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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 17th Sep 2014, 15:15
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Ziggy support.


Happy to protest if that what it takes! At the end of the day it all comes down to Truss. Act of Grace payments can be approved by a Minister.
It's interesting that Truss was the only person ,in opposition, to the Senate AAI! Why on earth would he do that in opposition? Well, when the Chairman of PEL-AIR is an old mate, do favours come around? Also let's go back to Albo dumping money on REX!
So how much influence has Sharp had on things? How do PEL-AIR get away with such blindingly obvious facts presented here, and in the Senate AAI and ASRR get off free? Actually, "the Board has taken steps to prevent it happening again". DJ was never trained in FRMS, nor the use of emergency exists. The ATSB and Minuscule ignore this!
My verdict: Corruption!
So much for democracy. I've been working in Eastern European countries who are so ahead of Oz, its a joke. This is 3rd world regulation, IMO.

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Old 17th Sep 2014, 19:34
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Jinglie: So much for democracy. I've been working in Eastern European countries who are so ahead of Oz, its a joke. This is 3rd world regulation, IMO.
I know what you mean. I'm in Europe now and when people moan about their experience with EASA I just tell them to have a read of some of these threads. No big R regulation problems in Europe. I do believe EASA is well aware of CASA issues. The HF community is using Pel Air as a case study and BC isn't the IOS.
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 21:01
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The reason we aligned with EASA is to maximise the number of European business trips for our regulators.

Aligning with the NZ/FAA regulations merely gets you to Auckland or Wellington, not Paris or Brussels.

Same reason the Army, Navy and Air force always buys foreign kit.
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 21:55
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Sunfish, good point. Who wants a trip to Oklahoma. Problem is they started aligning with the FAA then switched to EASA half way through.

I like you thought adopting NZ rules was a practical way of integrating with FAA and EASA rules. But big egos and big trips !
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 22:02
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Human factors audit 2009.

As requested – HF 2009 – OCR version. The link is to Zippyshare; only click the red DOWNLOAD NOW (top right corner) button to avoid spam and unwanted links.

P18. a.k.a. Blind Freddy...
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Old 17th Sep 2014, 22:31
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Meanwhile; back in Denmark..

Jinglie –"The ATSB and Minuscule ignore this! My verdict: Corruption!"
Good shot Greedy;
I suppose the truth is that this behaviour has always gone on but the hypocrisy by the wegulator and its wabbits galls.
It's only when you really start peeling back the layers of filth you see the true nature of the beast hidden beneath. But; we must keep faith with the Creampuff Razor doggerel – when faced with the choice of Cock-up or Conspiracy; start with the former and if that fails the smell test; only then may you reach for the conspiracy jigsaw.

The BC analysis of the Pel-Air FRMS was scathing, but he is an expert. The problem began with the introduction of FRMS and the lack of training given to the FOI and managers, combined with a natural tendency to not RTFT (read the fracking thing). Operators just grabbed the opportunity to keep crew on deck longer, also without RTFT; the manual is long and academic. The notion of 'selecting' a nominal score and running the FAID system seemed simple and helpful – if you ignore the awkward bits. Same, same CASA. The parts like an approved roster, published one month in advance were inconvenient, the ramifications not understood and thus, cheerfully ignored.

The lack of FOI education to properly understand the system prevented them guiding operators through and realising the very real limitations FRMS can impose. Done properly, FRMS is in some instances at least as limiting as 48 and in some iterations more onerous. You can see this clearly in the Cook audit. Cook wasn't looking for scalps or scapegoats, he wanted to see the system understood and used correctly, by both sides.

Now W1 is, first and foremost a GWM ladder climbing man and at that time had his sights firmly set on achieving his absolute, definitive level of incompetence. He fancied he could teach ATO how to do their job 'proper' (and that is a hilarious tale from the Bankstown chronicles, reserved for a wet Sunday ramble). To be fair, he did manage the 'Basin' office quite well and being actually qualified as a pilot was approachable, reasonable and fair minded, within his intellectual limitations; he probably had more faith in his minions than was wise; but – I ramble, that story later. Anyway he shuffled onwards and upwards to be replaced by W2. Then as Sarcs mentions, the utterly fatigued James unfortunately makes a series of errors which resulted in the Norfolk ditching.

