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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 23rd Jun 2014, 11:41
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I have just understood why that occurred - they were afraid - afraid I was from CASA.
Either that or they were afraid you were Rolf Harris!
Remote airstrip you say? No worries. It's not hard to make a body disappear in the remote outback
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Old 23rd Jun 2014, 11:42
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Correct sunny.

Be afraid...be very afraid!!

Sad aint it!!
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Old 23rd Jun 2014, 15:45
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AMROBA's view on review.

The AMROBA members have spoken and the verdict is........

AMROBA Rejects Staff Exchange Concept23 Jun 2014

The Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Business Association (AMROBA) has rejected the Forsyth Report's recommendation for staff exchanges between CASA and the aviation industry.

In their response, AMROBA states that it would not support Recommendation 9, warning that a collaborative culture would have to be established before such a scheme would work.

"Until CASA has proven that it has adopted a change to their regulatory philosophy and, together with industry, built an effective collaborative relationship on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect, this should be put on hold till it is achieved," the response states.

"Which certificate holder would accept a current CASA inspector as an employee? On the other hand, an industry person entering CASA would have access to competitors’ records and intellectual property."

In all, AMROBA supported 35 of the 37 recommendation to some extent, refused to support one (Recommendation 9) and opposed one, Recommendation 19, which called for the ATSB to transfer all data to CASA without de-identifying those involved.
A quote from AMROBA breaking news (ASRR Report Responses)...

"...It will take time for industry to adjust as much as it will take government department and agencies to adjust to working with a 'just' culture for government and agencies. The FAA recognised in the 1990s that regulation changes will not improve safety as well as working in partnership with industry.

The ultimate aim is for industry to welcome agency inspectors to sit in on SMS internal briefings or work together to improve safety.

This is probably the biggest recommended change to the aviation regulatory environment in a hundred years - it must be implemented so industry can get back to concentrating on managing safe and sustainable....

Six more days to the end of the month..err..TICK TOCK Miniscule..
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Old 23rd Jun 2014, 17:12
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Perhaps we need another review.

I'm guessing Truss will announce at the same time he announces the new DAS and explains how the new DAS will sort everything out. If anybody wants the gig who is acceptable.

AMROBA is right not to support a job swap. This could work in a less adversarial environment when/if that ever happens. Wasn't there some conflict of interest issues in the Moorabbin office under Byron?
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Old 23rd Jun 2014, 21:19
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Trust – in a three way bind.

Or; trussed, like a turkey. The minister is in a bind and in a strange way, I feel sorry for the poor sod. It's to do with the legacy he leaves behind to history, how he's remembered and surviving current battles.

Being 'remote' from the industry coal face, and by virtue of office, being under constant siege from 'groups' all with righteous claims on time, the poor sod has to rely on his crew and minders, which isolates him further. Unlike Sunny, a simple walking tour of country aerodromes and 'one on one' chats with the guy changing a tyre is not an option. Even for someone like the Rev. Forsyth the level and flavour of information gleaned will not be of the same intensity or frankness as a lunch room debate on the latest CASA outrage. Then, the minister has time constraints so everything must be pared down to the least amount of words on an executive summary. Isolated, dependent on 'advice' and being spoon fed a diet of soft, choice morsels, by those desperately seeking to protect their rice bowls; while an ignorant public, dependant on the hysterical media, hang on to every utterance. Always remember, this information is being filtered through the various channels to remove unpleasant impurities.

Despite this, the minister gave us Forsyth as opening bat; partnered with Fawcett; Joyce to follow at number three. So, the minister has made some good selections and the boys will go on with the job. But what they can't do is make his decisions. Take the CVD trophy match as an example: but from the Truss perspective. Here, have a peep through the changing room door. There's the minister, best blazer, carnation button hole, boater, glass of bubbles in one hand, the other fresh from a pressing the flesh and fund raising 'event' in the members stand; called away to attend a changing room meeting.

