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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 26th Nov 2014, 18:29
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Quarter? neither asked, nor given.

There is so far no indication that Skidmore intends to change anything; in fact, the first public words from the man casually stated that "he" was aware of 'some' murmuring and muttering' out there: and thus, from the Ills of Society (IOS) and tendentious 'Bloggers' the MaM was born. Clearly from the first ball of the day, the die is cast. So be it.

There are only really a couple of options; and, if the MaM is to be so casually dismissed, brushed aside in the first press release, I see no reason change anything, in fact I only find a need to continue and escalate the exposure of CASA, it's bastardry and those who smugly continue the tradition. Skidmore is starting down a well trodden path, mouthing the same vomitus platitudes, taking the same fatuous advice, from the same crew that brought us the McComic half decade of disaster and leading the same motley crew out to 'deal' with industry.

Industry can wag it's tail, caper about, slobbering and being all welcoming like. Willing to talk. But it must remember Mum's advice and ask for a new frock, flowers, dinner and dancing before selling it's virtue, cheaply, once again. Not me! There is no point in rolling out a welcome mat; it's been crapped on, too many times. More talk and more listening have not, as history demonstrates, made the slightest difference. Perhaps his 'new-old' advisors can warn him; this is a war zone, a hostile environment where no quarter is given or asked; for indeed it is a fight to the death. The other side have simply changed their mortally and morally wounded leader, dragged the carcass off the field and dumped it in a paupers grave: good riddance. But nothing, absolutely sod all else has changed; la partie continue.

No, rather than rolling about, having my tummy scratched I, like all good watchdogs, intend to treat the intruder as hostile until I know better, that way no one is disappointed. Treat the newcomer exactly as though he were McComic's lobotomised clone, go hard from minute one. This bugger doesn't need time to 'study' and talk and listen, he needs to get off his arse, from the get-go and do something, tout de bloody suite; the tooter the sweeter.

Get on with it FFS; supposed to be a leader of men, well then lead; or follow, as pleases, but do not get under anyone's feet. Change is not a polite suggestion, it's a Senate made, industry supported demand.

Warm up time is over and; there's the whistle. Game on.


Do not ask for credit, refusal often offends. Cash and no bull-pooh always works best.

Toot toot.

On edit- to add a thought: If there was ever a shred of doubt the CASA world is totally insane, this should remove it. :-

Pythagoras' Theorem: ........................................24 words
Lord's Prayer: .................................................. 66 words
Archimedes' Principle: .........................................67 words
Ten Commandments: ........................................179 words
Gettysburg Address: .........................................286 words
US Declaration of Independence: ......................1,300 words
US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: ............7,818 words
EU Regulations on the Sale of CABBAGES: .........26,911 words
Part 61 REFORM............................................Have a guess.....you know you want to.

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Old 26th Nov 2014, 21:10
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General Industry boycott.

Industry has spoken via various Senate hearings, reviews, mass exposure by Ills of Society, and media comment. Further "consultations with industry" should be seen for what they are and should be boycotted by industry.

What more can be said?

Those that wish to follow the "consultative path" will have to accept the inevitable branding and carry a white flag.
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Old 26th Nov 2014, 22:32
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Boycott CASA, period. The Governments response to the review will be published between Christmas and New Year. Skidmore conveniently starts 1 Jan 2015. That means he gets to field the industry response.

Skidmore will then say "it's nothing to do with me, you must make the best of it, I believe your concerns are unfounded and that you are exaggerating".

Sure as eggs. Now back on deck and head out of Ton Sai bay for little ko phi phi island.
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Old 26th Nov 2014, 22:56
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Dougy spells it out in black & white.

Editor's Insights 27 November 2014
...It’s common knowledge within the industry that Mark Skidmore will be on the CASA payroll from 1 December, but know we learn that he won’t effectively be DAS until 1 January. Instead he will spend the first month (coincidentally the first weeks of the ‘silly season’) meeting people from industry and from inside CASA.