Well and truly was the scene set and the transition from 'understandable' cock-up' to blatant, high speed cover-up began. At this point, there still remained hope for a honest, transparent solution. Ben Cook rightly pointed out that chronic, lousy fatigue management issues had contributed, as had other damning elements. It's all there in the transcripts and reports. So what happened?

Whether it was done as a favour for 'old mates', or as a sop to a corporate ego; or simply out of spite and malice is unclear. But the combination of ego, arrogance and the opportunity to wield untrammelled power was irresistible. Just blame it all on the pilot – easy fix. The funny thing is, had they played the thing straight, the entire thing would have slipped through to the keeper and not much said. Honestly admitting some error on both the CASA and company part, followed by self correction would have seen the whole thing out of the woods, very neatly.

But, W2 was fired up and determined to impress the top floor, unfortunate bumps in the road to fame and fortune, such as the Cook audit and unsigned RCA were swept, disrespectfully aside. Under orders the inconvenient truth and unflattering pictures were dismissed and with a twirl of the golden pen – all was put to rights in record time. Was the boss pleased – Oh yes. Wodger had the added bonus of crucifying his own men, getting the job done in record time and he got to completely destroy the career of a pilot: a habit to which he became increasingly addicted.

For the IOS all the proof required is there in Hansard and the audit reports from the FOIA requests. Damn me, but the Senate committee went so close to having a wabbit pie, shame Truss put the kybosh on that – and you have to wonder why; seeing as now it leaves him vulnerable to attack, by the opposition. The old saw of 'not embarrassing' the minuscule won't cut the mustard; on the red face index, Pel Air just don't signify. Hells bells, he could have had Albo on toast over this episode, but he chose not to bring it to the attention of the Hoi Polloi. Passing strange I'd say, for a professional Polly to waive away a points scoring free kick before an election.. Strange are the ways of gummint.

But, FWIW, IMO a promotion to the 'international' managers desk and being feted at the RAeS smacks of rewards from the GWM, for a job well done.

As the day is my own and the dogs always enjoy a ramble, I believe I shall seek some quiet place for a while; far away from the awful stench emanating from the posterior office of matters aeronautical. Fresh air and sunshine; balm for the soul.

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness--
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!


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Old 17th Sep 2014, 23:37
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Circle of Lies...

..:in the name of Aviation Safety and Regulation.

For your interest.

I met JS in PH elevator lobby when I met with Truss last year.
He told me he saw Truss the day before. Stacks of boxes with brochures/books for Regional Expansion.
I saw Truss that day, JS from P/A saw him the day before and there again the day I was to speak with Truss.

Just thought worth mentioning.
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Old 18th Sep 2014, 02:21
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Also worth mentioning.

Why am I not surprised Ziggy...

There was also this bit of trivia mentioned in a February 2014 SMH article - Rex hyperbole aside, Australia's airlines are genuinely hurting:
With John Sharp, a former transport minister in the Howard government, as its deputy chairman, Rex knows what it takes to apply the blowtorch in order to serve its own interests. The airline was a large donor to both sides of politics last financial year. While it was a vocal critic of Gillard government policies, it was also one of Labor's biggest benefactors, injecting $250,000 into the party's coffers.
And sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...

On another related matter I was doing some research on the FF runway width edict about to be inflicted on some.. operators. Many of these AOC holders have been operating safely and incident free, in some cases for more than 2 decades, with exemptions to ICAO minimum runway width requirements.. However from 13 November 2014 FF (BASR) will suddenly deem these operators as unsafe...

