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Skytrans TMR Contracts

Old 29th Nov 2014, 07:59
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Craven yes very unfortunate very difficult business when you have zero industry experienced management.
A positive for the recently redundant is Some command jobs should return in the short term and ops et al over the next year or so.
REX have engaged half the commercial management marched out the door. This Guarantees that the knowledge required to take over the Cape once they settle into the government runs exists, that will be very dire for the airline synonymous with flying in the region for 20 plus years.
The other half of commercial team marched are apparently working with the west coast dash operator to get east coast charter happening for the CQ work.Agreement to take over the two 300 leases and mine work nearly complete. Gas work into Surat and new mine work into CQ with a pair of 100's has been bid so If it comes off few of the former Senior Managers will reunited handling will be contracted to JB who also employ ex Senior staff.
The former Management have copped a regular bagging at the monthly McLeod st gatherings and on prune so doubt motivation will be an issue. The (re) cycle continues
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Old 29th Nov 2014, 10:47
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Word on the street is...

Skytrans will fold on 2nd Jan 2015. If you have sick leave, then go sick. A stat. dec. can cover that - chest pains can be due to anything. Best of luck all, apart from the spivs that screwed you. At least the Wild family can wish you happy new year for 1 day.
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Old 29th Nov 2014, 19:51
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Really? Unexplained chest pain is the last thing I would want on my aviation medical records.
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If they have announced a shut down date and given everyone due notice, it would appear that they are not planning to short change staff on entitlements.
The more usual practice is to go into receivership when everyone's salary is a month behind and often superannuation six months behind.
Check your super account. If it is up to date you would have no justification in calling in sick just to screw them around. If it is not up to date, tell them to sort it, and if they don't, advise the ATO.
Even if you think they are a bunch of pricks, remember they have customers still reliant on their service. Calling in sick is not the way to finish up. All that achieves is inconvenience for your work mates who have to cover for you. Go with your reputation intact. You will be competing against your peers for your next job, and you never know which of those peers may one day be in the hiring and firing seat.
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Old 19th Dec 2014, 14:37
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Good news for all at last , an investor was present and positive tonight at the Xmas party. Apparently moving into ATR!
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Old 20th Dec 2014, 03:35
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Who is the mystery investor you meet ?

FNQ needs local companies to survive.
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Old 21st Dec 2014, 10:56
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Ejector, I think it is a piss-take. I'm a chopper pilot myself but the word around FNQ and the NT is that they are pretty much stuffed come January. Just a rumour though, but a few interesting yarns about them at the Cairns ATC party!! Xmas is not a good time for so many redundancies.
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Old 22nd Dec 2014, 23:15
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is Skytrans for sale ? Rumours abound.

If so, what assets does it have ?

Are all remaining aircraft leased ?

AOC must be worth something.
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Old 23rd Dec 2014, 21:31
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From a consumer perspective, nearly all who were serviced by Skytrans out this way are very sorry to see them lose the TMR gig.
The Skytrans service was exceptional, and the staff exceedingly professional and friendly. The TMR contract (read government subsidy) is more about providing essential mail services to communities that have very meager medical and civil services, than carrying passengers (even though many are patients travelling to a hospital).
All are filthy that a $50 taxi ride will now be the norm to get from Wellcamp to Toowoomba (Skytrans landed YTWB), as well as the reduction in passenger seats and freight capability.
I hope REX can match the exemplary service that Skytrans have set.
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Old 23rd Dec 2014, 23:08
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Unmerry Christmas

Bad bad justa dash being a comedian. There is no silver lining, there are no investors, the turd has lost all of its polish and the curtain is close to being drawn. The schoolteacher has yet again excelled herself. Even the Cardboard Cutout has been busy lately in his white ute, wearing his white shirt, and ferry aircraft spares to and from the Cairns airport to an offsite shed. Seems they don’t want all those expensive parts at the airport, I wonder why? There are still some items for sale on Gumtree but the Taipans balloon has gone. Did REX buy it?
Word is they will fold in the first week of January. They have virtually no contracts left, mining companies are trying to avoid them, the QLD state Government don’t want to touch them and even if they were to pick up more work they don’t have the skills left to manage things, with the schoolteacher and Simon trying to be managers. REX is hungry and is already eyeing off Skytrans other ports. Supposedly the Gladstone boy leaves in January also. But not to fear, Dejapoo is heading back to run the APNG ATR fleet program. After his previous pineappling by Susan Nixon (well done Susan) he is back to join old friends Murapee and TCAS. As usual he bellowed and threw his weight around the Maroomba offices and it is now time to go. It’s a bit like the Blues Brothers and ‘they’re getting the band back together’. Should be interesting as neither of these three are big fans of safety! Will they bring back Slippery as well? Might as well.
As for Simon ‘retiring’ from being an APNG director, that is strategic. More than likely got something to do with the fact that both of his ventures have gone down the gurgler and particularly with APNG it is time to get rid of the old and incapable and bring in new blood. However as long as TCAS and Murapee are there then things will never fully improve. Simon is also a very weak man and would be scared that with the post accident finding in regards the Dash crash he would be trying to distance himself from any potential time in the big house. Run way Simon run away!!!

