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Rawrawhammer 19th Jun 2008 01:48

Australian Gov. Aviation training package

The Australian government has launched a new Aviation Training Package, which is designed to introduce national standards and qualifications for pilots and aviation workers. The move is part of the government's efforts to encourage more people to train as pilots as the country faces a growing pilot shortage problem.

The industry predicts a pilot shortage of up to 1,800 over the next two to three years, with commercial aircraft and helicopter pilots recently added to the government's official national skills shortage list.

The package is designed to increase the mobility of pilots within the country. Previously there were a variety of state and territory qualifications, while defence experience was not properly recognised by civilian authorities and vice versa. The package is also designed to make it easier for overseas students to train in Australia.

The Aviation Training Package, developed following extensive industry consultation, cuts through the numerous state qualifications and provides nationally consistent qualifications, making it easier for people considering a career in aviation, says transport minister Anthony Albanese.

In addition, for the first time the country's aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Department of Defence have agreed on standards and requirements for pilot qualifications, allowing free movement between the sectors.

Niles Crane 19th Jun 2008 02:33

Who has this Minister got as an Adviser?

There are NO STATE Qualifications for PILOTS. CASA has 1 standard regardless of where you live!

What the Minister is refering to is State "Aviation Degree" qualification which are not worth the paper they are written on.

All an employer looks for is what is on the CASA Licence, NOTHING ELSE!

I have employed over 300 pilots and I don't give a Flying F%^K what Touchy Feely "Aviation Degree" rubbish the pilot has, just whats on the CASA Licence.

With this Minister _God Help Aviation

permFO 19th Jun 2008 03:23

No Niles, you are the rational, quiet one. Frasier is the one who loses his temper. What I want to know however is, how does this new qualification allow those trained in the civil arena have free movement to the Defence sector?

tio540 19th Jun 2008 12:45

The scheme will be self funding. Airservices publications will double in price, every month, instead of annually.

457 visas will be issued to those living in Albury to facilitate pilot entry into Wodonga. The passport requirement will be waivered.

All is well in noddy land.

Trojan1981 20th Jun 2008 00:24

how does this new qualification allow those trained in the civil arena have free movement to the Defence sector?
Good question. It probably wont. Its probably to make it easier for defence training to be recognised in the civil industry.

tinpis 20th Jun 2008 00:59

Shades of Goof.:(

Howard Hughes 20th Jun 2008 01:35

Good question. It probably wont.
Bugger, was just gonna head off to my local recruiting office and get a ride in a pig, before it's too late!:ok:

busdriver007 20th Jun 2008 18:57

Can someone tell me how CASA and the Defense department can agree on standards for pilots with NO consultation with industry(you know Airlines, Regionals and GA). It obviously was decided on the Royal Canberra Golf Club between the 1st and the 19th holes. Just like the MPL debacle. Do these people ever get out into the real world?:confused:

SIUYA 20th Jun 2008 23:07


Albanese is reported to have said:

The Aviation Training Package [was] developed following extensive industry consultation...
I can't remember being 'consulted' about it, you can't either..........who actually can? :confused:

And I'm not a member of the Royal Canberra Golf Club either, so I can't confirm your suspicions about whether the 'extensive industry consultation' took place there. However if it DID, then I think you are being overly-optimisitic in thinking that it would have been important enough to have got in the way of the game, so I'd think it's more than likely that it took place at the 19th hole AFTER the game.

Albanese's a total clown, and as Niles Crane correctly state:

With this Minister _God Help Aviation:mad:

oldm8 21st Jun 2008 00:22

Oh well better cancel the rest of my ATPL studies!

Does anyone know (I am guessing not) or care to speculate on how they intentd to make it easier to transition mil to civil?

All can think of is RPL for ATPL subjects at least partially. There isn't much else they can do to make it easier as they already give you a CPL after an operational conversion.

Rostov 21st Jun 2008 00:57

What pilot shortage? The pay of Oz carriers indicates pilots are a dime a dozen! Fund it all you want, when you can earn more as first year IT why would you bother!

flysaucer1200 21st Jun 2008 01:04

19 Holes?
SIUYA and busdriver007,

Golf, i do believe has only 18 holes. Unless negotiations took place inside the magical, 19the hole, where all players get to sink balls of scotch and walk their hands over fare ways of green ale and mark score cards with hands shakes of gentlemanly agreements

Slezy9 21st Jun 2008 01:42

while defence experience was not properly recognised by civilian authorities and vice versa.
Mabye the military IRT will finally be recognised. It would be nice not to have to spend a bucketload of cash to do a token IRT in a lighty that we will never go near again.

Chocks Away 21st Jun 2008 06:27

Just another "thought bubble", empty and useless rhetoric from "Cardboard Kev" and his team who you voted in.

Plenty of gestures and symbolism since he gained office... Who's running your country?:rolleyes: Orh that's right... all the pinko-poofo-limp-wristed-politically correct minority "think-tanks" that were specially invited to a "talk fest"... to give ol'Cardboard a few ideas on what he stands for...:ugh:

That media release just shows how out of touch they really are with reality!:yuk:

(off to the bunker now :} )

CASR139 21st Jun 2008 08:07

Hi All,

The AVI08 traing package was absolutely nothing to do with degrees or flying licences or nearly anything to do with the flying side of aviation except if you want a vocational certificate (cert II, III, IV) or a diploma.

The only practical reason (from a pilot POV) is that (I think) you can receive AUSTUDY if you are attending a course at an RTO.

That MR at the top is a huuuuuggggeeee load of garbage. AVI08 is just an update to TDA03 the original aviation training package. (It has nothing to do with Big Little Kev as its been happening for the last 1.5 years or so.)

There might have been some 'improvements' on the flying side but I don't know about because its not my area. In other areas they did make some good changes.

In the TLISC's defence, they did consult training providers and industry bodies across the country but I wouldn't really call it extensive.

CaptainInsaneO 22nd Jun 2008 10:04

The Aviation Training Package, announced by Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, will cost $1.9 billion over five years and will fund more than 600,000 training places in the aviation industry.

So what exactly is costing $1.9 bisquillion?

Surely not just 5 years of Aus-Study payments to people training in the industry?

Does anyone know?

flyer_18-737 22nd Jun 2008 10:23

So will this package affect someone like me who wants to do a TAFE course at Swinburne in 2009 or mabye a Aviation course in another state

Will it Financially help me if I do a course at Uni/Tafe next year even.

(I would rather know now so that I might not have to defer my Take course)

Rawrawhammer 22nd Jun 2008 15:40

5000 funded cpls per yer x 100k per cpl = 500mil + infrastructure to support the capacity = few hundred squillions + LAMES,FAs,ATCs etc = few more squillions so it all adds up.

goodbye Pilot shortage...
now that airlines are cutting back jobs and fuel is rising they introduce this!

assasin8 23rd Jun 2008 00:49

I think they're going to do a deal with a major breakfast cereal company...

I know, the cynics out there are saying, "yeah, right and you'll collect your licence out of a cornflakes packet!"


The plan will be to collect three tokens... One token only, was originally proposed to save on costs, but they decided on three to make sure the candidate was sufficiently motivated.

Then send them in, with a written statement as to why you'd like to be a pilot. Of course, with Mum and Dad's approval if your under 18.


CaptainInsaneO 23rd Jun 2008 01:39

And of course don't forget the self-addressed envelope. We don't want these licence's sent to the wrong places now do we!

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