That’s certainly sounds like a worthy task but we’ve waited too long already for a new DAS and I think we’d all feel more comfortable if we knew the new man was on the job immediately. After all, if he wants a thorough briefing on CASA and the industry there’s a pretty good one out there already, called the Forsyth Report.

And there would be some advantages in getting to grips with the issues without first having laid oneself open to the persuasions of individuals and sector interests. A bit of space for a while between him and those vocal interests could assist in some dispassionate assessment.

But it’s not going to be, so we’ll have to hope the man can maintain some useful perspective in the face of a likely onslaught of ‘advice’ from every direction. If I was him (not that I’d ever want to be) I’d be sticking pretty close to David Forsyth for a while.

The Australian Airports Association conference on the Gold Coast this week was undoubtedly a success, although all those late registrations had Caroline Wilkie and her team on edge for a time. As did the fact that it was the first week of ‘Schoolies’. But all went extremely well for what is now Australia’s second biggest aviation event (after the Avalon Airshow).
And like all such events, large and small, the really useful thing is the networking, despite the attractions on the speaker and panel program. I caught up with a lot of people that I may only see once a year, but who are movers and shakers in our industry with a lot of background to provide about what’s happening behind the scenes. I need that sort of confidential information and perspective, not to share with others of course, but to inform the opinion that I can share.

I thought too that this was an occasion when it would have been good to see new DAS Mark Skidmore around the edges of the conference, even for a day. Not in an official capacity of course as he doesn’t take up the job for another week. But it would have been a valuable piece of PR. And in a non-threatening environment, because it hasn’t been the airport sector that has been baying for CASA blood...
Verdict FFS get on with it Skates or suffer the consequences of facing a hostile but well informed Senate Committee (see here from page 92 onwards) armed with an angry Senator X - who now potentially holds the balance of power...:
254/CASA/XENOPHON/Aviation Safety Regulation Review:
1. Has CASA formulated a response to the Government's Aviation Safety Regulation Review? Will this be made public?
2. The findings of the review were very critical of CASA and its relationship with industry, describing it as 'adversarial'. Does CASA agree with this description, and how will it go about regaining trust from the industry?
3. Recommendation 11 relates to redrafting the MoU between CASA and the ATSB. As CASA would recall, this issue was raised as part of the committee inquiry into the Pel-Air ditching. How will CASA respond to this recommendation?
4. Recommendation 19 states that the ATSB should transfer information from Mandatory Occurrence Reports to CASA, without redaction or de-identification. As CASA would be aware, this has caused significant concerns that this information could be used to target individuals making or involved in the reports. In turn, there are concerns that this will reduce the rate of reporting, because individuals will be concerned about possible impacts on themselves – including identification to their employer or repercussions from CASA. How will CASA address these concerns?

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Old 26th Nov 2014, 23:39
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CASA's similarity to Ferguson?

Skates has commenced his tenure at Fort Fumble at a very interesting period of time. The Australian aviation community is a bit like the now no longer sleepy town of Ferguson, Missouri. It isn't going to take much more to see the whole community erupt into a vicious fight back. Our community has had a gutful of the ineptitude, arrogance, bullying and victimisation. It is only going to take one little spark to ignite the flame and cause an insurrection. The IOS and MaM have had enough of the Governments deceptive stalling tactics and obtuse nose thumbing that it directs at its people.
Enough of the bullshit please. Skates - no talking, no mingling, no industry forums, no cucumber sandwiches at various committees and no turd polishing.
We know more about your newly inherited chickenshit outfit than you do. Just get on with it. No more BS, we want action, NOW!
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Old 26th Nov 2014, 23:44
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If Skidmore actually referred to industry concerns using the words "mutterings and mumblings" then I think we can dismiss him as a contender. If someone dismissed my input so condescendingly I'd give him a knuckle sandwich. Mutter that, pal.
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Old 27th Nov 2014, 02:32
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"mutterings and mumblings"
On that basis, one must assume that the ASRR/Forsyth report (including major input from the big end of town) and various Senate inquiries is no more than low level bitching, in the eyes of the new CASA DAS/CEO.
Hardly confidence inspiring, is it.
Tootle pip!!
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Old 27th Nov 2014, 02:37
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Quarter? neither asked nor given

