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air doris 2nd Apr 2009 10:54

When I have been in ADL recently they have been parking QF side, about gate 23. A few months earlier they were the DJ side. Several times last month I (QF) have been at the very last one (25 or 26 cant remember which is the last one but JQ used to occupy it). This may have to do with the dual occupancy of International/Domestic as when there is SQ, MH and NZ there at the same time it closes off quite a few of the most convenient gates 18-22. I have departed from the very furthest DJ gate and boy thats a hell of a hike.
Just FYI was told by ground staff that Adelaide Airport terminal has the same ground area size as Sydney. I thought I was walking a lot there.

apacau 2nd Apr 2009 11:21

Tiger will operate from T2 in Sydney, according to their website

Skystar320 2nd Apr 2009 23:59

As of Last Sunday, I flew PER - ADL and we docked on virgin side' coming back it was gate 23

boocs 3rd Apr 2009 01:37

I thought the news on Tiger flying to Syd would have more comments. I find this major news personally. It has always been asked "when are they flying to Syd" and now they have announced it. Whilst having no personal alliances with any carrier in Oz, I would imagine this will only dent (even if minor) market share from the other established carriers. Is there any limit on the number of slots they can have?

tourismman 3rd Apr 2009 01:46

Well there goes the argument ,where they want their own terminal(shed), and flying into the dearest airport as well.

What has BNE done not to deserve them.:(

waren9 3rd Apr 2009 07:58

Given the serve Tiger just got on "Today Tonight" this evening, you could argue that not having stranded passengers in the BNE terminal with another Tiger PR disaster might be a small blessing?

As has been mentioned on another thread recently, isnt an RPT operator obligated to run the schedule they promise? "Operational Requirements" is a rather tired old excuse used for anything nowadays.

Skybus_319 3rd Apr 2009 08:27

Given the serve Tiger just got on "Today Tonight" this evening, you could argue that not having stranded passengers in the BNE terminal with another Tiger PR disaster might be a small blessing?
I thought of it as just more Today Tonight Bullshit actually. Half of it was some woman complaining about a cancellation in Tiger Singapore, Yet they worded it as if it was the Australian Operation. Whole different kettle of fish over there..and The rest was some old bastard having a whinge cause TT changed the flight and he would missed his connecting sector....:ugh:...TIGER NO NOT OFFER CONNECTIONS AND DO NOT ADVISE IT!!!

Yay for YSSY though..

fritzandsauce 3rd Apr 2009 10:00

The video Today Tonight used is a video that was added on to youtube on the 12 December 2007 type "Tiger Airways Mistreats Passengers" in to youtube and you will see it

Just rip any old video off of youtube ... Journalism

aviator's_anonymous 5th Apr 2009 06:57

When I have been in ADL recently they have been parking QF side, about gate 23. A few months earlier they were the DJ side.
Adelaide airport is a Common User Terminal. There isn't technically a "QF" or "DJ" side as such.. AAL operate and run the terminal and allocate the bay allocations to aircraft. For operational convenience, the airport will try to keep the airlines in the same areas...however, as QF/DJ don't operate or assign their own bays - sometimes you will get QF parked down on the DJ end, and DJ aircraft parked on QF side. I do believe QF and DJ have an agreement with the airport to have a certain amount of bays allocations, however, it doesn't state on which bays. So airlines such as Tiger and others will get moved around to whichever bays are available at the time.

Sunstar320 27th Apr 2009 12:46

After reading this article, that does go a little too far towards the end , it really does frustrate me that Tiger Managment are basically stealing money, and offering this sub-zero service. It would be millions that they owe to pax. We are all sick of the bullshit that they keep quoting.."that costs money" kind of attitude..etc..They operate that small foregin call centre with staff numbers so low and they barely understand out language. Why are they doing nothing and floundering in Oz. They have made today tonight, Nightly news, newspapers about the low service, but what changes? They extend the call centre by a few hours:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

While Tiger is the LCC and "you get what you pay for", profit might be along way off it this crap keep going, no matter how many free seats or stupid promo's they have..They can do better, obviously Mr Davis has no decent way of turning this around...

Tiger Airways Resorts to Online Forums to Post False Praise

Mathaba.Net - Entities in the pay of the much maligned rogue low-cost carrier airline Tiger Airways to counter its terrible image on the Internet due to its zero-level customer service and theft of money from travelers, have been caught posting false praise to counter news articles that have exposed the renegade airline and called for its banning from Australian airspace.

Using Melbourne as a base to post fake articles praising the airline and defending it, using free online forums that don't cost a penny, the poster has been traced using technology available to this news agency, and has used multiple fake identities, including "My Aussiebum".

The posts, which have been censured due to violation of Mathaba posting Terms of Service, included phrases such as "Tiger Airways is very different than the other airlines. While many airlines are getting rid of staff, airplanes and reducing capacity Tiger Airways is growing" and defending the lack of customer service along the lines of "what do you expect at a low price".

The airline has been caught by our investigators cheating advertisers as well as double booking seats and leaving passengers stranded without refund nor compensation, among several other illegal practices including the misuse of ANZAC day to further its nefarious objectives.

The airline makes much money by preventing people from being able to contact it in the event of problems nor to cancel or postpone tickets, as well as failing to notify travelers when canceling their bookings without cause.

Those who manage to travel at low cost on Tiger Airways are subsidized by the many who are cheated of their money and have their tickets canceled without recourse nor notification, with Tiger Airways happily retaining these ill-gotten funds.

