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Air Niugini's subsidiary - LINK PNG

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Air Niugini's subsidiary - LINK PNG

Old 7th Oct 2016, 20:51
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All the salaries should be pegged at the AUD, regardless of the place of domicile, especially if they want to encourage pilots to be PNG based.

It's very interesting that you they have thrown touring options on the table. I was under the impression that tours were never going to be an option again.
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Old 7th Oct 2016, 21:22
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PX management (& Govt!) Hate "Tours", that its back on the table is a true sign of their desperation.
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Old 7th Oct 2016, 21:39
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Some points to remember:

Prior to the enforced contract pilots had 6 weeks leave, this was reduced to 4 weeks along with a 20% - 30% pay reduction. The new non negotiated contract now offers an additional 2 or 4 weeks but with a further pay reduction of 5% or 10%. Better off? No a further reduction.

Expats are not allowed to be paid super, the 8.4% is only for the Nationals.

Tours are for Kiwi's only as previously. Lose the kiwi's and you lose The C&T pilots - Link then has a serious C&T problem. Nothing new here.

The experience bonus has always been there, once again nothing new.

Any new hiree will not be able to get a gig in PX as they will on the LPNG seniority list only and not entitled to bid for PX positions.

Once again a non negotiated contract with the company still in court over exactly the same situation.

Worlds best HR manager at his best.
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Old 7th Oct 2016, 21:52
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A further thought - how long is this contract valid for? Until "mutually agreed" as per the contract under dispute was valid until (Ha), or for some defined period?

Any newcomers should be very wary. There are some great folks at PX and link, but I would take any "contract" as being good for only as long as management want to it be for...
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Old 8th Oct 2016, 08:18
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Maybe the tide is turning and the worlds best HR manager has finally met his match!

The Waigani National Court has stayed the termination of eight national Air Niugini pilots after they were terminated between Sept 1st and 15th over allegations of misconduct.

Their lawyer Moses Murray successfully obtained a stay order that was issued by Justice Collin Makail this afternoon against their termination.

Captains Joseph Kumasi, Vincent Tonga, Norman Daniel, Boris Ageda, Benjamin Lopa, and first officers Elijah Yuangi, David Seken and Abel Kanego, have been allowed by the court to resume work, pending the hearing of the judicial review.

The decision of the National Court today came after leave was granted for a judicial review into their respective terminations.

Air Niugini has also been restrained from evicting the pilots from its properties.

First Officer David Seken was evicted from the Air Niugini accommodation on Sept 30.

The court today issued an order to Air Niugini to allow him to return to his place of residence until further orders of the court.

Their lawyer will have 21 days from today to file the review documents. They are expected back in court on Nov 7.

The fundamental issue that the court will deal with in the review hearing is how the pilots were dealt with administratively over disciplinary matters.

They were terminated by Air Niugini for refusing to attend to the companyís approved doctor for a second medical opinion after they provided medical certificates for days they missed work on.

They were also terminated for failing to report for duty for reasons of security concern, and sharing Facebook posts that called for civilians not to go for work during the month of July.

Between July 13 and 20, 2016, Air Niugini experienced a sudden increase in the number of national pilots reporting sick and unable to attend work after a stop-work took place, calling on Prime Minister Peter OíNeill to step down from office. The stop-work was not an industrial issue and began on 13 July.

They were terminated because they did not turn up for work, which resulted in many flights being interrupted and many passengers stranded during the stop-work period.

Court stays termination of pilots | Loop Tonga
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Old 11th Oct 2016, 09:42
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The efficiency of the 4th floor never ceases to amaze.

Recently released FSO Fokker Fleet Leave Bids 2017 was published on 29/09/2016.

Stated: Bids are to be submitted by 16th October 2017

Published blocks available are for 2016!

Must make sense to someone but of concern is that the FSO was signed off by the Fleet Manager (expat) and Toofar.