Going through the non-legislative instruments (exemptions) I was able to find 22 min runway width exemptions that are yet to expire:
Runway width exemptions current as of 18 September 2014:
1. CASA EX83/14– Expires 13 November 2014.(not<18m)
2. CASA EX62/14 - Expires end of July 2017.(not<30m)
3. CASA EX47/14 - Expires end of May 2017.(not<23m)
4. CASA EX45/14 - Expires 13 November 2014.(not<18m)
5. CASA EX40/14 - Expires end of April 2017.(not<30m)
6. CASA EX18/14 – Expires (earlier of) 28 February 2017.(not<18m)
7. CASA EX107/13 –Expires 31 August 2016.(not<30m)
8. CASA EX94/13– Expires 31 July 2016.(not<30m)
9. CASA EX92/13 – Expires end of July 2016. (Aerodrome Operator)
10. CASA EX79/13 – Expires end of June 2016. (Aerodrome Operator)
11. CASA EX39/13 – Expires end of October 2014.(not<18m)
12. CASA EX187/12 – Expires 30 November 2014.(not<30m)
13. CASA EX96/12 – Expires 30 June 2015.(not<30m)
14. CASA EX75/12 – Expires end of April 2015.(not<30m)
15. CASA EX37/12 – Expires end of February 2015.(not<18m)(REX)
16. CASA EX36/12 – Expires end of February 2015.(not<18m)(Pel-Air)
17. CASA EX28/12 – Expires end of February 2015.(not<30m)
18. CASA EX27/12 – Expires end of February 2015.(not<30m)
19. CASA EX25/12 - Expires end of February 2015.(not<30m)
20. CASA EX24/12 - Expires end of February 2015.(not<18m)
21. CASA EX23/12 - Expires end of February 2015.(not<30m)
22. CASA EX22/12 - Expires end of February 2015.(not<30m)
Going through one by one it becomes very obvious (No. 1 is a classic) that FF have absolutely no intention of stopping their rule 101 'divide & conquer' embuggerance of smaller operators... Safety case be buggered it is simply 'pay the piper' or else suffer the consequences..i.e. BOHICA.


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Old 19th Sep 2014, 03:22
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Cake and eat it - ??, where do I apply?

Great pic Sarcs – indeed, in today's light it's quite informative. How to cut the aeronautical cake, the minuscule hand being guided by industry, lest he cut his brain off (fly undone).

I hear that stern words have been uttered regarding the complete bollocks and deception created by whoever decided that runways should now be a broad as they are long. I thought that was the Irish approach; "Jazus and begorah – it's not very long Paddy, but it's really, really wide, now".. How anyone could believe that with a stroke of a pen, the operators would give up their exemptions in November without a brawl; or, that manufacturers of the older aircraft (those still in business) could or would be even remotely interested in developing exclusive performance data, for unique conditions, for a handful of aging aircraft beggars all belief; except of course that of the only man dopey enough to swallow it, whole, and smile.

The dear old 'exemption' game, as rightly pointed out is beloved of the regulator and operators alike. It's a sick system which ingratiates CASA, while enslaving and controlling the operator; but, reform will come – perhaps in time for the next ice age and then we won't need exemption upon exemption from the ever increasing pile of evermore complex, prescriptive regulation.

Perhaps someone could awaken the minuscule and inform him that the Senate have 27 urgent recommendations tabled to improve the safety of the travelling public and while they have his attention waft the 37 recommendations from his own independent panel (nudge him if he starts drifting off again) which independently call for massive, serious changes to aviation administration, essential to the fiscal and legal well being of a multi million dollar industry. If they were really quick, they could add that he has not, as yet, introduced the new whizz-bang board to industry and we have had rather a long wait for a new CEO of CASA, to guide us out of the valley of death, don't mention Part 61 or 48 (overload warning); but the Canucks do need a well aimed boot, just in case they have dozed off, anticipating the eternal Canadian Autumn.

No matter, take it easy – just so long as he enjoys sharing his cake with his mates; all is well.

Now I do know Rome was not built in a day – be they did, eventually manage to get it finished; I guess the trick was, they actually started.

Have I mentioned this before?, have I got time warp syndrome??

Toot, Squeak, Toot, Squeak......
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Old 19th Sep 2014, 07:38
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Kharon, the Romans also pioneered the art of piping shit. Obviously CASA are descendants of Ancient Rome! (not to mention Hoody's infamous toga parties!)