Singapore has failed to launch any inquiry into their airline which is a low cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and Europe's worst-rated low-cost airline Ryan Air, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and other Australian authorities including the government have attracted much criticism for their silence on the matter.

See related items below for other recent articles on Tiger Airways.

Advertisements exposing Tiger Airways and calling for its banning from Australia can be sponsored via the link below - sponsors names and emails are not published, the donations are used to fund advertising placed by Mathaba News and matched dollar for dollar by the news network.

EXEK1996 28th Apr 2009 00:12

I hear that they are now breaking even in OZ and that the load factor is pretty good?

Skybus_319 28th Apr 2009 02:02

^^That article is quite sad, no excuse for the sub-zero contact levels..:uhoh:

I hear that they are now breaking even in OZ and that the load factor is pretty good?
Unless you are Tony Davis, the Oz MD, or on the Tiger Board, you dont know nothing!. Load factor for Melbourne base is quite good here and there, Tues/Wed can be a but gloomy, and CBR/LST are also abit low at times. Adelaide base rarely sees a full flight, but hangs around the 70% mark often. Sydney bookings are apparently absolutely beyond all expectations plus Tiger also sold more than 70,000 seats of those taxes only fares over the 4 day sale.

I doubt they have breakeven yet, considering the jump in fuel would have sent tiger into the red a fair bit, but the bumper summer season that Tiger got in MEL/low fuel prices will hopefully not makes things look as bad.

aviator's_anonymous 28th Apr 2009 14:01

weren't they just giving away 30,000 seats the other day ? - Just pay taxes?
That could explain why the loads seem a bit higher?

No Idea Either 28th Apr 2009 23:28

70,000 or 30,000, whatever, at tax only seats. Seems like a short term capital raising venture to me. Every one of those seats was paid for by credit card on the spot. But, maybe an exposure exercise hoping to lure return custom down the track. Who knows!!!!!!!!

tasdevil.f27 26th Jun 2009 04:00

The boss of Tiger AUSTRALIA was just saying they are the quickest or biggest expanding airline in Australia. Have I missed something??? Handful of aircraft and seemingly low pax numbers (well on the routes I have seen anyway)

She was still sprouting that they are bringing 30 aircraft here.

Skybus_319 26th Jun 2009 04:58

SHE IS ALL TALK! and has no idea. Thats it:ouch:

She was still sprouting that they are bringing 30 aircraft here.
Well, that depends on numerous things like Fuel Prices, Demand here etc..but that is over the next 6/7 years.

tasdevil.f27 26th Jun 2009 08:38

like Fuel Prices, Demand here etc..but that is over the next 6/7 years.
Tell em there dreaming :}

I have nothing against Tiger and hope they stick around, but that's one thing I have noticed is that there GM's love to talk the talk, but haven't really delivered on all there promises. I just laughed at some of her statements on radio today. The average punter would have thought they were the No1 airline is aus.

mostlytossas 26th Jun 2009 10:44

I have no axe to grind with any airline but post this as a purely personal observation. My son lives in Alice Springs and I in Adelaide. Since Tiger started Adelaide- Alice services he has travelled with them 3 times and I once return on that route. I can honestly say I can't fault them at least on the flights we all were on. They left on time and arrived on time each time.In fact 10minutes early mostly as they had boarded already.
In flight service is no different to Virgin or Jet *,and not far behind Qantas only because you pay for anything extra.(you do at Qantas too but it's in the ticket price). The aircraft were clean.The fares are very competative. To give you an idea on the way up I was seated next to a fellow who decided only a day or so before to book and he was quite pleased with the fact he got a ticket for $300 approx return. Qantas was over $1000.
I didn't want to tell him my ticket was half that,but I did book weeks earlier. Leg room is standard to all economy airline seats.Bearable for short flights cramped after that. Loads were good on all flights, my guess 80%.
I would not hesitate to use them again and in fact will if they stay competative.
My only gripe and it is minor and not Tigers fault anyway is that at Adelaide at least they seem to be put at the ends of the terminal so you need to be happy to walk a long way to your aircraft.

Gordstar 28th Jun 2009 22:27

Enjoying the tiger
Nice to read your comments, I am closely linked to the Adelaide end of the operation.
As for the bays we use at Adelaide airport, the airport operator allocates bay numbers according to airline schedules etc, so we get what we are given, theoretically we could leave from different bays each time you fly, nice to have the aerobridge! Cheers :)

apacau 28th Jun 2009 23:30

I'll second Mostlytossa... I live in CBR and my family in ADL. If anyone knows CBR, getting a reasonably priced ticket for a weekend away (ie: leave Friday night back Sunday night) used to be impossible, even if booked months in advance (ie: the lowest priced fare buckets were never even released on these services).

Cue Tiger - great timings for Friday evening/Sunday evening trip from Canberra to Adelaide and back with prices to match - can regularly get $48 fares. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've flown TT 15 times now on a variety of routes (but mostly CBR-ADL-CBR) and never had more than a half hour delay - though most are on time or early.

The other benefit of course is that, as if by magic, Qantas and Virgin suddenly have cheaper fares on CBR-ADL-CBR on peak days too! The joys of competition. But Tiger is still cheaper and I'll usually take them - use it or lose it as they say!

And finally a tip - most people don't bother paying extra for a seat, let alone $15 for an exit row. I always ask at check-in and in all but one occasion, I have gotten an exit row seat. And you don't necessarily have to check in early. I have been on some very full flights with an exit row seat or two still unoccupied. The trick is to ask.

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