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Alan vs VA

Old 23rd Mar 2020, 03:08
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Alan vs VA

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has issued a “call to action” to employees to lobby their local member of parliament to make sure smaller rival Virgin Australia gets no extra assistance to survive the current coronavirus crisis.

What’s the issue here? Virgin gets a government loan. They pay it back within the specified timeframe. Qantas does not because it might still have a Billion bucks left over at the end. But it does not owe the government anything.

Its not free money, just more debt.

Alan loves competition apparently. Lives and breathes it. Well that’s what he told the ACCC.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 03:14
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The man is a Northern Territory tourist campaign.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 03:48
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What a hypocritical whyte!
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 03:55
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What a horrible man. When we had a car manufacturing industry in this country, I never once saw the CEO Ford complaining that Toyota was given government assistance. The industry as a whole worked together.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 04:05
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If the Australian Government purchased a share in VA (a new share allotment), that would knock the wind out of someones sails........(just speculating)...
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 04:39
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Wait, this is the guy that once went to the government asking for a secured loan? Pot, meet kettle.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 04:49
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Originally Posted by 777Nine View Post
Wait, this is the guy that once went to the government asking for a secured loan? Pot, meet kettle.
But they were only asking for a piffling $3 billion...
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 04:50
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Before asking the Australian Government for a cash splash why not first ask the owners? Governments or controllers of Abu Dhabi, Singapore and China.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 04:59
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The other wood duck that needs a bit of a working over by VA staff is Karl Stefanovic on the Today show.
Seems to be bagging VA at every opportunity.

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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 05:02
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Well he would wouldn’t he. Got to keep that QANTAS club membership alive.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 05:12
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Most of the employees would have mates in all companies across the industry. Doubt many would lobby to harm their buddies. Would hope so anyway...
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 05:17
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Certainly mean no ill for VA guys but I believe the premise of investing in the industry (ie both carriers) is completely fair.

Disregard the fact this is aviation for a moment. In these times, I wouldn’t support use of commonwealth funds to prop-up any business that had been poorly run.

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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 05:57
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Originally Posted by ampclamp View Post
I can't see that request getting much traction from the majority of QAN employees. I think employees of all airlines here have more respect for their brothers and sisters at other airlines when times are tough than to actively seek their demise.
I agree. Doesn't matter who you are employed by at the moment, everyone is hurting. Mates across all major and minor carriers and in GA, all need to look after each other.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:01
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Joyce is a psychopath and a self obsessed spineless toad. Psychopaths are found in greater proportions among CEOs. Between 3% and 21% of CEOs are probably psychopaths, according to a study by Bond University psychologist Nathan Brooks. The background rate of psychopathy in the normal population is about 1%. They are also gutless. Interestingly, the following CEO’s have recently stood down - IBM, Hulu, Disney, Uber, Microsoft, Nestle, T-mobile, Tinder, Juul, Harley, Nissan, MasterCard, Volkswagen, Victoria Secret, MGM, EBay Saleforce, LinkedIn and so it goes. All since December when COVID-19 started to ramp up. Why? They are taking the money and running. They can see what is coming and know that a financial shitstorm of biblical proportions has landed on our doorstep.

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How soon people forget.
Virgin Blue buried Ansett.
Branson held a hanger party when it went bust.
AJ , whom I dislike , is simply doing what he’s paid for i.e. being the chief spruiker for his company.
He is pointing out the obvious, the same question that arose with Ansett , subsidise both or none at all.
Maybe a two airline policy , one government owned and one private ? Oh, wait a minute..........
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:06
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Dear Alan,

Surprise! It's not all about you.

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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:09
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George Glass for PM.....

Totally correct. VA hasn't made a cracker for 7 years, is owned by foreigners save a few mums and dads here. Living on loans and bleats. Why shouldn't Joyce rail against government funding if its only for them? What about the REX bleat from its foreign owner from Singapore? More threats...
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:13
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If Goyder had any spine he would tell the prick to issue a public apology or he would be sacked. Disgraceful behaviour, it doesn’t matter who owns the airline they are our fellow Australians and part of the larger aviation family.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:19
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It'll be a fair go if Chairman's Lounge is made illegal.
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Old 23rd Mar 2020, 06:29
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Originally Posted by deadc View Post
Is anyone surprised? That's how the little one operates. How does he treat his own employees let alone the opposition?
His employees should be lobbying their local mp to allow them to use their leave & entitlements as they wish not how qantas wishes.
The world according to him,yet again.
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