On edit- to add a thought: If there was ever a shred of doubt the CASA world is totally insane, this should remove it. :-

Pythagoras' Theorem: ........................................24 words
Lord's Prayer: .................................................. 66 words
Archimedes' Principle: .........................................67 words
Ten Commandments: ........................................179 words
Gettysburg Address: .........................................286 words
US Declaration of Independence: ......................1,300 words
US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: ............7,818 words
EU Regulations on the Sale of CABBAGES: .........26,911 words
Part 61 REFORM............................................Have a guess.....you know you want to.
I'll have a guess at 75,000 just for Part 61, we then have to consider the MOS with a similar word count.
What should be kept in mind is that these are fluid documents and their size and content are subject to expansion and contraction depending on which Court or Tribunal you select.

I doubt that the likes of Anus Stasi would be familiar with any of the above with exception on the "EU Regulations on the Sale of CABBAGES: .........26,911" The higher the word count the greater the scope (safety)

My question to MaM would be the actual dollar value per word, or is it the more words the greater the productivity, There's a good one for the Productivity Commission. CAsA's own RIS (Regulatory Impact Statement) passes part 61 with flying colours!
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Old 27th Nov 2014, 05:36
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If the DAS wants to engage with industry, he must do so in their backyard, and without the accompanying circus performers. He may well get away from the meeting unscathed. Everything that needs be said, has been said, and sufficiently enough to give him all the briefing he needs. He should also ask himself if he is up to the job that others rejected.

He has inherited a poison chalice tainted with the blood and impecunious suffering of hundreds of victims.

Please, Director, another marriage failed today. A further consequence of your inheritance, and although an unforeseen event for you, it has the potential to further escalate for the poor bugger involved.

Shame-shame-shame! You cannot be absolved of things like this.

Do something. Now.
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Old 27th Nov 2014, 18:39
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New snakes on old ladders.

Friday retrospective for Austral – Stasi:.......

The first mention of the IOS becoming the MaM was bruited by Brother Sarcs at post # 2390, last month – 'The Australian' ever faithful CASA handmaiden, published a touchy, feely, happy-clappy, semi religious, 'puff' piece of spin and waffle, probably drafted by some PR catamite working for the unspeakable master of spin, dribble and fractured fairy tales. Be in no doubt children; despite contrary rumours, manufactured to soothe, the AVM (Ret) is quite willing to be enmeshed in the toils of the status quo.

“I think initially for me it’s going to be waiting for the government’s response to the ASRR and seeing how that’s going to shape CASA into the future,’’ he said. “So I’m keen to see that, I look forward to getting that response.
It's clear from the above statement that it will the governments call on how CASA will be reformed and the DAS intends to 'toe the line', he even says how much he's looking forward to it. Now any fool in the market knows what the governments 'preference' for CASA is likely to be; and, that which the department 'allows', will become policy, fully supported by the DAS. Therefore, in the elegant words of the oracle – "You're rooted mate, good and proper".

Then, just to be sure the message is clearly understood, the IOS, Sandilands, Phelan, the Senate committee, the Rev. Forsyth, 64 polite recommendations, 10, 000 not so polite suggestions are neatly swept up and dumped into the great shredder of life, with the first half line:-

“Really in the regards to the rest, yes, I’ve heard murmurings and mumblings out there.
The rest of the line being used to state an irrelevant, self aggrandising fact, suggesting that as 'the pilot', he keeps "running into things".