It's funny how the Canucks aren't saying too much at the moment. Oh well, they are obviously quite content to have their residents flown to, in and around Australia? Let's hope nothing adverse occurs hey, otherwise any reports, audits or assessments the Canucks have taken into Australian aviation, even if buried, could surface, and that could be financially and legally embarrassing to their government. It's drawing a long bow, but stranger things have happenned. And yes Miniscule Truss, if you continue to sit on your sleepy ass and something awful was to occur, you would also be thrust into the spotlight as you too have remained stagnant and refused to act over safety issues after they have been brought to your personal attention by numerous sources over a long period of time. That, in my book makes you accountable!!!
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Old 19th Sep 2014, 11:19
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Truss and Sharp

Great photo SARCS!
Let's not forget the history of the Honourable Minister Sharp.

From Wikipedia:
"Sharp resigned from the ministry on 24 September 1997 after becoming involved in a scandal over misuse of parliamentary travel allowances. The "Travel Rorts Affair"...." Rather (dis)Honourable Minister!

And straight after the PEL-AIR ditching he describes the actions of DJ as, "This is the equivalent to a gold medal for aviation." I think he has now given the gold medal to Wuss (literally)!

Not so Sharp when you think about it. And this is Truss's cake mate!! Words fail me!

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Old 19th Sep 2014, 22:16
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I have a sneaking suspicion that Mrdak has effectively refused to allow the Minister to act, and Truss can't and won't act on his own. To put that another way, the Ministers hands are tied.

I also suspect that the candidates on the short list, having done their due diligence on the current state of affairs, have declined the offer of the position.

Anyone with substantial business experience can read between the lines of the review, it's published submissions and the Senate Estimates minutes and reach a conclusion about what must be done. Then of course the existence of unpublished submissions, the unpublished report into the ATSB and the Senates threats regarding parliamentary privilege and retribution by the regulator would not have gone unnoticed and are enough for anyone who has ever held a senior executive position to conclude that there are Augean stables to be cleaned.

When cleaning Augean stables, the first rule is that you require:

(1) The tools for the job.

(2) An unfettered ability to act as you see fit.

(3) Sufficient resources.

(4) And finally, the unbending support of your superiors.

Otherwise, don't even begin to try - speaking from personal and bitter experience.

I don't believe items (1) through (4) are available. I don't believe the Government or Department will even admit that there is an Augean stable, or if they do, that it contains more than a few broom strokes of possum poo in it.

I believe that the iron ring is entrenched in very well defended positions within CASA and that they will fight to the death. I believe that the same group have sufficiently threatened, and scared the Department, the Minister and the Government to the point where they will avoid bureaucratic bloodshed ( as opposed to passenger blood) at all costs.

The result is that the terms of reference for the appointment of the new Director are highly constrained and support for drastic action by her is not available from either the Department or the Government.

As an aside, if I were the iron ring, I would be pushing for one of the recommendations to be implemented immediately - the conversion of CASA staff to public servant status which would give them the full protections of the Public Service Act and the associated plethora of natural justice and procedural fairness provisions surrounding their removal from office.

My thoughts are therefore that the next Director Of Air Safety is going to be another narcissistic bully or some dumb idiot whose ambition exceeds their talents. No sane adult is going to try to clean up this mess.

To put that another way, don't hold your breath waiting for another night of the long knives when justice is meted out to evildoers, said evildoers will retire very nicely to the South Coast when they feel like it.
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Old 19th Sep 2014, 22:31
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It's 'complicated'.

Oh, bad Soteria and wicked Jinglie – to cast Nasturtiums on the grave of industry. Dont'cha know we have a dynamic, highly motivated minuscule at the helm. It's great puzzle to him why his mate has not collected and driven through the changes, even if just in self interest, a mighty conundrum that is. One of the great beneficiaries of any reform or easement, purely in financial terms must the likes of Rex; you'd think their boss would be publicly panting for it, soap boxes and rhetoric, in spades redoubled. But no, silence and a very un-rocked boat seems to be the go – wonder why?

It's all passing strange. Speaking of strange things passing – I was looking for some data on Canadian time frames for report and I stumbled, quite by accident onto a couple of interesting reports, done by an external agency for the Kiwi brethren. Good work this, mused I, wonder who did such a professional job, so quickly and well. You'll never guess, twas our very own, much maligned ATSB.