Time is short, so the CASA batsman quickly trots out a carefully worded explanation, larded with blood curdling hints that a serious safety case is under threat and the blood will be on the ministers hands if the mystique of air safety is threatened. When the CASA fellahin has sat down, the minister looks at the CVD bloke and nods, his turn. "Well, we reckon they're wrong and we can prove it". And that, boys and girls is about as much air time as the minister can spare – the meet and greet circus is still in full swing and he must attend. Exit minister, stage left, followed by minion.

Later, Forsyth is dismissed on a very dodgy LBW call and while Barnaby pads up and toddles out to the wicket, the minister grabs a moment and says to minion – "Well minion, this CVD thing; how do you see it". Minion (a trusted, loyal, honest soul of good intentions) hesitates, to marshal thoughts, then speaks; "If you don't act your credibility and reform package is buggered". Minister looks askance "Why?". Minion – "Well sir, not to act or to allow the CASA to run away with it will destroy your credibility with industry; you will be seen to support the status quo; which will nullify the proposed reform. No one will believe in it". Minister looks at minion, "But I've spent a fortune - explain", says he.

Minion - "Well sir, the IOS only want a fair go; may I suggest you consider letting young Fawcett manage it, through the Senate as part of an inquiry into the McComic fiasco. You win vicariously, public happy, industry happy, peasant notions of justice and fair play satisfied, all 'in house', act of grace payments where needed and no skin off your arse; you retire as the saviour of Australian aviation".

Minister watches the wicket as Barnaby sets his crease.

Minion. "Young Joyce looks well today sir and is rumoured to be in fine form".

"Yes" says the minister....

Rumour: good source, not totally confirmed.

Overheard - "The Forsyth review is irrelevant to CASA". For a Choccy frog – best guess, Who, when and where. Hints – recent, with legal overtones.....
Toot toot. _._

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 23:39
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New whispers.

BRB last evening was to be a casual, laid back sort of general gas bag about this, that and the other; whilst waiting for 'developments'. Then, a casual question went off like a firecracker; P7 was startled, nearly (only nearly mark you) spilled his ale. "Any more news, from the Sunday meeting?."

"What meeting?" he gruffs.

"Oh, the Barnaby Joyce, Bill Heffernan and David Fawcett sit down with the Bankstown boys".

"Be buggered" says our parliamentary eyes and ears; "Do tell, for 'tis news indeed to me".

"Well" – says our rumour manger who, after knocking the top off a new pint proceeded to regale us with a simple tale. "As you know, there is a barking match between the airport team and the locals; the story goes that the commonwealth stands to be out pocket a large lump and is rightfully miffed. The boys were offered a fast, nasty 20 minutes, to state a case and put some facts on the table. Two hours later all was revealed. The response was very 'positive' and most 'interested' to the impeccable research and evidence provided. Now there was more to it, but it will be best to wait and see where it all goes".

Couple of facts here, Barnaby, not Warren was to attend, which, stand alone is interesting. Barnaby sent his apologies and a 'minion' to cover the two hour event.

Speculation: is a strata type of arrangement possible for some of our windswept, barren secondary airports?.

Sidebar: will this affect the Archerfield claims? even more than the light minded manipulation of take off and landing data?

Question: Is the call for full on ICAC investigation of the shenanigans with airfield infrastructure and the administration of 'arrangements' now fully justified?

No answers, sorry troops; but the debate ran on late, long and robust. Worth a post, I thought...

Toot toot.
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 01:18
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Question: Is the call for full on ICAC investigation of the shenanigans with airfield infrastructure and the administration of 'arrangements' now fully justified?
Kharon, god to see this one starting to make it into the sunlight my astute friend
Seems that somebody has been using the spade and digging around and looking for old bones. Finally they have found one.

Please please somebody let Barnaby off the chain. His mouth is drooling, he has picked up on the scent of blood, now let him get on with what Pit Bulls do best!!!

