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MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

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MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

Old 22nd Nov 2014, 01:36
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If you've got any tears left you could always try this one too


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Old 22nd Nov 2014, 02:34
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I personally prefer these ones

TAA - TV commercial - YouTube

TAA 1975 Up Up and away with TAA, the friendly, friendly way..mp4 - YouTube

TAA, the friendly way.

Originally Posted by wirthless
In a note to staff, Ms Wirth said Mr McColl Jones had decided to leave Qantas so he could relocate back to Melbourne to spend more time with his family.
Will somebody finally toss her some floaties?
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Old 22nd Nov 2014, 07:59
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Who else noticed on the last bit of propaganda from the idiots in the brainwashing dept, that they stuffed up the registration of our currently longest serving aircraft? They sent out their latest missive quoting 747-400, City of Canberra as "YH-OJA" - complete fools and amateurs.

Yep, they don't even know the registration prefix of Australian aircraft and are too lazy (or stupid) to even check. To "google it" must've been too hard, much less even walk over from Idiotville to the remnants of the jet base to confirm in person. For those that say "a typing error" - the Y is no where near the V on a standard keyboard. Pathetic I say.

The fact that what purports to be a premium airline, still has in service an aircraft that entered into service in 1989 is quite ironic. For the Tech Crew, Cabin Crew and LAME's who have been with the company long enough that we witnessed the arrival of our first 747-400, suck up the irony next time you get 'bumped / offloaded' for a staff travel seat by a snot nosed "manager" who was born in the 90's.

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Old 22nd Nov 2014, 08:43
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I remember watching OJA land in Sydney from LHR after it's record breaking flight with Captain David Massey-Green in command as a snot nosed S/O. How many hours has she flown. Must be 130000 plus I should think. Anybody got the stats. You will never see an A 380 get close to this. The queen of the skies and worthy of every accolade ever expressed. A beautiful majestic aircraft is the 747. Certainly my favourite jet by a long way.
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Old 22nd Nov 2014, 09:07
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Yes, I noticed the 'YH-OJA' stuff up three times in one paragraph...........I laughed but then again, I wasn't shocked by it either. They do seem to print obvious errors through the In the News on a regular basis
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Old 23rd Nov 2014, 14:19
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Jones had decided to leave Qantas so he could relocate back to Melbourne to spend more time with family
Always love that classic quote when leaving a company. Hope it's not health, usually been sacked.

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Old 24th Nov 2014, 06:34
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VH-OJA has 105863 Hours and 13832 Cycles.

VH-EBA kindly given back to QF from Jetstar has just racked up 50698 hours - Airbus says 330s should be scrapped after 60000 hours.

Last edited by The Bungeyed Bandit; 24th Nov 2014 at 06:46.
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Old 24th Nov 2014, 16:33
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Hey Bungeye, care to share the reference for Airbus recommending the A330 should be scrapped after 60,000 hours?
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Old 24th Nov 2014, 20:06
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That's the word on the floor in SYD but a quick search on google came up with this from Airliner.com:

These are not life limits but intended design limitations. The maintenance requirements get more and more significant with time. For example the number of cycles the A320 was designed for was 48000 cycles, but airbus has extended the maintenance program to 60,000 cycles and beyond.

Federal Register, Volume 75 Issue 219 (Monday, November 15, 2010)