From a consumer perspective, nearly all who were serviced by Skytrans out this way are very sorry to see them lose the TMR gig.
Keep dreaming mate.

is Skytrans for sale ? Rumours abound.
If so, what assets does it have ?
Are all remaining aircraft leased ?
AOC must be worth something.
1. Who would buy such a lemon?
2. Nil assets. All planes are sold or leased. Simon has restocked the super fund, paid mum back her money and paid the huge tax bill.
3. Same as point 1.
4. AOC is worth nothing. It is a piece of paper only redeemable to Skytrans. It is non-transferable and cannot be on-sold.
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Old 24th Dec 2014, 00:34
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Keep dreaming mate.
I do, and fortunately for me most have come to fruition.

Do you pax on Skytrans? Me, my family and the community do (did) and found it a very good show.

Your post appears to be very bitter and vitriolic. It is Christmas mate. Try and feel good.
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Victim of a bored god

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...Brindabella Jetgo and Skytrans have had success here...
Not so. None of them. Nope! But if one posts libel or defamation one should not expect any protection by PPRuNe or it's owners/publishers.
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I've said it before >>> & I'll say it again...

Pith Helmet your a dead set LEGEND

When you running for parliament CHAMP ???
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AOC value ?

Pith Helmet, think AOC is worth something.

Surely someone could buy what's left of Skytrans including AOC & change the name.

To keep AOC, think they would have to keep some staff like chief pilot, CEO, training manager etc. all acceptable to CASA(or get new ones fast)

Would imagine it's a much faster way then setting up from scratch, as long as wouldn't have to take on Skytrans "baggage".

Maybe it would have to be bought from the receiver/liquidator ?

Am sure the owners of the leased aircraft, would be very keen to keep aircraft leased as well.

Believe the 2 ex Vincent Saab 340's are still sitting at TSV. That's 7 months of no revenue for the owners as of next week, while they still have to maintain aircraft.
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Hate to intrude, but if Skytrans was to remain Skytrans and the only change was for new owners to buy it, the AOC remains intact, and yes in that sense it is worth something. However if Skytrans shut down as an airline today, and they wanted to reopen tomorrow under a new name etc, they would need to apply for a new AOC as the current one would be issued to Skytrans (or whatever entity they use), not the new one. The old AOC becomes worthless and null and void along with the old company. I have heard all the rumours before about airiness selling AOC's etc, but that is complete bollocks. An AOC can't be passed and traded around like a $5 note.

On a side point, interesting comments by Pith (not sure how they are defamatory though as every Qantas thread contains much worse) as I have also heard that they are keeping aircraft spares in a shed off site, which is very interesting. I drove to Port Douglas this morning and I noticed the hangar sure does look empty.
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Soteria, think your 1st statement maybe correct, but latter may not.

It all depends how it's gone about.

Believe defunct airlines & their AOC's have been sold before in Australia, but obviously CASA wouldn't want to make sure everything, including certain staff are in place before an amended AOC is issued.

Getting into legal mumbo jumbo, so won't say anymore.
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Skytrans effective immediately has ceased operations, statement on their website Regional Queensland flights to Cairns, Mount Isa, Bamaga, Cape York, Brisbane, and Western towns

Another sad day for the industry.
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All those hollow statements about looking after loyal staff, sickening
25th year of ops in NQ, really, I dont recall them past a few years when they took over a couple of locals

I notice statements that all staff entitlements have been paid
That's a big tick for management

Last edited by megle2; 3rd Jan 2015 at 00:45. Reason: spelling as usual, entitlements comment
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The original Skytrans (C404, C310s etc) did start back in the late 80's early 90's. It was sold off to the Wild's about 8 years ago and they merged it with QRA (operating Dash 8s) and the merged company took on the Skytrans name. Within a few years the new Skytrans sold off the piston fleet and became a purely a Dash 8 operator.
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Sad day indeed but at least simon has done right by the staff rather than letting things go on
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