What finger? What button?
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Old 12th Oct 2016, 23:49
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The scheduled court hearing for yesterday was postponed until today because there were too many cases to be heard.

I am expecting an update tonight.
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Old 13th Oct 2016, 22:02
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The update is that PX lawyers have not signed the paperwork as required by the court. Case is rescheduled to 20th October.
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Old 13th Oct 2016, 23:33
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Stalling tactic's, PX are obviously hoping that all the pilots resign before the case gets to be heard, with no pilots all the problems will go away, Ray and Sam can kiss,cuddle and pat each other on the back and Simon can hide away in Rabaul and pretend the Airline is running just fine.
All good, problems solved,
Also if they leave all those pilotless planes sitting on the hardstand for long enough the squatters will move in, solving another png social problem of no cheap accomadation.

Its just a win win situation..........
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Old 14th Oct 2016, 13:46
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Well it's working. Three more resignations, to carriers offering far better terms and conditions.
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Old 17th Oct 2016, 08:05
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Link PNG trying to Recruit again

Link PNG are or will be advertising for direct entry Captains and F/Os for the old and beat up dash 8 fleet.

The old adage let the buyer beware applies!!!!!!!!!!

The exodus of expats over the last 20 months should be a good indicator of what the real terms and conditions are like let alone the ongoing legal action against PX regarding the unnegotiated contact change in 2015.

PX mainline's last recruitment drive was far from a success.
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Old 17th Oct 2016, 12:18
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Here it is...

AviationJobs.Me Flight Crew: DHC-8 Rated and Non Type Rated First Officers Link PNG

So much for Pixie management telling us all at the end of 2014 that all expats will be gone within 5 years. And that the cadet program was the answer to our replacement.

Less than 24 months later here is the same management advertising internationally for Dash 8 First Officers.
What has happened to the cadet program?

When I departed there were at least 20 cadets coming through per year onto the line? Anybody know how many cadets have started the training program this year?

To all my friends still there at Pixie, I hope the job lasts long enough for each of you to find greener pastures... even a 5 year drought would provide those greener pastures.

Hopefully someone within management, or the PNG Government, can see whats happening and step in to turn things around before it continues too-far.
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Old 17th Oct 2016, 15:03
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Bit of a targeted ad one would say considering the salaries are quoted in SA Rand. The next round will also include Albanian Lek and Sudanese Pound.
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Old 17th Oct 2016, 21:46
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They done a recruiting road show in Africa a few years ago, with no success.

Has any current or ex ANG pilots pitched an application into Qantas recently? Lots of hiring about to commence right throughout the Qantas group I hear.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 04:27
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South Africans moving to Port Moresby. From the pot into a super hot frying pan wouldn't you say . Perhaps they can do 3 and 3 and get dumped in Singapore or Aussie on the px network
to find their own way home
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 11:26
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Last few days would have proven to be problamatic in connecting anywhere on the PX network, esp international...sori nogut!!!!!

Am told other PNG operators like HeavyLift, PNG Air do equal time tours....and fund tickets ANYWHERE on the globe. ATR types rather than just a classic Dash as well, and from what I hear they are short too.

Good to see a bit of an increase the pay scales though. Seems someone is starting to disbelieve the fairy tale about trees in PNG that grow pilots willing to work for naught.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 13:37
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I think it has gone toofar and PX has reached its PNR..........End of Days for Pixie me thinks.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 14:08
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Onya Simon. I knew you didn't have it in you 😏
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 18:15
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PngAir fund tickets to BNE tasol and are losing pilots on regular basis due to poor terms and conditions as well.
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Old 20th Oct 2016, 22:53
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Yes, the loss of pilots on a regular basis must be a major problem in PNG, (PX almost 100 pilots in a little less than 2 years!!).

The cost of training, loss of revenue due uncrewed flights, etc etc, must greatly outweigh the cost of reasonable conditions needed to retain experienced crew.

Beancounters would know better I suppose.
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