changed?


ALAEA Fed Sec 25th Feb 2014 07:00

Govt. doesn't have the numbers now or post July to get Qantas Sale Act changes through the Senate.

flitegirl 25th Feb 2014 07:09

Yes agreed... After new WA poll the LNP will likely have 33 senate seats. Will still need 6 votes from the minors/independents. It would be pretty close but not likely.
Green No
Xenophon No
Palmer ???
Family First maybe
Others ???

Troo believer 25th Feb 2014 07:25

Camel sniffer,
Pull your head in you, don't have any idea what you are talking about. QF and Virgin pilots domestically are within 5% of each other. International are within World market rates but the surplus is managements doing. They would love to flick them but can't due to the current agreed upon contract. Not real smart were they Camel Sniffer. Did you get knocked back mate?

Ngineer 25th Feb 2014 07:32

I can't believe this is happening. We are all screwed.

Govt. doesn't have the numbers now or post July to get Qantas Sale Act changes through the Senate.
True, but unfortunately every politician has his price.

Stalins ugly Brother 25th Feb 2014 08:10

Waste of time and tax payers money even trying..
It's the facade of political perception to be seen to be doing something while doing nothing whilst supporting big industry to slash 1000s of Aussie jobs under the mandate of "get your house in order". :rolleyes:

Abbott & Hockey= Foreign slave labour.

P.S Camelsquatter, your a troll. Enjoy working for AirAsia when Jetstar are sold off to them! :=

Tuner 2 25th Feb 2014 08:21

The point of railing against the Sale Act isn't necessarily to get the Sale Act repealed.

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