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The way we were - Ansett, TAA, Qantas

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The way we were - Ansett, TAA, Qantas

Old 13th Jan 2014, 01:25
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I wish I could go back to the 80's

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Old 13th Jan 2014, 01:53
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Thanks pull-up-terrain, loved the bit at 1:57 'due to it's growing international operations'

From the map I guess we can make out,
Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Rome, Belgrade, Athens, Bahrain, Harare, Bombay, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Denpasar, Tokyo, Nadi, Papeete, LA, San Fran and Vancouver plus 3 in NZ.

No bad for an end-of-the-line carrier.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 01:56
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Captain C

It was indeed Macs nestled in between TN & AN.

The Chef there could have a steak sandwich ready for you in minutes while you slammed down three pots on your half hour lunch break.

If anyone on an afternoon shift came down from the Market car park on the way to work and spotted the TN & AN pricing guys having a countery together in the Stork Hotel, the word would immediately go out that there was a fare increase on the way. Passengers, corporates and Agents were all warned.

The prized Macs Chef was enticed to go to the Stork with more money. This happened on more than one occasion with his pay increasing each time as the mob followed him.

The Stork was an early opener for the workers at the Vic Market, but on a hot morning when all the doors were open one could often spy a TN senior exec lubricating himself for the day ahead.

The Stork is sadly dead and gone and has been closed for years as an operational pub. It looked so sad all boarded up. Macs however continues to operate and had been prettied up.

Both were delightfully scungy in the mid 70s as a good Melbourne pub should be!

Best regards

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Old 13th Jan 2014, 04:10
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Cool Cockpit visits

As a contrast to your mates visit to the cockpit Centaurus check this out, all true (I was there!).
As a brand new comm. pilot licence holder (ink still wet on the paper) I caught an East West F-27 from Sydney to I think Maroochydore in the late 1970's.As was the practice in "those days" I asked the F/A if I could visit the front.When I was ushered into the spacious cockpit of the F-27 (not! little did I know that within 2 years I would be an F/O on a twenty ton dog whistle) I was introduced to the ancient looking Captain (probably about the same age as I am now) and the F/O.After some conversation it emerged that I had recently received my commercial licence, to my astonishment the Captain said to me (without a word of a lie) "Well you had better have a go!" With that the F/O exited his seat and I jumped in.Needless to say it was on autopilot at this stage but as we neared top of descent the autopilot was disconnected and I then commenced the descent by hand, I can recall that I asked the captain if I should reduce power as well as put the nose down and he said "no we go faster this way!"
All true and I am still amazed that it actually took place.I don't think it could ever happen now, sadly as the experience increased my enthusiasm to eventually join an Airline.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 05:23
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Captain C & EWL
And Macs had Bundaberg Rum to add to pot of beer for us freezing staff from the Isa.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 10:55
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I think it was TBH that was in the Central Australian livery however I think you will find the "genetalia" appeared on DC9-30 TJL.

TJL was on the TN555/556 circuit from MEL to PER up over the top and via everywhere when it cacked itself in PHE and was on the ground an extended time due to Engineering sending turbine that was also U/S out on an F27.

While they waited for the 2nd replacement boredom obviously set in.

Funny thing is it wasn't picked up by management for a week!!

Best all

Just loving this thread, and with Graeme Humphreys funeral this Friday the mention of TBH, well it struck a sentimental chord

The way we were......indeed.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 10:56
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Brilliant thread

This truly is a thread bringing so many memories back;

Capt Claret - It was good to hear the TAA/Ansett cooperation continued. I also noted you've mention both Sunstate and the Mohawk Aircratft. I did the handling for Sunnies Otters/Bandits/Irish Concordes at Hervey Bay and then later the Mohawks for Majestic Airways (still at Skurvy Bay International Scareport). The happiest days in my aviation career were at Hervey Bay.

Air Support - I'm totally non-technical, but had to work very closely with the Engineers and had the utmost respect for them. I even read a few books about the early Engineers posted to places like Sharjah and India etc and the huge amount of "graunching" that went on.

Keep the memories coming along, I feel a bit younger with each one I read. Paul
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 11:45
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Anybody know where Captain Joe Macarthy, ex Ansett, is today?
He retired in 89, a very astute DC 9 then 727 Captain. I believe he is still kicking around today somewhere.
It's funny as when I started this thread it was meant to bring back the good memories from the good days, and by god it has exceeded my expectations. So many characters out there, so much experience, and so much love for aviation. I have to agree with EWL, hard to keep a dry eye while thumbing back through the history pages. I am very happy that we are able to bring some of that history and those memories back to life for a bit longer
It's nice raising a glass of fine red to the memory of colleagues, aircraft, characters and fallen comrades. Cheers
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 11:49
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That Qantas Pilot recruitment video should be shown to all the board and Joyce. Followed by the question "what the bloody hell have you done to our Airline...."

Bunch of incompetent idiots..

