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Name the new Sydney airport

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I might agree too - if the area was actually named after Del Badgery.
Unfortunately, however, the information I have is that it was named after the pioneering agriculturalist, James Badgery.
He was given a Government grant of 840 acres there in 1806 by, I understand, Governor Bligh.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

While we're batting worthy names around, second to P Gordon Taylor, I'd also put forward the name of another outstanding aviator
and airline proprietor, C Arthur Butler.
As a footnote, that greedy entrepreneur (literal meaning: enter and take) Reginald Myles Ansett neatly and very sneakily shafted
Arthur Butler to gain control of Butler Airways.
Many people never forgave him for that.

p.s. .. It just occurred to me .. perhaps Del Badgery might have been a descendant of James.
pps .. I just did a goggle and it seems he was indeed a direct descendant of James Badgery and therefore should be a front-runner in the considerations.

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Capt.cynical - 'The NO Railway Airport'

Don't be greedy Capt..!

Melbourne airport was opened in 1970 and we're STILL waiting for an airport rail link. Given the amount invested in carparks and the EXHORBITANT amount they are charging to use them, I can't see the vested interests allowing one in my lifetime. Hopefully you have better luck

ps yes clark y, absolutely scandalous waste of taxpayers money. $1.2BILLION to NOT build a road
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Originally Posted by allthecoolnamesarego View Post
Sir Hubert Wilkins
Bert Hinkler - how good would that be, an absolute aviation legend and also a great name 'Bert'
I agree with Hubert Wilkins: extraordinary courage, a great achiever. NB: there's already an airport named after him: YJST, but I don't think that's a big problem.
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Originally Posted by Bug Smasher Smasher View Post
The Geoffrey Thomas International Airport.
the famous pilot?
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Why call it an airport when you could name it:

Westfield Badgery
Pacific Fair



Or (if it was in Melbourne)

Skybus depot
Silver top

I think you guys need to get up to speed. These are large shopping centres where you can find a lot of parking options and in Melbourne they also serve as taxi and bus depots. They have an airfield attached which is also handy in Melbourne because unless you arrive in the 15 minutes of non-peak hour traffic you are better off doing all your shopping at the airport. Hell, its cheaper than putting in a rail line!

Either way if it's not got a politically correct name, I won't be going!

In good news I see it's 24/7. Crazy stuff, wait til the rest of the world find out they'll be copying us in no time.
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I vote for the "Sir Les Patterson Airport",complete with a statue of him in his stained safari suit.
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Originally Posted by Trevor the lover View Post
Now that Badgerys Creek looks finally to be on the go, I guess it's time to name it.
Liberal folly
Labors never never
MACQ Banks pot of gold
Town with no train
Trump Fields (ATC is affectionately know as Trump Tower)
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I vote for the "Sir Les Patterson Airport",complete with a statue of him in his stained safari suit.
Nah, the Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson airport sounds better. You could even name one of the terminals after his daughter 'The Jenny Taylior' terminal. has a ring, doncha think?
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Waltzing Matilda International.

It has a certain ring to it.
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George Cayley International - named after the father of planes
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Andrew Delfosse Badgery (Del Badgery) built and flew the first aircraft consucted in Australia and was also the first to fly an aircraft in Tasmania on Sept.10th.1914, Badgery's Creek is named after him, his wife Dorothy (Wall) was the creator of Blinky Bill and their only child Peter, born in 1925 served in the RAAF during WW2, later joining Qantas (DC3), then joining Fiji Airways, he moved back to Australia in the 70s... Why not honour the aviation pioneer and retain Badgery in the airport's name?

I think there might be some challenge to this. John Duigan built and flew the first Australian designed aircraft in 1910.

There is a really good book about Duigan called 'A flying life' by David Crotty.

Perhaps The new airport should be named after him.
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Porty McPortface.
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Sydney McSydface.
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Edna Everage International

or for any second field in Melbourne Keth and Kim International

After all we Poms had Boris Island altho it got dumped before any serious plans
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Badgerys Creek

'FANTASY FIELD' would seem apt.
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Not sure if it will have intersecting runways but if it does,
Kings Cross International, with red runway lights.
Regards R W
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Fog hollow

Been travelling Badgerys Creek road since before I could drive. Fog hollow should be good as no one will be going flying. It's hard enough to drive at times.
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The Anthony Norman Albanese Sydney - International Airport.


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Beat me to it Lead Balloon, was trying to figure out how to get Airport turned into something like that!!
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Blinky Bill Airport.

You'll also blink a lot at the bill for landing there.
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