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MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

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MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

Old 16th May 2014, 06:46
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Thanks Angryrat.
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Old 16th May 2014, 10:57
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In most companies I would assume a letter like that might damage Mr Thompson's career. However, with a CEO like Dear Leader Elaine, such words could only add considerably to his bonus!

Outstanding work by that man - just the type of person to keep the people above him looking even better and even more worthy of bigger and better bonuses.

It makes you wonder why staff get so upset with a few sacrifices when you have Stephen Thompson's and Elaine looking after the greater good.

Could I be any prouder of my Management Team?
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Old 16th May 2014, 11:43
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498 to go until a million views are reached. That says something.
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Old 16th May 2014, 12:10
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BGA's crash is 1/17 as interesting as one 777 crash?
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Old 16th May 2014, 16:10
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I'd pay something extra for this! Perhaps it is th eanswer, or at least part of it...

Tastefully luxurious solution
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Old 16th May 2014, 16:18
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It’s been an interesting 2-3 decades watching from the sidelines as Qantas, led by the various Napoleans, each vying to have his or her photograph on the front page sitting astride the white horse (or red kangaroo), pointing a cavalcade of compliant troops towards the horizon, has triumphantly set off to march upon Moscow on yet another step to world conquest and is now desperately attempting to save and recover what it can, if anything, in a bitter, humbling retreat to Paris. The retreat comes as no surprise to many of those watching this tragedy unfold. The trail home is becoming a trail of cast-offs: weary soldiers, aircraft, material, business divisions and most importantly: public trust. (Employee trust was an early casualty on the way outbound.)

What does come as a surprise to me is the fact that Qantas (board, management, staff, everyone) still fails to identify and correct basic bad company practices. Qantas lost the plot when it put “safety first” in response to media and political expectations. It’s a feel good statement that has little to do with business practice and reality, and doesn’t translate into employee actions that improve company competitiveness. In reality, it stymies employee innovation and inventiveness with an attitude that resists change.

Qantas (and Jetstar to a lesser extent) continues to ignore the customer. I say Jetstar to “a lesser extent”, because Jetstar passengers don’t expect much and get exactly what they expect. The lack of realization by the board and senior management that they have one division that is meeting customer expectations, while the parent airline is mired in directionless confusion and bickering, defies understanding.

Qantas’ woes can be neatly summarized by the pyjama fiasco of a few years ago. The company’s lack of organizational capability was so horrendous that flights were delayed and passengers were getting off because with all the layers of management, with all the talk about safety first, with all the bluster about “service”, with the focus on union busting and protecting turf, not one person could find the time or inclination to do the basics, check inventory, and keep the cupboards stocked with $10 pairs of PJ’s. Nothing’s changed!

Service on flights remains at the mercy of chance. One flight will be fabulous, and the next flight over the same route will be one of the worst experiences of a customer’s airline travelling resume. It’s been that way for 25 years now and remains un-addressed. The “gifting” of routes to Emirates was incomprehensible. It’s not how you run an airline, or any business and expect to be around for long. I feel bad for the employees, both past and present, who have to put up with this.

Do not expect a bail out from the federal government. The elected leaders have a gorilla in the closet with a ballooning national debt and an economy at risk of a similar Napoleanic retreat at either end of the see-saw. Can’t remember the source, but heard on the radio the other day that Australia is now THE most expensive country in the world for manufacturing and goods cost 30% more to produce in Australia as equivalent items in the USA.

I think many onlookers have given up on Qantas. It’ll take a Herculean effort to turn the ship away from running aground. Unfortunately, there’s no will to change course. Everyone still onboard, including the commanding officers, has the nearest lifeboat in their peripheral vision and is trying to make sure he/she is in a position to:
a) not miss identifying the moment to make a charge for the lifeboat, and;
b) grab and retain a prime seat amongst a crowd of desperate people with the same thoughts.