Obviously, being a pilot myself you run into those type of things.
Not an auspicious beginning; the likes of the Boyd and the mysterious 'Phantom Board', like the crew of the Marie Celeste, seem to be mysteriously missing. One hears rumour of course; like:- "there is a board" and ""Skidmore's a doer" and "Mrdak is smiling, big time" and etc. The real proof is in fact, not fiction.

We have no wabbit proof fence, the 'executive and managerial levels are planning home extensions and taking up new loans in the certainty of continued employment during the upcoming financial downturn. New cars, plans for overseas trips, new type rating courses being booked at Flight Safety etc. In fact, it's high spirits and handshakes all around at Sleepy Hollow, seems things are looking up and the grim reaper turns out to be Mother Goose fooling around.

Not certain the Senators agree; but, no worries, the Murky Machiavellian and his clammy handed crew are at full throttle, in 'fix' mode. AOC and license cancellations may be despatched at 16:59 on Christmas eve; but the DCM's are even as we speak, on their way to the shredder. All that's missing is the fat lady, perhaps she has been delayed at the seriously underestimated Senate committee tea party. Let's hope so..

Toot toot.

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Old 27th Nov 2014, 19:53
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So Mr Skidmore isn't the Messiah? Whoda thunk it.

But you should get some consolation from the fact that he is, by all accounts, a "pilot" and a "good bloke".
seriously underestimated Senate committee
It's not possible to underestimate the Senate committee. It doesn't do anything.

Remember: Half of the Committee are members of the government. You know: the government that decided there would be no safety purpose to be served in reopening the Pel Air inquiry.

Repeatedly posting videos of their rhetorical fist-waving at Committee hearings merely reminds us that their strong personal opinions rarely get in the way of base political interests.
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Yeah, but.

CP "[merely] reminds us that their strong personal opinions rarely get in the way of base political interests.
Agree, but Pollies can (so it's rumoured) be influenced and influence: it's a game they play, selling and buying the stuff. #1 "Your new road, will need some help to get the money" (statement of fact). - "Well, my project, supporting land rights for gay whales, is stalled and could do with a push from your department". #2, "Look, lets have a chat, over there where it's quiet; what'll you have, wine?". And so it goes – 'numbers' also seem to matter, in the desperate search for 'popularity' and the need to retain a 'seat' (rather than get a real job), numbers are constantly worked, reworked and massaged.

I doubt the minuscule and his sore 'tummy' worry too much about PPRuNe numbers as they are not 'Qld mug voters'; but they do represent both domestic and, thanks to some assistance, international interest in matters aeronautical. For example:-

The closed Senate thread has attracted some 7000 reads this month: the current thread sits at 624, 053 (on my screen). That is (combined) about 1,220,000 'views', the current thread has peaked a little this month with some 74,250 'reads'. The Truss thread has also had some interest shown, with nearly 26,300 'reads' this month. (rough numbers from PPRuNe counter). I believe the Senate could, at a pinch call that continuing, albeit tacit, support for their united efforts. They way I'd read that is CASA 0 – IOS 1,430,000.

But, as you say, they don't vote so it's a bust; but in the small world of aviation; influence and opinion, they matter. Who knows what will matter in the end? Not I, and that's for certain sure.

Right then, best crack on with my knitting and find some patience and fortitude to watch and listen (double whammy) to Ms Staib as she once again, dazzles the impotent Senators with sparkling wit, stunning rhetoric, unassailable logic and; Umm, impeccable argument.....

Toot.. toot...

On edit: Just had a PM from Sarcs, who defines the readers as follows:-

IOS – Ills of Society.
WOIS – Women's Ills of Society.
WWIOS – World Wide Ills of Society.
SSIOS – Sound Senators Ills of Society.


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The 'Year of the - M&M Trojan - Horse'.

Kharon - Not certain the Senators agree; but, no worries, the Murky Machiavellian and his clammy handed crew are at full throttle, in 'fix' mode. AOC and license cancellations may be despatched at 16:59 on Christmas eve...
The signs are ominous; depite the Olive Branches on offer, (OB's) but they are there...