So sad.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 11:50
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and thank you

Para, thank you for the thread and consequent memories and seeing that you are in Aotearoa brings back my many flights to and within that lovely Country. Paul
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 12:36
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Bottums Up
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If you handled Majestic at Skurvey Bay International there's a good chance we met. I worked for QPA, SPRA & Majestic on the Mohawk, admittedly QPA folded as we were filling the aircraft with fuel to commence the endorsement.

Prior to the Mohawks, I worked for Bevan Whittaker flying the Twotters, Nomad & Islanders to LTT and Sandy Cape etc.

Bloody small world, innit!
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 12:47
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Mohawks, Twotters to Lady E

Capt Claret I'm sure we have met as I also (for a while) looked after the Lady E Twotter flights for Bevan. It did conflict a little with the Flight West Bandits I was handling at the same time. If you rmember a skinny ex Pom who had to flit between the Flight West broom cupboard (laughingly known as their 'terminal') and the new Whittaker luxury (by comparison) terminal (but why did all the passengers have to enter by the back door and not the front?). That was me. Give me a clue as I remember two of the Twotter pilots (sorry, but not by name) who were both great guys. Such a shame that I was left wifeless and jobless when Majestic finished up, or I'd still be there now. In fact my son, daughter in law and 4 grandchildren are now living in my ex home in Skurvy Bay and I was there Jan of last year for a visit. Paul
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 13:03
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Just read this enjoyable thread from the start.
About ground staff saluting... at TN Lae for each DC6B departure the traffic/cargo staff handling the aircraft used to line up abeam of the cockpit. The Traffic Officer, with hat on, handling the docs used to salute the aircraft when it started to taxi.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 13:33
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short flights long nights
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They still do in Japan.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 13:45
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saluting crew

Whilst I never did or even saw others doing so, I did insist that my staff (including myself) ALWAYS called the Capt either Captain or Sir when they were working. Didn't matter which but had to be one or the other. I had many discussion with Capts who said "call me Jack, or whatever," but I always said outside of the Cockpit and out of hearing of other Crew Members I will, but otherwise Captain or Sir would be used. Even though I walked around with 4 stripes on my shoulders and sleeves, I did what I insisted my staff do. It worked for me, it showed respect for their position and they then showed respect for mine.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 18:54
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A wonderful thread. I was born and grew up in Longreach and was fortunate to be able to fly as a youngster. I recall using the original Qantas hangar as the terminal. The various aircraft steps would be lined up just outside the terminal, as we waited for "the plane" to arrive. I still recall the beauty of the DC3 profile as it taxied towards the terminal and would turn to the right to line up for the steps to be wheeled over. Then we got the DC4, and they were so modern because the body of the plane was horizontal!. I recall flying with my mother from Longreach to Brisbane in the fifties, in a DC3, when we stuck turbulence, and there were tea stains on the ceiling. That same flight, we had an aborted landing as we were to land at Eagle Farm. In an aborted landing in a DC3, you knew exactly what was happening! Unlike in the modern A380, which is so big and quieter, it takes a second or two longer for it all to sink in.
Walking through an aerobridge to board is NOTHING compared to walking across the tarmac, up the stairs, and in the DC3, continuing the climb up the aisle! I still enjoy the ocasional Virgin/QFlink flights where I have to go out on the tarmac and climb the stairs.
By the way, Longreach Airport has had two terminals since that first one.
And the trip to the cockpit no longer happens. Sad sad sad.

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Old 13th Jan 2014, 22:08
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I still enjoy the ocasional Virgin/QFlink flights where I have to go out on the tarmac and climb the stairs.
Yes yet another thing about the way we were, back in the good olde days.

While I am sure most pax prefer the aerobridges, especially if the weather is not so good, it spoilt it quite a bit for us that handled the aircraft when they were introduced, never got to see the pax as much, just like you were working the freight line.

I will never forget one day, before aerobridges, was turning around a B727 and it had a minor engine fault on #1 engine, in order to try and minimise any delay I told operations to begin loading pax.

The quickest and easiest way to do the job was I got one of the porters to put in a set of mobile stairs into the rear of the engine pylon.

Funny thing happened, you know how you can tell sometimes if you are being watched, while I was working on the engine I looked up and there was some 5 or 6 pax watching me, they had come up the mobile steps instead of the rear ventral stairs.

Yes, the way we were...........
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Old 14th Jan 2014, 00:47
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These pax that day did not seem that worried, I think they were more embarrassed that they had gone up the wrong stairs.

You mean the VC10s, I have no photos sorry, but they used to come in to Eagle Farm too, without doubt the noisiest commercial aircraft I have ever heard.
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Old 14th Jan 2014, 01:03
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Bottums Up
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[Super] VC-10 .... without doubt the noisiest commercial aircraft I have ever heard.
Horny as all hell, closely followed by the 727-200.
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Old 14th Jan 2014, 01:19
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Hey - can anyone provide an complete list of the "cast" in the Qantas recruiting video? I know some of the names but not all; maybe someone knows the lot?!

That is not a young S/O Bob Deacon in there, is it?!
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