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Old 16th May 2014, 21:49
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Ive used the term Shakespearian tragedy and compared Qf's CEO's to the insanity of Nazi Germany where outstanding soldiers were hamstrung by incomprehensible meddling from 'Berlin' but Napoleonic failure fits perfectly.

A very good summation of this train wreck of a once outstanding company - especially from an outsider.

The Board and senior 'team' have no idea of airlines outside the confines of Chairmans Lounges and petty political infighting. I doubt any of them have anything but the vaguest understanding of a galley, hangar workshop or cockpit yet they pride themselves in the public eye as being fully cogniscent of all these things.

The good staff at the top must have all left by now, either in despair or poached by those who do appreciate genuine airline people. This exodus is now filtering through to the lower echelons where despair and resignation is entrenched.

I can imagine how it must have felt for elite fighter pilots in fantastically advanced Me262's to attempt the impossible against unending hordes of US bombers. With little fuel, no spares, very few operational airfields and hopelessly outnumbered it was an impossible task, but one that was attempted on behalf of an evil, corrupt and incompetent leadership every day until the bitter end.

And the incompetents are only increasing their blame game against highly qualified, loyal staff, many competent in highly technical fields that those above simply fail to comprehend.

Napoleonic indeed. Every airline faces Russian Winters. Unfortunately this allows the culprits external blame for their incompetence and failure. It is a rare skill however to find a Russian Winter with a beloved, world renowned National Icon entrenched in the national psyche and based in the sunny climes of the South Pacific.

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Old 17th May 2014, 00:05
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Off topic V-Jet, but might be of interest to you:
Click on the Jet Fighter ME262 link.
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Old 17th May 2014, 01:37
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Australia is now THE most expensive country in the world for manufacturing and goods cost 30% more to produce in Australia as equivalent items in the USA.
Why is that? Is it because other countries subsidise there manufacturing more
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Old 17th May 2014, 02:17
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qantas is "in play" and has been for some years. Alan was put there to fail.

1. Drive price down.

2. Fire Alan and hire competent management.

3. Profit.

To put that another way, when he leaves, share price will double overnight.
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Old 17th May 2014, 02:20
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Most expensive country? Keep tolerating duopolies like Coles and Woolworths, the Four Big Banks and what did you expect?

Competition is what drives prices down. Australia has less competition each day....except in the jobs market, and thats the way Tony likes it.
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Old 17th May 2014, 04:50
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Does anyone know what is the latest with the 787's for Qantas? Are we even getting them?
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Old 17th May 2014, 05:19
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787 options are due to be exercised in 2016 and only if International is profitable. I honestly can't see it happening. It's an unmitigated disaster. A total cluster f ck and the only way forward is to retract the business to the relative safety of Australia as a domestic carrier. The Australian Government would rather have carriers supported by foreign countries with questionable work practices and human rights breaches where women are treated as second class citizens to capacity dump on our country than ensure the viability of Qantas. The Liberal government under Howard's idiotic open skies policy created the coffin for Qantas. Joyce and his neo liberal chairman has ensured there will be a dead rotting ROO to put in it. If Joyce had articulated his vision years ago then the airline could easily have been transformed by capitalising on the staff's and public's passion for the flying kangaroo. Now we are all, as one manager said," Happily Disengaged".
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Old 17th May 2014, 05:54
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Oh to be a Kiwi! Air New Zealand making record profits and a Government in surplus....Time to emigrate....Tax cuts as well!