OB1: First let us take a look at another part of the FF vomitus....missive - No need to rush to get new pilot licence:
...Pilots are being reminded there is no need to rush to get a new licence. While new licences under Part 61 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations are now available, pilots are being asked to wait until they update their qualifications. This is to allow an orderly transition of all licences to the new regulations. Right now CASA is receiving more applications for licences conversions than can be managed immediately.

Applications are being prioritised so those pilots who have a need to convert their licence to Part 61 are not disadvantaged. Those applications that are not given priority may face delays. Never-the-less CASA is doing everything possible to keep up with the demand for new licences. Pilots do not need to submit an application for a Part 61 licence until they complete a flight review, gain a rating or endorsement or apply for an additional licence...
Then if you go down the page to this header - Act now if you need services over Christmas-New Year - we get yet another strange dichotomy..

"...Leaving it until mid-December may mean you will not be able to use your licence during the holiday period. Talk to or email the CASA Licensing and Registration Centre as soon as possible if you need their services as a backlog of requests may develop in December..."

OB2: But the real proof of the pudding is in the M&M speech to the AAA conference attendees as highlighted in today's..

"...'The Australian' ever faithful CASA handmaiden, published a touchy, feely, happy-clappy, semi religious, 'puff' piece of spin and waffle, probably drafted by some PR catamite working for the unspeakable master of spin, dribble and fractured fairy tales..."

Mrdak stresses need to protect airspace from residential projects

Some weasel words from M&M:
"Safeguarding our airports from inappropriate development around them which will have the potential to constrain the growth of our airports, I think, is a key fundamental planning area for reform in Australia.

“And this will become a more intense and difficult challenge as our major cities grow.’’
“It is very vital that airport planning take into account the *development around airports but also that airport planning be rigorously transparent,” he said.

“But just as important is that … planning by state and local *governments take account of airports, their role and value to the community.

“Developments around airports and under flight paths can constrain operations, either directly, where they conflict with the safety or airport operations, or indirectly where they lead to public pressure to change flight paths or impose on increasing restrictions on operations.’’
But the really carefully crafted cynical weasel words are laced in this passage of bollocks:
Mr Mrdak said proscribed airspace was defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and any building penetrating it *required commonwealth regulatory approval informed by advice from CASA, Airservices and the industry.

“If our advice is that if the construction activity will reduce safety or efficiency for an airport, we cannot and will not approve it,’’ he said.
“I’m afraid it’s going to be that simple and we have to be much more determined on our position on these matters.

“And I know this is becoming a much more resource-intensive task for our major airport operators and it can be an unwelcome distraction, but if we don’t protect that airspace now, we will in the long term come to rue our failure to do so...
Notice he conveniently steps around the words secondary or General Aviation...

Ms Wilkie do not be fooled by this false OB; which is contrary to the AAA concerns highlighted in your study report - Airports Association Publishes Metro Study

The olive branches have been baited; the horse is on its way to the front gate... The only question is will the WIOS/MaM let it in? "Nah...let's bloody well burn it down!"


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Hitch on that interview & more.

The Last Minute Hitch: 28 November 2014..:
...This week took me to Canberra for a sit-down chat with the new Director of Aviation, Mark Skidmore. Now there's a bloke that has jumped enthusiatically into the hottest aviation seat in Australia. Fortunately, Mark seems to have the determination and thick hide needed to beat the regulator into a more reasonable shape. We talked about some of general aviation's woes including CASA's culture, AVMED, the problems with recruiting good staff, whether or not we should adopt US or NZ regulations and, of course, his brilliant little Globe Swift. There was one thing he managed to impress me with: the willingness to say "I don't know" rather than try to sound authoritative with an answer constructed to sound like he does know. That makes you tend to take him at his word when he says he wants above all to display honesty and integrity.

