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JQ7 diversion

Old 21st Dec 2015, 09:17
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JQ7 diversion

Jetstar flight forced to land in Darwin after pilot identifies faulty instrument

A Jetstar flight heading from Melbourne to Singapore has turned around while above the Timor Sea and landed in Darwin, after the pilot noticed one of the flight instruments was faulty.


Some of the passengers were unhappy with the situation, and said they only realised something was wrong when the plane's flight path began to show the craft was returning to Australia.
"All I heard was something about ice impairing the reliability of something on the plane."
Another man said he had heard there was a problem with a sensor.
He said he was annoyed the plane had turned back partway through the journey.
"It is terrible. We are meant to be in Singapore right now, but we are stuck in Darwin," he said.


Ice, Sensors, Airbus ... how annoying!
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Old 21st Dec 2015, 09:19
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Except it was a Boeing!
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Old 21st Dec 2015, 09:24
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I heard it wrong then! And the pilot WAS being "annoying" if that was the case!

edit: I see, it WAS a "pseudo Boeing" - no wonder the confusion! (Or maybe it made it to Singapore but the ADS-B showed Darwin...)
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Old 21st Dec 2015, 10:21
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Oh no, stuck in darwin, how terrible. The ATC handling of the situation seemed a bit over the top. Ground stop on departures for over 30 mins.
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Old 21st Dec 2015, 12:44
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If you had a sphincter valve jam and the left dump tank start venting into the cabin you'd want priority too.

Just lucky it wasn't another thronomeister issue. They can get pretty serious. Especially in plastic Boeings when the gauge stops working.
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Old 22nd Dec 2015, 23:30
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Rated as serious incident.

Great work to the crew in getting it down safely considering challenges faced.
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Old 23rd Dec 2015, 01:09
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this is the correct link Investigation: AO-2015-149 - Airspeed fluctuations involving Boeing 787, VH-VKE, NW of Darwin, Northern Territory on 21 December 2015
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Old 23rd Dec 2015, 08:27
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Yes, well done to the crew. Unfortunately we have seen the results of this kind of situation being poorly handled. Well done.
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Old 27th Dec 2015, 19:13
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Some of the passengers were unhappy with the situation
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this getting worse of late? I know it's the silly season but we've had a few engineering delays recently <1Hr, all fully explained with reasonably accurate time frames and crew have still copped abuse and comments.
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Old 28th Dec 2015, 09:27
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they did well

they had to fly a leading hand in from MEL to sign off the load

he left on the 2200 DRW flight... and that was delayed too LOL
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Old 3rd Jan 2016, 05:11
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AIRSPEED UNRELIABLE Message (19 Dec 2015)
During cruise at approximately 40,000 feet, messages FLIGHT CONTROL MODE, STALL WARNING SYS, AUTOPILOT DISC, NO AUTOLAND, and AIRSPEED UNRELIABLE showed. Crew completed the AIRSPEED UNRELIABLE checklist and diverted to the nearest suitable airport with an uneventful landing. Upon landing, all messages cleared. AHM data show that both engines (GE) were in Ice Crystal Icing accommodation mode and investigation has preliminarily concluded that this event was caused by icing.
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Old 3rd Jan 2016, 06:13
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Well done guys.

Could have very easily been messy. We've seen all too often how these things go pear shaped in less competent hands.

Job well done.
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