NPRM table 3 Final rule Sec. Sec. 121.1115 and
------------------------------ 129.115 table 1
Airplane model ------------------------------------------
Design and Extended Service Default LOVs [flight cycles (FC) or
Goals (flight cycles) flight hours (FH)]
A300 B2 Series 32................ 48,000...................... 48,000 FC
A300 B4-100 Series 33............ 40,000...................... 40,000 FC
A300 B4-203........................ 34,000...................... 34,000 FC
A300-600 Series 34............... 30,000...................... 30,000 FC/67,500 FH
A310-200 Series (all models)....... 40,000...................... 40,000 FC/60,000 FH
A310-300 Series (all models)....... 35,000...................... 35,000 FC/60,000 FH
A318 Series (all models)........... None provided............... 48,000 FC/60,000 FH
A319 Series (all models)........... 48,000...................... 48,000 FC/60,000 FH
A320-100 Series (all models) 35.. 48,000...................... 48,000 FC/48,000 FH
A320-200 Series (all models) 35.. 48,000...................... 48,000 FC/60,000 FH
A321 Series (all models)........... 48,000...................... 48,000 FC/60,000 FH
A330-200, -300 Series (except WV050 40,000...................... 40,000 FC/60,000 FH
family) (non enhanced) 36.
A330-200, -300 Series WV050 family 40,000...................... 33,000 FC/100,000 FH
(enhanced) 36.
A330-200 Freighter Series.......... None provided............... NOTE 38
A340-200, 300 Series(except WV 027 20,000...................... 20,000 FC/80,000 FH
and WV050 family) (non enhanced)
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Old 24th Nov 2014, 20:59
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Thanks for OJA hours.Wow it's a Boeing and will probably fly longer if needed. Heard the other day that the returned A330-200s from J* will run out of cycles not hours with an extension being requested by QF but Airbus not giving it. How long they have not sure but it can't be more than a few years at best.
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Old 24th Nov 2014, 22:12
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Are the ex JQ 330's being retrofitted with the new business class? Be a shame not to get at least a few years out of the cost of that.
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Old 25th Nov 2014, 01:50
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I ink that Airbus has a current life extension program on the A320 doubling the life to 120,000 hours. I am pretty sure that the A330 is not similarily robust enough for that, but perhaps they may come up with a modest extension as the global A330 fleet ages.

I still blame Alan though.
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Old 25th Nov 2014, 04:36
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No they don't have extensions. Airbus wouldn't allow it according to my source, whom is definitely in the know.
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 03:02
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Qantas injects more millions into Jetstar Japan

Qantas has made its second capital injection into loss-making budget airline Jetstar Japan in just over a year, in an effort to bolster its finances ahead of it starting international flying early next year.
Australia's largest airline and Japan Airlines will each make a 5.5 billion yen ($57 million) equity injection into the low-cost carrier, in the form of non-voting shares which will be equally shared by the two major shareholders over two tranches.

Qantas said the latest financing was aimed at supporting Jetstar Japan's expansion, which would include the launch of international operations early in the new year.

The airline will begin selling tickets before the end of December.
Jetstar Japan began flying in July 2012, and now has a fleet of 19 A320 aircraft on 18 routes to 11 domestic destinations in the Asian nation. An extra A320 aircraft will be added to the airline's fleet by the end of the year.

Shares in Qantas rallied almost 5 per cent to $1.88 early on Friday after another fall in jet fuel prices and the airline reported the second consecutive month of positive yields – or returns on fares – following a truce in the capacity war with Virgin Australia in the domestic market and reduced competition on international routes.

Jetstar Japan was one of three budget airlines that started domestic services in the North Asian nation within six months of each other in 2012. The budget airline lost $120 million last financial year due partly to delays in setting up a second base in Japan at Kansai International Airport in Osaka.
The delays to regulators deciding whether to allow Jetstar Japan to set up a second base forced the airline to park planes – all of which are leased – on the ground for some time early this year.
Qantas funnelled $60 million into Jetstar Japan in November last year after a weak yen pushed up the budget airline's fuel bill and it faced delays to the base opening in Osaka.

The latest contribution takes the amount Qantas has injected into Jetstar Japan to $177 million.

However, Qantas said the second base had since led to Jetstar Japan increasing its flying by 20 per cent, and yields so far this year were up by 9 per cent.

Jetstar Japan's other minority shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, are again not taking part in the latest financing of the airline.

While each of the shareholders' voting rights will remain unchanged, Qantas and Japan Airlines' economic interests will increase to 47.1 per cent each.
The economic interest of Mitsubishi and Century Tokyo Lease will drop from 4.35 per cent to 2.94 per cent.

Higher costs from Jetstar Japan and Jetstar Hong Kong, which is still awaiting approval to launch services, weighed on the performance of the Jetstar Group last financial year, resulting in it sinking to a $116 million underlying loss.