The news seems to be all about airports this week. Firstly, it's good to see CASA is going to review its airport regulations to try to ease a bit of the burden on operators. The only weak point in all this is that Acting DAS Terry Farquharson has said the aim is to remove "unnecessary regulatory burden". My question is: who gets to decide what is and isn't unnecessary? And if there is unecessary regulation, how did it ever get in there? Airfield operators are under significant regulatory burden, of that there is probably no question, so any news of a review will likely be greeted with applause. A more enthusiatic welcome will greet a review that brings about real change and real cost relief.

Real change also seems to be the theme of the metro GA aerodrome study released by the Australian Airports Association this week. By "metro" they mean the big seven, the six former GAAP airports and Essendon. The common thing that ties all these airports together is that they are all former federal airports now leased to private companies. They come under a lot of artillery fire from pilots and other airport users regularly, so I can imagine some of their woes will fall on deaf ears from tenants who will likely do what they can to oppose some of these airports' desires. It's another one of those Catch-22s of which aviation in Australia seems to have plenty: we need healthy airports so we can use them, but to do that, some of the government controls needed to constrain them may have to be relaxed. Damned if you do ...

The clock now ticks for Jabiru. With the deadline for public consultation on the proposed restrictions now expired, they are in the position where they have to await their fate. In the meantime, the company has released a heart-felt response calling for the proposal to be scrapped. No doubt founder Rod Stiff will be doing everything possible to stave off what will be a disaster for his company...
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More unsettling weasel speak.

Hitch, mate, for Pete's sake the news was bad enough before you start telling us 'the pilot' has NFI. How then, did he get the job in that case? Most of us have, in varying quantities a thick hide, are determined, honest and have some form integrity and we can fly; some even own 'pretty' aircraft, so what? I find the phrase "he wants above all to display honesty and integrity"- very disturbing.

Merely "wanting to display" is a bloody long march from stating, categorically that he intends to restore 'honesty' and 'integrity' and 'honour' and common sense as a priority. Particularly as that is a simple, grass roots place to start. An easy fix that will send a message to those who have acted at the borderlines of illegality, perverting CASA powers, using unlimited government money and 'flexible' interpretations at the extreme limits of the law. I shall, as a professional courtesy, assist - start at the bottom, have a look at some of the decisions, administratively enforced which affect some individuals and companies, then simply set them to rights. Fire those took the law into their own hands, disgraced CASA and have a taste for the McComic dance macabre style of 'embuggerance for fun' and integrity is immediately restored.

Shortly, there will be two separate cases landing on the Skidmore desk, both cases are based in actions of the purest bastardry, McComic generated Wabbit executed. A team of four people who do know what the law is and can manage 'operational' decisions will monitor every step taken along the road to resolution. If Skidmore has any sense, whatsoever he'll grab Jonathan Aleck and the Ethics committee, resolve these and other similar matters and take action against those who have perverted the system. This sending a clear, unequivocal message to the organisation; this stops, right here, right now. Anything less – well the public may just be asked to become the jury if Skidmore decides to be seen as continuing in the McComic traditions, guilty by association, complicit through knowledge and identified as a willing accomplice.

There are many small acts of bastardry, perversion, malice aforethought and embuggerance which can be addressed, without recourse to a court or tribunal by a man of honour, honesty and integrity. Start there Mark and you will achieve, for the investment of a week of your time and half a dozen strokes of the pen, more to restore industry faith than any number of Royal Commissions and Senate inquires could achieve this decade. Shake the burrs off the saddle blanket, initiate ALL the Senate and Forsyth recommendations, put your feet up and sit back to watch the industry blossom.

Mighty oak trees grow from the small, humble acorn.

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Old 30th Nov 2014, 13:41
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Folks, lets get real. Most of you fall into the same trap that the Qantas LAMES used to fall into: endless exhortations to " be professional", "businesslike". "fit and proper persons" in CASA lingo.

Unfortunately what you forget is that there is no requirement on CASA, AIrservices or the ATSB to only employ "fit and proper persons" and that is where you are screwed every time.

