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karrank 3rd Sep 2004 13:27

John Anderson - Vote of NO CONFIDENCE
By his drooling rubber-stamping of the latest poo-ticket handed to him by Dick Smith (confusing terminal & enroute airspace), the minister has shown his grasp of his portfolio to be deplorable.

AsA has been left with the responsibility for implementing said series of poo-tickets in a safe manner, but the minister is insisting in it being done 'his' way. By leaving AsA to carry the can for his refusal to accept the responsibility for the safety management of the changes he has shown true cowardice.

I move a motion of no confidence in the worst aviation minister there has been, answer AYE or NAY (with a comment or two to pad it out to 15 CHR or more...)

Shitsu-Tonka 3rd Sep 2004 13:57

I thought the Minister for Aviation WAS Mr Smith? Even Glove-Puppet Anderson couldn't have come up with anything as ludicrous as where we are at now.

Pinky the pilot 5th Sep 2004 10:28

Second the motion.

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

topdrop 5th Sep 2004 11:50

Aye - Anderson is the worst minister in my 27 years in Aviation (no further padding required)

RIVER1 5th Sep 2004 13:23

Very unfair to criticise Anderson in this way because as the minister for Qantas he has performed admirably,shouldnt be a single QF employee that doesnt vote him back.Stuff all that other aviation stuff.

Rich-Fine-Green 5th Sep 2004 22:22

Collins was just as bad as he pretended G.A. did not exist.

Anderson is a total zero as well.

He has an each-way bet going.

I reckon he will be a future Board member of QF or at least a 'consultant'.

QSK? 6th Sep 2004 00:21

I have absolutely no confidence in Anderson as transport minister, and I sincerely hope he is voted out in the coming election.

Shitsu-Tonka 6th Sep 2004 01:22

Anderson is a disgrace.

I don't expect a minister to know all the technical intricacies of his/her portfolio, but I expect them to be able to consider the merits and origins of ALL advice they get, remain open to all lines of communication, make the best decision with ALL the information and not be swayed by minority lobbyists for questionable gains.

On those counts he failed.

Australia, in particular Regional Australia that supposedly makes up the other part of his portfolio, has been let down and poorly represented by Anderson in particular and the National Party in general. Their primary vote in 2001 was 2%. They have not earnt the right for even that much this time. No wonder the really effective National are all going independant.

What has John Anderson done for you, your region and your industry lately?

Gwydir is as safe a National seat there is - why else would Anderson be running there? He wouldn't want to risk a marginal on his national record would he?

DownDraught 6th Sep 2004 10:41

To quote The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Universe

The'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes!

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