Qantas will also begin daily services from Australia to Haneda in Tokyo next August after it gained access to peak slots at the airport which is closer to the central city than Narita.

my bold

Another Friday sneak it in story.... everyone starts thinking about the weekend.. Hmmm.. I guess two months of "positive yields" will cover the $57 million cash injection ...
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 03:31
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FFS, how long will Jetstar Japan continue to be allowed to bleed Qantas dry. Where are the excuses? Where is Jane to explain this aaaamazing business. Shut it down FFS. Hang on, I forgot where would the eighty odd A320s go that are on order.
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 03:51
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Qantas will also begin daily services from Australia to Haneda in Tokyo next August after it gained access to peak slots at the airport which is closer to the central city than Narita.
I wonder if that will be the true Qantas or its Jetstar subsidiary?
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 04:47
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FIn Review today:

Qantas access to Haneda to increase capacity to Japan
The number of flights between Australia and Japan will increase after Qantas Airways was granted a coveted peak-time slot at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, which is much closer to the city’s centre than Narita Airport.
Qantas’s only mainline flights to Japan at present are daily Boeing 747 flights from Sydney to Narita. From next August it will offer daily flights from Australia to both Haneda and Narita. It has not yet announced the city pairs nor whether they will be on 747s or smaller Airbus A330s, but either way the capacity between Australia and Japan will increase.
CAPA Centre for Aviation executive director Peter Harbison said it would make sense for Qantas to offer flights from Sydney to Haneda to attract premium business traffic and from Melbourne or Brisbane to Narita.
“Haneda is a premium airport because it is so close,” he said.
Haneda is a 15-minute ride to Tokyo’s central business district by monorail while it takes around 90 minutes by train from Narita.
Haneda had long only been available for domestic Japanese flights with Narita designated for international flights, but since 2010 both airports have be used for mixed traffic in part because Japanese carriers were losing connecting traffic from secondary cities to Korean airlines using Seoul as a hub.
Australian departures to Japan increased by 17 per cent in the last year, according to Tourism and Transport Forum data.
There are not many direct flights to Japan from Australia relative to those available to other Asian countries and Qantas and Jetstar are the dominant carriers. Qantas’s oneworld partner Japan Airlines offers daily Boeing 777 flights from Sydney to Narita, while Jetstar has flights from Melbourne to Narita, Gold Coast to Narita and Cairns to Narita and Osaka. Qantas also owns a one-third stake in Jetstar Japan alongside JAL.
Jetstar Japan offers flights from Narita to several destinations in Japan which are also available on codeshares with Qantas, JAL and American Airlines.
Many Australians fly indirectly to Japan using airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Korean Air and Qantas’s increased capacity to Japan may attract some of those travellers that would prefer direct flights.
“This is great news for customers travelling from Australia to Tokyo and popular destinations across Japan,” Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said.
“It’s also great news for Australian tourism, because it makes it easier for Japanese visitors to come to here.”
Japan is Australia’s sixth-largest inbound tourism market, with 330,000 visitors in the year to September.
TTF chief executive Margy Osmond said Japanese visitors spend almost one-third of their time in Australia outside the gateway cities, so the capacity would also benefit regional tourism destinations.
The addition of flights to Japan is one of many changes Qantas has made to its international schedule in recent months as it looks to use its aircraft for more hours a day. It is adding more capacity to North America and Chile, and from January it will introduce refurbished A330s with new business class seats.
Meanwhile, Air New Zealand is considering whether to add another destination in North America.
Sources said it could launch flights from Auckland to Chicago, Houston or Las Vegas using its new 787-9 aircraft within the next 12 months, allowing ¬Australians one-stop access with an easy ¬transit in Auckland rather than in Los Angeles or Dallas.
Air New Zealand already flies from Auckland to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver.
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 04:50
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Given the routes the JQ A330s fly Cycles going to be way less than hours (much like the 747 number quoted)
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 05:19
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The word on campus (forgive me) is that the 747 will serve Haneda and the (Qantas)A330 will take over Narita. On the other hand they also announced new improved Jetstar connections from Narita while extolling the Japan Air connections from Haneda.

Struggling to recall the last time QF announced a new route?
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Old 28th Nov 2014, 05:48
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What a joke .
It's not ok for overseas carriers to provide "captial injections " to an airline in Australia , but it's just fine for QF to do exactly that in Japan and Asia , provide more money via Captial injection .
When the former did it QF went squealing to Canberra , hat in hand now the shoe is on the other foot ......... Silence............ Unbelievable !
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