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Z Force 9th Aug 2006 07:39

Merged: Overseas Based Jetstar Flight Attendants
It would appear that Jetstar International are to employ two hundred Thai based flight attendants. Interesting to see how many Aussies they'll have.

sinala1 9th Aug 2006 08:05

I wonder if its going to get to the stage one day where there are no employees working for the actual qantas group in australia? Just a brand name here, with contracts awarded to wet leasing companies (eg AO - not that its the AO crews fault though) and offshore bases?

"The Spirit Of Australia"


longjohn 9th Aug 2006 08:58

at $12- $15000 p.a each (plus allowances) versus $55 - $70,000 p.a. each (plus allowances) for a current QF F/A who can blame them. :confused:

Ansett International also employed Seol and Taipai based F/A's in their day, yet I do not remember hearing any complaints.

Shortly 'The Spirit of Australia' will be a ghost!

Ultralights 9th Aug 2006 11:11

The Spirit of Australia, is precisly what QF is about..... Nothing but a hollow ghost

Chimbu chuckles 9th Aug 2006 12:58

Do they really pay Thai FAs between 12-15K ++ each?

Great if they do...in fact they are worth more...but even that is a FORTUNE to a young Thai girl.

virgindriver 9th Aug 2006 13:18

I heard that the thai FAs working for QF would just move across to JQ INT when their current contracts expire. Maybe that is where the 200 come from...(I also heard that, surprisingly, they must have a degree in something to be considered for a job in the first place!)

soldier of fortune 9th Aug 2006 21:19

i think with jq int start up u will find maybe 60 to 80 f/a's will be australian based and mainly as supervisers or cc managers with the remaining 200-400 comming from various parts of se--asia-

notmyC150v2 9th Aug 2006 22:15


Do they really pay Thai FAs between 12-15K ++ each?

Great if they do...in fact they are worth more...but even that is a FORTUNE to a young Thai girl.
That may well be the case but from other posts recently it would appear that to earn that money they are going to have to do some appalling rosters. Even a good salary in the area shouldn't come at the risk of the health of the employee.

I s'pose we will just have to wait and see if this will actually be the case.

Luv2surf 10th Aug 2006 01:53

Asking someone what their salary is is an ignorant question at best, and as if they would give you a correct analysis of this.

Thai based Flight attendants are actually on a better wicket than us in AKL if you would like to know Leane7, but then again you wouldnt know this as you have only been in AKL for 2 mins and never got the pay scale we had at Adecco!!! Contact the union reps and theyll explain the difference, oh but wait, you most probably aernt part of it!!!

Luv2surf 10th Aug 2006 01:58

oh, and if you add their allowances to the equation you will see why they are actually wealthy people within Thailand!!!

They have to have a degree before they are excepted, and those that go to uni in Thailand usually come from a well off family!!!

Take a look at where the thai crew fly...
LHR, FRA, SIN, NRT, HKG, SYD,PER, BNE, MEL, AKL. Then take a look at the allowances paid daily in these ports and youll see they are far away from living in the poverty column of Thailand.

Chimbu chuckles 10th Aug 2006 04:54

I didn't mean to start a bitch fight girls...or boys:uhoh:

My only point was that we need to keep in my mind what an average young Thai earns...less than half what these girls are making and I am not talking about Bar girls.

To keep it in perspective I pay my Phillipino Amah (maid) AUD400/mth + all found and a ticket home for holidays every year or so and that $400, converted to Pesos, is equivelent to what a Provincial Judge gets paid where she is from. In the first year she, with my encouragement, saved and paid cash for a block of land, while also putting her siblings through school. In two years she'll be able to afford to build a nice house on it...she's 27.

How much would you need to be paid in Australia to afford all that?

I am not saying I agree with QF's policy of hiring young Asian girls but they do...and they are paying them better than what Asian airlines pay their FAs..and given the work ethic of the average Asian women, and what their alternative options are, you will never see them complaining QF works them too hard.

Butterfield8 10th Aug 2006 07:12

QF Thai Pilots
Maybe QF could get some Thai pilots for 40K....gee maybe I should ring Uncle Geoff!:p

hoss 10th Aug 2006 07:42

for sure give him a call:) but he'll remind you of his 'qantaslink pilots' who are also fairly competitive when your talking such a low amount.


DEFCON4 11th Aug 2006 03:35

This has been doing the rounds for awhile......
The AKL base will double in size and the BKK base will either close or all BKK employees will transfer to Jet*.
Apparently building patterns for BKK based crew is inefficient and therefore not cost effective.
There has been a lot of recruiting in AKL lately.
The attrition rate has also been high there.:suspect:

ACMS 12th Aug 2006 11:01

hoss what are you talking about? Qantaslink guys and girls are getting about the same as anyone for flying Dash 8 equipment.
As far as I know their salary has been that level, or near enough to that level, for quite a while.
I don't recall them dropping their salary 1 $
The only jerks work for Jet* they have let the team down big time by flying jets for way less than normal, and buying their endorsement.
It's the Jet* pilots that "bent over" for Mr Dixon.

Mstr Caution 12th Aug 2006 11:31

Thread Title - "Overseas based Jetstar Flight Attendants"

Considering the pay & conditions technical crew accepted, they may feel like they are overseas based too.:8

Khaosai 12th Aug 2006 12:05

Hi as a comparison,

one of the inlaws with a degree gets paid 10 000 baht per month for working in a bank. Another works in carrefour for 7000 baht per month.

The average wage according to the Bangkok post last year was 13 500 baht per month, so as stated, the crews will be willing to work hard for the money on offer from Jetstar.

I am pretty sure that all Thai cabin crew, either working overseas, or employed by an overseas carrier but living in Thailand are making more than the average wage in their country.

A senior Thai Airways 744 captain earns in the region of 300 000 baht per month so unlikely they would leave to join Jetstar.


Wirraway 13th Aug 2006 07:34

Another comparison

Some here will remember the Vesco battery closedown in Sydney, the plant was moved to Cebu in the Phillippines, the workers there are paid on average
P140 (A$3.58) for an 8 hour day, thats just under 45c per hour.

Just this week we see O'Brian windscreens closed with competition from China which has labour cheaper than the Philippines.

Nice to see you looking after your filipino maid so well, in the P.I the rate is
P2000 a month (A$51.28), you are very generous indeed :-).

Mike Kontoulous 13th Aug 2006 10:55

Only a small percentage of crew will be Thai based. The majority of crew will be Australians.

argusmoon 13th Aug 2006 12:23

You know this how Mike?
I have found with QF that what is true this week is next weeks lie :sad:

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