TICK TOCK? Yes indeed Minister, most certainly TICK TOCK!!!
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 05:09
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And the verdict is...??

Interesting story "K", I also heard a similar rumour and that the buckets of money involved make the +$250 million wasted on the RRP pale....in comparison...

ASRR update:

Fort Fumble is coming up the list of the 24/7 news cycle's favourite 'sound bites' for all the wrong reasons...

Here is DN's (ABAP mag) latest update on the Forsyth report:
Aviation Associations support most of Forsyth report

25 Jun 2014

Doug Nancarrow

The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF) has issued a statement strongly supporting the recommendations of the recent Forsyth Report in the regulation of aviation safety – except for one.

The TAAAF has asked the Minister to immediately reconstitute the CASA Board in accordance with the principles outlined in the report.

It has also asked that the Minister not extend the term of the current CASA Director of Aviation Safety beyond the current extension to August 31.

And it wants the immediate establishment of the Aviation Industry Consultative Council as per Coalition policy.

A really good suggestion was that the Forsyth Report trio “be asked to return in 12 months time and provide another report on progress towards implementation of those recommendations”.

The only recommendation not supported related to the provision of unedited information to CASA from ATSB reporting schemes due to possibility that this information would be used irresponsibly and/or unjustly.

The TAAAF says that this recommendation could be supported once industry regains confidence in CASA.

The TAAAF also called on the Government to immediately defer the implementation of CASR Part 61 – Flight Crew Licensing until it has been put through the ASRR report recommendation of conversion to three tiers of regulation.

Overall though the TAAAF statement was very positive about the Report.
TICK TOCK? Yes indeed Minister, most certainly TICK TOCK!!!
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Old 25th Jun 2014, 06:53
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FF problem-the axeman has left the building.

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Old 25th Jun 2014, 09:41
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Corruption!!!...corruption here!!..anybody for corruption??
Corruption!!...going cheap!!...anybody for corruption??

Ah Warren can I interest you in some corruption?? going cheap!!
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Old 26th Jun 2014, 05:15
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Seems that somebody has been using the spade and digging around and looking for old bones. Finally they have found one.
You better believe it, it is a state, not Commonwealth story, hence (the Commonwealth has NO anti-corruption commission) the referral to ICAC.
Tootle pip!!
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 02:06
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Miniscule the acronyms are mounting??

PG may have gone mute on CVD but he still has a word or two on another troubling three letter acronym...UAV. :
CASA plans legal action over drone crash in Geraldton
CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said it would monitor the effect of the changes, but the risks were low.

"The risks from smaller remotely piloted aircraft under two kilograms are very small to both people and property," he said.
Confusion grows over regulations for drones
Drone operators are concerned the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is sending mixed messages about the operation of unmanned small aircraft after a handful of incidents.

CASA has recommended legal action against a commercial operator involved in an incident in Geraldton in April while relaxing rules for drones under 2kg.

Brad Mason, secretary of the Australian Certified UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) Operators Association, said it was "deeply concerned at the safety implications of CASA's recently proposed deregulation of UAVs under 2kg."

"That specific type of system is increasingly appearing to be the primary type of threat being encountered by manned aviation," Mr Mason said.

However, CASA said the rules would apply only to non built-up areas, such as farms.

In April, triathlete Raija Ogden was injured when a drone allegedly hit her in the head during a triathlon in Geraldton.

CASA said this week it had completed its investigation into the incident. Spokesman Peter Gibson said the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions would look at the findings to decide whether to prosecute.

Mrs Ogden, of Perth, said at the time she had cuts to her head and paramedics took "a piece of propeller" from her head.

The drone operator Warren Abrams, of New Era Photography and Film, was hired to film the event in return for free advertising, the organisers said.

Mr Abrams said he was confident it would be acknowledged it was an accident. "I was questioned for 4 1/2 hours during the investigation and provided video evidence of me testing the equipment - which proved the equipment was faulty," he said.

