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woody744 5th Apr 2009 12:48

Qantas to cancel 787
Rumour has it that Qantas are about to cancel their initial order for 787s (and this one didnt come from the Townsville refueller).

Anyone heard anything? Looks like the a350 is on the cards again..

Watchdog 5th Apr 2009 13:55

Rumour is that Qantas is NOT going to cancel it's 787 order.

(Nice first post Woody) :}

Wod 6th Apr 2009 00:50

Looks like the a350 is on the cards again..
I don't think the hub-buster SYD-LHR aircraft has ever gone away. Just that neither Boing nor Scarebus have yet been able to come up with a proposal that works.

Whichever manufacturer is currently in town is always the flavour of the rumour month, and I suspect someone has seen a shiny new model aircraft and leapt, quite naturally, to a conclusion. That's the way it used to work anyway.

Capt Kremin 6th Apr 2009 01:02

The first A350 is not due till 2013 and beyond. Who is to say that it won't be delayed either.
If the 787 IS cancelled by QF (big if), it would need to be replaced by something available now. The B777 or more A330's would be the only aircraft that would fit the bill.

Buster Hyman 6th Apr 2009 01:18

Does anyone else know of a good fishing spot? Other than Pprune of course?

A Comfy Chair 6th Apr 2009 02:02

The CEO has made no secret of the fact that if the aviation environment doesn't improve then Qantas will cancel the order for the first 10 787's they have ordered.

I doubt they'd cancel the order for the rest though!

Going Boeing 6th Apr 2009 02:46

If the early B787 aircraft are not required to be in service ASAP, then it would make sense to cancel the first 10 slots so that they take delivery of airframes that have benefited from a more mature production process i.e. the aircraft will be lighter and plumbing/electrical systems will be more standardised.

Jabawocky 6th Apr 2009 05:58

And Jetstar miss out on them! :eek:

Mr. Hat 6th Apr 2009 06:08

apparantely they're going to pay cash only for the 787:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

can't wait for this crisis to be over so all these crap threads die off

apache 6th Apr 2009 06:30

I thought AJ was going to put them on his credit card, and collect a few FF points!

Mikeb744 6th Apr 2009 08:08

Why wont QF order the B777!!!

Rumoured we were about to order 8 last year B773ER, then the down turn.

4 Engines 4 long haul has gone!

barrybeebone 6th Apr 2009 13:34

Doubt it
I know the airline industry is in turbulence but remember that Jetstar is the big performer of the Qantas group at present. They may cancel some of their orders but with the likes of Air Asia and middle east airlines taking away market share on the europe route, why would they forgo 787's at a time when budget carriers are doing well and have the potential to claw back market share?

Also lets not forget Jetstar are in Singapore and Vietnam. Nothing to stop Qantas group from switching aircraft to these markets.

blueloo 6th Apr 2009 13:41

Jetstar is the big performer of the Qantas group at present
Is it?

I thought QF were gifting routes to Jetstar as they pull out, hence Jetstars artificial increase in capacity and QFs decline in capacity.

Just a different form of balance sheet adjustment isnt it?

barrybeebone 6th Apr 2009 15:31

Blueloo you are are correct, they are just gifting the routes to Jetstar. But I still don't think that Qantas group will give up the routes to Europe. If they can fly to Munich cheaper than a Qantas plane then they may as well do it now.

Also lets not forget one of the strategies of many airlines to cope with downturn is to open up new routes. Just look at VB, opening up new routes all the time (CBR-HOB, CBR-Townsville etc)

VH-JJW 6th Apr 2009 15:38

Here we go again - the old JQ is gifted routes, subsidised, really just a sham etc. etc. blah blah blah...... :{

Some people need to get a life, or failing that a real day job.

If I were a QF person right now I would be more worried about QF's performance than JQ's HINT HINT. :=

Jeps 7th Apr 2009 10:11

Why wont QF order the B777!!!
The chances of that may be increased now as the man who deemed the type to be "old technology" has just departed the red roo.

DJ1989 8th Apr 2009 06:20

is this before or after Virgin Blue goes bankrupt? :ugh:

Sqwark2000 8th Apr 2009 08:10

is this before or after Virgin Blue goes bankrupt?
Speaking of which, how are those cash handling fees going at VB's bank since they've had to pay up front for their fuel??


aulglarse 8th Apr 2009 08:41

JQ Sh^tyflyer here we come!
VH-JJW-don't forget while TT had just announced SYD-MEL, JQ will be 'gifted' that route too? I am getting tired of QF management offering JQ a pick of QF routes! :rolleyes:

What utter crap!:=

Con Catenator 8th Apr 2009 23:19

I think the reality about SYD - MEL within the QF group, is that whoever can give the greatest yield will do the flying. In times like these, JQ probably has a nose in front.

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