The subjects may be found –HERE - and – HERE - . The thing that drew my attention and earned some admiration was the quality of work which the ATSB is capable of producing – when playing away from home. Some cynics would say – far away from malign influences; I reckon it's pure frustration from our well qualified, competent troops at the coal face. Released and given a chance to shine – they do. Bravo..

Perhaps the minuscule, some time 'in the late Autumn' can manage to realise that the boys and girls at the ATSB are a very good team, being stifled and nobbled by the bookies with a vested interest in the match result, not how the game is played. Match fixing, last time I checked was illegal.

Aye, it's a funny old world..

Toot toot..
Technical assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, involving the analysis of an audio recording of communications between air traffic control and the pilot of Beechcraft Baron G58, registered N254F on 30 March 2013
Assistance to the TAIC - Flight control maintenance event involving Boeing 737-800, ZK-ZQG, Auckland, New Zealand on 7 June 2013
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CAsA policy - GA (IOS) genocide - update.

On the road to GA industry extinction - The week just passed...

Dougy is away so instead from AB's stablemate...: The Last Minute Hitch: 19 September 2014
CASA's GA Task Force is in a state of flux at the moment after the retirement of Peter John. Nominally the new head of the GATF is Southern Region safety advisor Michael White, but he has been described as "holding the fort" whilst CASA decides what to do with the GATF. This is not good news for us. Although Michael's appointment is a bonus, the fact that CASA is deciding what to do means they aren't sure if they want a GATF at all! That's the bad news. OK, the GATF didn't revolutionise general aviation, but it was at least recognition that GA is different from the airlines and has very different requirements. That hasn't changed, so a GATF is still needed.
Hopefully, who ever gets the job as the new Director of Aviation Safety will come armed with a similar point of view.

The Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) has been hammering CASA over Part 61 again. They were given some exemptions to the rules that came in on 1 September, but is still chipping away at the new regulations and their perceived lack of consultation. Like most aviation associations, the AHIA will be resource-poor and seems to be shouting at a devil that is wearing complaint-canceling headphones. The rotary industry has been in growth over the past few years, so hopefully their issues with the new regs don't put the brakes on.

Regional Express (Rex) has never shied away from telling it how it is, and there's a hidden message for all of us in their concerns for regional aviation. The government's parsimonious rebate scheme will not do much to save regional air routes, and comes with the frightening rider that the Truss department is not the great friend of aviation that is has portrayed itself to be. That is evident in their response when questioned why the rebate scheme is only 15% of the previous subsidies: we're in a budget crisis and it's all Labor's fault. Doesn't that sort of hint that they have no ideas and so revert to blaming the other mob?

Someone needs to tell them that party-political rhetoric never does anything to fix problems.

May your gauges always be in the green,

A much more disturbing segment from a Courier Mail Opinion piece...:

Angel Flight, set up by Bill Bristow, is under threat of being shut down. Picture: Jono Searle Source: News Limited

WHEN his cancer made an unwelcome return to his brain, Augathella shearer Gary Zohl called Angel Flight.

Like thousands of other Australians whose homes are too far away from specialist medical care, the Angel Flight charity flew into action and organised everything.

A volunteer pilot in his own plane picked Gary up in the western Queensland town and whisked him to Brisbane 748km east. A volunteer driver was waiting at Archerfield aerodrome to take him to hospital or his motel.

In his brave, five-year battle Gary has made the journey to Brisbane 20 times for doctors’ appointments, chemotherapy, surgeries, MRIs, and stereotactic radiation therapy. And it hasn’t cost him a cent.
“We’d be lost without it,” he told me.

Gary was too ill to make the 12-hour road trip to Brisbane, his wife Jan said.

Angel Flight, which was set up in 2003 by Brisbane advertising guru Bill Bristow has notched up 16,800 missions of mercy transporting 2600 patients and their families. There have been children with leukaemia from the Gulf, drovers with broken spines and an endless list of other ailments.
Volunteer pilots around the country crisscross the skies almost daily in a free service helping mostly outback families. Sometimes they ferry lifesaving drugs or blood products. Angel Flight has not received any government funding and the pilots aren’t paid.

Now the charity is under threat with the busybodies from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority proposing “regulatory changes”. That’s Canberra-speak for red tape.