An economic expansion that delivers the possibility of future tax cuts and some more new spending is forecast in the New Zealand budget.
Annual gross domestic product (GDP) will average 2.8 per cent during the next four years, peaking at four per cent in the year to March 2015.
But there is no relief for exporters as the NZ dollar stays high for the forecast period and home owners can expect interest rates to rise.
The growth delivers budget surpluses, starting with a bigger-than-expected $NZ372 million ($A346.32 million) next year and rising to $NZ3.5 billion in 2017/18.
"Spending restraint and a growing economy have led to a remarkable turnaround in the books," Finance Minister Bill English says.
The government will be able to consider "modest tax reductions in future years," he says
In stark contrast to Australia, the economy is running in the right direction and, Mr English says, it's because the National-led government has managed it well since being elected in 2008.
The economic expansion is bringing in more money and years of zero budgets, when new spending has been found from savings elsewhere, has helped core crown expenses to fall to 31 per cent of GDP in 2013/14 from 35 per cent in 2010/11.
Core crown spending is forecast to fall to 30 per cent of GDP by 2016/17.
Some choices have been made.
The signalled $NZ1b of new spending in this budget rises to $NZ1.5b in 2015 and grows thereafter to two per cent per budget.
Mr English says Treasury advises that's the upper limit of what's possible to "keep the pressure off interest rates".
Contributions to the New Zealand Super Fund, essentially savings by the government, were halted in Mr English's first budget. They will resume when net government debt falls to 20 per cent of GDP, projected to be in 2019/20.
There's room for some tax cuts already. ACC levies, to fund worker compensation, fall by $NZ480m in 2015/16, depending on the outcome of a public consultation.
The stronger economy had created 84,000 new jobs in the past year and wages would rise, Mr English said.
The budget projects the average wage to rise by $NZ7600 to $NZ62,300 during the next four years.
"A broad-based economic recovery is now established," Mr English said.
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Old 17th May 2014, 05:59
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Troo Believer ---- publics passion for qantas??????? Being carted via Sydney to Europe and America in the hands of lazy superannuated quasi public servants while being screwed blind by stratospheric airfares thanks to the lack of competition on international routes??????? And the golden gift that was the demise of Ansett?

Lets make one thing quite clear, Qantas has had a dream run with everything in its favor for decades. Its current problems are a direct result of:

1. Abysmal management.

2. Pathetic response to real competition.

3. Crazy Asian growth plans.

4. Allowing itself to become a NSW based political plaything of marginal use to the rest of Australia.

..And dont bullshyte about the "working conditions" of its competitors staff, you know perfectly well that Qantas management would apply those very same conditions to its Australian workforce if given half a chance.
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Old 17th May 2014, 08:28
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Have you been sucking on lemons Sunfish?
I will take the conditions offered overseas now and it's becoming more attractive everyday. Nett pay is more and accommodation and school fees included! You might deride Qantas but it still has an enviable safety record. Why? Cause the people who fix the aircraft and fly it are directly attributable to this record which is still unmatched! 93 years of history and it was one of the few things Aussies did well up until now. This is a pilots forum and hundreds of younger pilots at Q are very concerned for the future so show some respect!
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Old 17th May 2014, 09:15
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Spot on Sunfish
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Old 17th May 2014, 10:16
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I don't see Troo Believer and Sunfish arguing against each other. I'd argue they are both 'spot on' and putting forward a similar POV, just different viewpoints...

The QF disaster is going to be one of the most studied financial collapses in Australian history. And we are living it - on that level it's fascinating. Extraordinarily tragic, horrific and totally unnecessary, but fascinating none the less.

It sickens me to the core to say this, but as Lodown brilliantly put, it's lifeboat time - I think anyone with any sensible reading of this thread would have the same opinion.

PS: I would argue that the outstandingly abysmal management QF has suffered under has been encouraged by (at least the expectation these idiots have of) potential Govt backing. No matter how much they screwed up, they felt the govt would guarantee their golden handshake when they 'decided to pursue personal goals after giving so much to Qantas'. Tony Abbott was the first person to stare them down, and I think it shocked them.
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Old 17th May 2014, 10:54
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Some very good points as usual, but it seems to me that right now there might be a latent attempt at positioning for a take over. Share volumes seem to have picked up unexpectedly and the share price now hovers around $1.27 now.
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Old 17th May 2014, 11:10
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I'm showing 1.25 / 1c / 0.8% up with market closed. I don't doubt the sense in SF's predictions, but don't see that in these figs... Graph shows terminal decline - so far.

For every idiot like everyone on the board, senior management or shark like Gekko, there's a Larry Wildman - it needs to be soon..
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