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Ref + 10 20th Jan 2009 03:51

metro-man: I just re-read my last post and I don't think I said anything nasty about DR. If in fact that is who you are referring too, I always enjoyed the flying I did with him.

Your fleet is just lovely too by the way :p :}

metro_man 20th Jan 2009 10:52

Gents, sorry nothing nasty was said about anyone, ref sorry if i have given you the wrong idea, I was simply asking where the rumors are comming from? and you are correct but the person is still a senior ATO and check capt for the bras and dash fleets. Actually saw him at the office today and u couldnt find a nicer person if u tried, havent flown with him myself though.
But on the rumor network really things are really stable at the place at the moment, i mean there is one or 2 movements but nothing major and no senior movements.

gerkinburger 20th Jan 2009 11:12

13 pilots...what?
I know for a fact that only two have left in the last three months...Infact just today Skippers had their busiest day most of the fleet were out by 7 am. I think 13 would be more likely the ground handlers there. All aircraft went out within ten minutes of there departure time. No probz there

Mecarsa Bitrusty 19th Feb 2009 10:38

Can any Skippers folk confirm the apparent resignation of at least one current FO?

BondiBoy 19th Feb 2009 10:52

Give it a rest matt....:ugh:

metro_man 19th Feb 2009 12:22

Not many people have left recently, A Dash FO left a few weeks back now, and thats about it, I dont believe there is any resignations of current crew.

bazza stub 19th Feb 2009 20:27

Asked to resign maybe :}

metro_man 15th Mar 2009 11:47

Wrong Answer
hey bondi, better get your facts straight the Matt you are refering too is a mate of mine and he does not post here anymore and if you checked meca's post before you opened your mouth you would know that it wasnt him You have done nothing but make his situation with the place a lot harder. so GREAT JOB :ugh:

el_capitano 15th Mar 2009 14:23

Is the canadian character who was doing interviews still around at Skippers??

bazza stub 17th Mar 2009 02:42

Maybe I have been under a rock, but who is this Matt character anyway?:rolleyes: somone important?

ER_ZZZ 17th Mar 2009 06:55

Whats happening over West these day's.

You guys still doing more than 30 hrs stick time a week?

Are sk**pers still hiring ?

aussie027 24th Mar 2009 03:25

Not actively hiring according to website. Accepting apps for hold file only.:uhoh:

dugongair 18th Jun 2009 06:34

not anymore... there website says "are not currently recruiting for aircrew positions".

Skippers Pilot 18th Jun 2009 16:13

dugongair, thanks for the update.

Recruitment went on hold at least 4 months ago, around the same time the website was updated.

The lack of exodus is directly related to the lack of requitement within the majors. Watch this space once the industry starts moving again.

Please donít hold your breath, this may take some time!


Mr. Hat 19th Jun 2009 00:16

Not related to skippers but i think if/when recruitment does start again a few of the smaller companies will fold. The retraining and hiring costs will be all too much after the storm.

Equatorial 30th Mar 2010 07:33

I see the exodus is in full swing again!!

A few phone calls made today and some yesterday.

If it's not the exodus it'll be the competition squeezing them out of the marketplace and all will be left will be Meeka and Wiluna.

Sounds like fun.


FRQ Charlie Bravo 30th Mar 2010 10:10

Sounds like fun.
Yeah, Equatorial... especially for those who lose a job (note sarcasm, note that I don't expect jobs to be lost).

What's this anyway? Calls received notifying Skippers that clients are looking elsewhere? Far worse things have been said about these guys and their doom has been [wrongly] predicted so many times that it's laughable.


Equatorial 30th Mar 2010 12:05

Yes FRQ I also note that your notes are not worth noting.

You obviously do not work for Skippers or haven't previously. There are several guys getting calls for J*, VB and Tiger.

My point (again) was that with Alliance and Skywest getting bigger and bigger, and the boom starting up again, all will have to adapt or be left in the ochre dust.

Last thing I want is anyone losing their jobs, in fact if you took the time to read this thread more thoroughly you would see it is about people getting jobs rather than losing them.

Thanks for your terrific input.

Led Zep 30th Mar 2010 13:27

If I've said it once, I've said it one hundred times: I'm amazed they're still flying after the Jundee incident.

FRQ Charlie Bravo 31st Mar 2010 09:14

Led Zep,

Yeah, Jundee was pretty revealing but there are plenty of examples of companies which have recovered from similar incidents (and accidents). Not a light decision by the Regulator (see I'm using Mr McCormick's capitol R even though it predates him) I'm sure.


Then perhaps you should write more carefully as the calls you refer to seemed to be about a company in strife, not calls bearing offers of employment.

You obviously do not work for Skippers or haven't previously
Well la-di-frickin'-da. No I've not worked for Skippers nor have I worked for about 95% of the companies I have made comments about. I shouldn't need to have worked somewhere to have an opinion much like you yourself needn't have worked for VOz, VB, QF, Skippers, Direct Air and NAC to justify all on whom you have commented.

You had three choices when posting last night:
  1. edited your post to read as you intended
  2. reposted explaining the misunderstanding
  3. freak out and look like a tosser
Well chosen.

Thanks for your terrific input.
Always a pleasure (and usually constructive without an axe to grind against a former employer),


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