“They want us to be responsible for pilot training and licences, aircraft certification and maintenance checks, not to mention a possibly unattainable burden of insurance,’’ said Bristow, 70, himself a pilot.
“We are a charity, not an aviation company.’’ He’s scratching his head because the pilots have already undergone exacting safety training.

He said CASA had shown a lack of understanding for the plight of sick people.

Bristow has been shunned. For 11 months he has tried, but failed to get an audience with the minister responsible for CASA, Warren Truss.

Insultingly, Truss is the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Nationals and member for Wide Bay who is supposed to look after the interests of regional Australia. He could solve this problem with a phone call.
Now Truss may be left with blood on his hands.

“There has been no consultation with us whatsoever,’’ Bristow said. “I’m just about ready to close the door and walk away.
RED TAPE REDUCTION...easy just regulate them out of existence and you automatically get rid of the problem...

Hmm...how hard is it to migrate to NZed??
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CVD vs Angel Flight

Well, everyone said that the CVD issue was small and irrelevant to the majority of Australian aviators. Fortunately, those who were self-interested, short-sighted and mentally constrained were totally submerged in a sea of bigger people guarding bigger agendas and the Miniscule, the Skull and the Prince of Post-nominal found themselves facing an unexpected and unprecedented push back from some key players. There was nowhere to hide and many eyes will be on the AAT proceedings and how CASA conducts itself. There will be very close eyes on the costs involved when the next Estimates roll around.

So, if the Miniscule for regional everything is allowing his favourite red tape agency to bugger up an arrangement that services only regional Australia and costs the Government nothing, how does he expect it not to get as much light as CVD? What possible excuse could he have for not finding time for Bill Bristow?

I wonder where Angel Flight sits in the hearts and minds of National Party members?

I wonder where the imbuggerance of Angel Flight sits within the Liberal Party's anti-red tape agenda?

I sense another Coliseum moment approaching the Senate...
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Old 21st Sep 2014, 09:51
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Understand that Mr Truss isn't supposed to be there and, in any event, he's from Queensland, so he doesn't have any power in the party room.

Barnaby Joyce was supposed to replace Mr Truss as leader of the parliamentary Nationals and Fiona Nash was supposed to become the deputy. However, the controversies that led to Arthur Sinodinos and Fiona Nash stepping back from Ministerial duties resulted in a set-back to those plans.

That's why Mr Truss is doing a very good impression of someone who's not in control of anything.
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Old 21st Sep 2014, 10:52
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Yes, as been said before, he knows what he thinks he's doing. I hear from our ABC this morning a reshuffle is to take place shortly. They wouldn't tell fibs would they?

The following should get the tin carrot, anally inserted, with a DCM and bar.


Turnbull should be moved.

Joyce and Fawcett should be given higher rank.

Morrison will get Homeland Security.

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Old 21st Sep 2014, 21:39
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I'm afraid Creampuff is right. It is now abundantly clear that Truss, Mrdak and CASA will fight any efforts to reform anything at all. This ultimately leads to the demise of GA and the realisation of the CASA dream: no aviation unless associated with the needs of the major airlines and the military. That is why the GA task force appears to be facing "difficulties", it's not needed if there is no General Aviation.

I also wish to remind youof the old Army maxim: "Nothing is more permanent than the temporary". Mr. Farqueson is "Acting" Director of Air Safety. He will remain so until he decides to retire. The normal procedure for such appointments is to wait a few months and then make his appointment permanent for "administrative convenience".

So there you go folks: your Christmas present is going to be the Governments outright rejection of the recommendations of the Aviation review coupled with the promotion of an opponent of reform to the top job.

Such is life.
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Old 21st Sep 2014, 22:32
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The sooner people come to grips with the fact that, so far as governments are concerned, CASA is doing a great job, the sooner people will be more likely to focus their attention on the source of the problem.

The power bases of the Laborials don't care if GA dies. The death of GA affects the important people equally, so GA doesn't matter. Just 'leave it to the experts' to work on keeping Seat 1A on the jet comfy and safe. Job done!
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Old 21st Sep 2014, 22:39
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An " Aviation lovers party" is needed in every state to focus on Senate elections. That is the only way forward, If someone formed such a beast, I bet everyone here would donate.
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