Mr Abrams said he was sorry for any injuries. "I have apologised and I feel terrible she was hurt - but it was an accident."

Mr Abrams said the drone had never given any trouble before.

The ACUO dismissed claims by Mr Abrams made on ABC radio that someone had channel-hopped and taken control of the drone.

"You can get some interference from mobile phones but this drone was operating outside the regulations of being closer than 30m to people," Mr Mason said.

Mr Abrams has a licence to operate the drone but it is not a commercial operator's licence.

There are more than 100 commercial drone operators in Australia but CASA said there were tens of thousands of recreational drones in use.

Sophisticated commercial drones can cost up to $70,000.
All passing strange this drone (UAV) growing phenomena, certainly has captured the attention of the MSM both here and overseas...

Airports seek to rein in drones
In a submission to CASA, AAA chief executive Caroline Wilkie said the association was aware of UAVs that weighed less than 1kg yet contained cameras with an aluminium chassis and could reach 10,000ft.

“A device such as this being operated by a recreational user or commercial user without the appropriate approvals, training or general aviation knowledge has the potential to pose a significant safety risk to piloted aircraft, airports and the general public,’’ she said.

“There have been several near-miss incidents occurring between UAVs and aircraft in recent months that could have had catastrophic consequences.

“One incident involved a de Havilland DHC-8 plane that narrowly avoided a collision with a UAV by 20m near Perth.

The other involved the pilot of a rescue helicopter in Newcastle having to take evasive action to avoid a UAV above Hunter Football Stadium.

“The AAA believes that owners of RPA capable of infringing on protected airspace and interfering with the safe operation of other aircraft and airports, must be required to obtain an unmanned operators certificate and be educated on the potential impact that improper use of RPAs can have on aviation safety.’’
US launches light drone initiative while CASA doesn’t license them
America’s FAA continues to fly a different path when it comes to the proliferation of lightweight drones, mainly quadcopters, compared to Australia’s CASA, which proposed to leave them unlicensed.

It is now circulating a detailed infographic on what private drone and model plane users should and shouldn’t do with vehicles that pack a lot of kinetic energy, and are falling in price as they rise sharply in their capabilities.
It is this rendering of the misuse of light weight drones as a police rather than CASA matter which is causing resistance in aviation and airport circles. The legal consequences of the CASA devolution of its powers in relation to small yet potent aerial devices that have already shown themselves capable of flying into controlled airspace and the path of airliners are where the concerns have arisen.
However enough of the drift, but still on topic, here is the ACUO response to the Forsyth report..:
Federal Government Aviation Safety Regulation Review Report Fails to Address Unmanned Aircraft Safety Matters
The Australian Certified UAV Operators Association (ACUO) provisionally welcomes yesterday’s release of the report of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review, but expresses concern that a major opportunity to examine the broad range of challenges posed by the increasing numbers of commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has been missed.

ACUO is of the view that CASA’s structures for developing UAS regulations and providing effective oversight of this emerging sector remain under-resourced and unresponsive to real world commercial conditions, with the safety review report completely silent on UAS matters as a whole.

ACUO President, Joe Urli, says “we will be taking up the Government’s invitation for responses to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review as we believe there is still much work needed to ensure the safe integration of UAS into Australian airspace.

“We note that the review felt it appropriate to address specific matters such as gliding, ultralights, parachuting, hang gliding and ballooning, but not one of the highest growth sectors of aviation in unmanned aircraft. That these sectors should be examined whereas UAS were ignored raises questions of comprehensiveness and lack of attention to the evidence provided.”

“ACUO is deeply concerned at the safety implications of CASA’s recently proposed deregulation of UAS under 2kg in weight with that specific type of system increasingly appearing to be the primary type of threat being encountered by manned aviation. CASA’s proposed approach has significant safety implications but clearly this did not become apparent to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review panel.