You are constrained to act as a "fit and proper person" the regulator and his staff not so.That is the crux of your problems.

To put that another way, in the current stoush between CASA and Jabiru, Jabiru is required to employ Marquis of Queensberry rules, CASA not so.

Same with Quadrio, Polar, Lockhart, Pel AIr, etc. etc....you are enjoined to be professional, gentlemanly, fair and act like a "fit and proper person" to the extent that even your use of the litigation privilege (ie in a fight you are entitled to defend yourself) is held against you.

So let me tell you what will happen to Jabiru. CASA's mind is made up. Jabiru engines are now deemed unsafe by the regulator, I explained previously that because CASA has made that statement, it is impossible for it to retract it without accepting liability for future engine failures, no matter how much positive safety evidence Jabiru presents. It's a one way ratchet. CASAs lawyers know this and will set an impossibly high standard for Jabiru to jump over - nothing less than Jabiru demonstrating that its engines meet the American certification standard will satisfy the lawyers, and there is no way in hell for Jabiru to do that, it doesn't have the money.

Extensions to consultations are mere play acting. Christmas is coming. Jabiru is going to find that thanks to Christmas holidays it has Two quarters of zero new engine sales at the very least, and that is even if the regulator retracts everything it has already said. A problem that will sink the company. Not only that, it cements a precedent that CASA can do what it likes to whom it likes, when it likes, for whatever reason, and it is going to rub Skidmores nose in it to train him.

Come to think of it; my first appreciation of Skidmore was that of a Lloyds "nodding Donkey" and nothing I have heard changes that view. He is undoubtedly a man of honesty and integrity. He is not experienced in dealing with grey areas, deliberate untruths and special pleading. The result is predictable; Skidmore will be dragged by the nose through the CASA strategy and the death of Jabiru is to educate Skidmore and to warn what’s left to shut up.

The demise of Jabiru is CASAs Christmas present to the Aviation industry, last year wasn't it Barrier aviation that was shut down on Christmas Eve?

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SP Bookie; open for business.

A short interlude, in the interest of attempting to care a damn.

Midday, Monday December 01, 2014 AEST, (Canberra) which makes it 2000 o'clock (Sunday) in Montreal, home of the picturesque Canadian 'late Autumn' and the much delayed motherhood review of our very own ATSB - the Mudpack report. So; that's what, another 12 hours to make it 0800 (Autumn time), and + 9 makes it 1700 (Autumn time); so between 12 and 21 hours to wait; for the optimist. Any takers?

Bets are on from 2000 (Canberra ) tonight up to and including 1730 (Canberra) tomorrow.

There's a Tim Tam in it. Closest to the mark wins (Time and time zone required). So place your bets here, for the great hot air release, from the land of Smokey mists, mirrored lakes and mellowed out waiting time.

While we wait: from John Keats ode, To Autumn.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
To bend with apples the moss'd cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease,
For Summer has o'er-brimm'd their clammy cells. -

Can you smoke that Maple leaf ?, must be goooood stuuurrff.

Toot a toot toot......

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Will Truss be released from the sanatorium to read it?

Will it be the original or edited version?

Is it written French or English?

Does it first need to be translated it into "bureauspeak"?

Will anybody understand any of it?

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One am. Canberra time. Too late for the evening news cycle and a few hours later, too old to make the next morning news. Possibly a press release will be issued that will go into the waste basket unread like most of them. The document will be so obfuscatory and deliberately technically impenetrable to ensure as far as possible that the average lazy journalist won't bother to read past the first sentence.

A nice way to do this is to use as much industry jargon as possible in that first (very long) sentence.
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No takers here. I am sticking to my guns that it'll be the morning of the 22nd here. Or, the Canadians will announce a short delay which will takes us into the new year.

What was the original timing agreement, and with whom was it made? Was that a core promise made by them? Did it involve any new taxes?
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