“ACUO believes the overarching reforms put forward by the Aviation Safety Regulation Review do have some potential to aid in addressing these issues but there remains a need for specific focus on UAS issues, as opposed to generic reforms.

“ACUO looks forward to continued constructive engagement with the Federal Government as it considers the most appropriate way forward for aviation safety in Australia as a whole. We strongly urge the Federal Government to act to ensure UAS are not neglected in this evaluation, lest the near miss incidents of recent months come to result in a significant aviation accident and serious injuries or the loss of lives.”
TICK TOCK the acronyms are mounting...err what's the next one?? Oh that's right the TSBC peer review report...
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Under starters orders?

And, the runners are finally all ready for the off, in what has been the longest pre race promotion of any Review Cup in the history of aviation. Betting closed at COB Monday, Canberra time. I wonder how many of those who didn't make a submission, read the Forsyth report and made a response. I was thinking more of the flying schools and charter operators, who, unless they made their submissions 'confidential' (smart move) were not well represented in the 'published list'. I wonder if the responses will be as consistent as the submissions: what? - I know, patience grasshopper...

It's a pity the ToR were so tight, there were lots of areas just out reach. Perhaps when the new board is established the ToR can be expanded, though the 'consultative' process to deal with some of the 'detail' which really should be addressed, things like double jeopardy, defining exactly what is a Not a Fit and Proper; what is a 'serious and imminent' etc. getting some control of the management levels. McComic never did, I wonder if he ever realised just how badly they served him, happy thought, they're probably serving each other the same way now, little putsch's of 'good mates' plotting and scheming; while McComic has a well deserved melt down.

No board explains, probably, why news of a new DAS is scarce; perhaps when 'the board' is appointed things will crack on, it's a bit like watching chocolate being poured at the moment. Although rumour has it things may be 'buoyed' up with an announcement. As Sarcs points out; there's lots of 'stuff' coming down the pike, like the TSBC report card so the timing is critical – Beakers allotted five year term must just about be up so that will need sorting, WLR response to deal with, Archerfield and airports looming, ICAC interest etc. Busy time for the Ministers crew.

Toot toot and a small tick tock perhaps....

- - - - - -- - Stop press- - - - - - - - -CVD pilots petition.

In case you missed it or have not been following, the whole sad tale is – HERE - . Get behind it if you feel you can; all in, a good cause.

The CVDPA folk have launched a petition calling for Minister Truss to intervene in the current dispute:
Petition to the Hon Warren Truss MP (Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Infrastructure & Regional Development): To Intervene in the battle between colour defective pilots and CASA which threatens to destroy hundreds of careers

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Old 3rd Jul 2014, 02:22
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The following received yesterday gives hope of another avenue of redress for years of regulatory mischief. I note the theme.

Strict liability may work for traffic infringements, but it has "criminalized" the aviation industry with unworkable, misunderstood and purposely complex laws that are strict liability and do reverse the burden of proof not in accord with traditionally recognized common law freedoms and privileges.

Dear Mr...

Thank you for your email to the Attorney-General, the Hon George Brandis QC, regarding the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into Commonwealth legislation that encroaches on rights, freedoms and privileges traditionally recognised by the common law. The Attorney-General has asked me to respond on his behalf.
The terms of reference require the Commission to prepare an initial report by December 2014. The Commission will formally seek public submissions at this time. In addition, the Commission’s usual practice is to conduct further public consultation on specific proposals by way of a discussion paper prior to the preparation of a final report. The final report is due in December 2015.
You can find information about the inquiry and sign up to an email alert list for the inquiry at Freedoms Inquiry | ALRC.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Bouwhuis
Assistant Secretary
Human Rights Policy
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Old 3rd Jul 2014, 12:06
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Damn it Frank I think you may be on to something!!

Some of the terms of reference: [My Bold]

"For the purpose of the inquiry ‘laws that encroach upon traditional rights, freedoms and privileges’ are to be understood as laws that:
  • reverse or shift the burden of proof;
  • deny procedural fairness to persons affected by the exercise of public power;
  • exclude the right to claim the privilege against self-incrimination;
  • abrogate client legal privilege;
  • apply strict or absolute liability to all physical elements of a criminal offence;
  • interfere with freedom of speech;
  • interfere with freedom on religion;
  • interfere with vested property rights;
  • interfere with freedom of association;
  • interfere with freedom of movement;
  • disregard common law protection of personal reputation;
  • authorise the commission of a tort;
  • inappropriately delegate legislative power to the Executive;
  • give executive immunities a wide application;
  • retrospectively change legal rights and obligations;
  • create offences with retrospective application;
  • alter criminal law practices based on the principle of a fair trial;
  • permit an appeal from an acquittal;
  • restrict access to the courts; and
  • interfere with any other similar legal right, freedom or privilege."
Those terms I believe CAsA has used with impunity in bold. There is ample evidence to support that contention.

It would seem Frank has presented us another avenue for the IOS to bring to the government's attention the degree that corruption has firmly established itself within CAsA.

Minister Truss, you failed miserably to take action against this corruption last time you were in power, failure to do so this time is a guarantee that you and your party are doomed to irrelevance politically.
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thorn bird it is increasingly clear that all of CAsA's bastardry is actually supported by laws written by them that support all their actions.

CAsA can decide that you are guilty, it is written in their laws.
tough shit if you disagree. it is the law mate.

Warren Truss, Minister, is nothing more than a passenger.
he probably couldn't even pass a basic aeronautical knowledge (BAK) exam.
he has no knowledge of aviation.
as a passenger he faces a fear that the magic that holds the aeroplane in the air will inexplicably vanish and he will plummet to earth.

You are dealing with idiots.

it is all a waste of time.

ignore them all and go flying.
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Old 3rd Jul 2014, 22:20
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What W 8 said, and if Brandis needs 18 months to decide if the CASA system is not only thumbing it's nose at the rule of law, but using that rule to protect their guilty; he's in the wrong job.. Nice one Frank and Thorny is spot on, it's all there but the Minuscule is fast asleep and dreaming of winning elections in a voodoo induced coma, Rev Forsyth has knocked off and we are stuck in limbo; praying that the Senators will run the game.

Bloody great. What hangs on the wall and ticks.

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While waiting for the Miniscule to blink.

Hmm...could someone check the Miniscule's vitals as he hasn't blinked in quite a while??

While the horse trading, back room deals and Senate crash course is attended by the new Senators, the Miniscule is otherwise engaged...

Meanwhile in his office the CVD elephant continues to put on weight, the ASRR & UAV elephants have taken up smoking the Miniscule's prized cheroots and the PED elephant has gone on a hunger strike.

The rest of the herd has taken up residence in the Miniscule's waiting room pondering the view of the Prime Ministerial courtyard with all that lush, green grass...

So while we continue to wait.. I thought a couple of passages from the AMROBA latest newsletter may help while away the time and perhaps shine a light on what the Miniscule (& his masters) have to ponder, before the Miniscule blinks...

TRUSST comes before JUST CULTURE, which comes before NATURAL JUSTARSE (hey Red take note mate..):AMROBA Newsletter Date 30/06/2014


We are so well informed about “just culture” one wonders why there is so much speculation about the kind of regulatory environment that will provide the safest working environment in every sector of aviation.

Much of what is in the Aviation Safety Regulation Review Report’s recommendations and proposals, is the application of human factors that is theorised in human factor guidelines by ICAO, IATA, etc., etc., and have been recommended for years.

Whenever ‘distrust’ exists between any level of management then there is a safety concern. For instance, if an airline is having industrial issues with its staff, this is an alarm bell for regulators to monitor safety issues more closely during this period.

This will continue until an aviation “just culture” has been re-implemented and safety becomes the main concentration of the airline and its staff.
If the whole industry, including governments and regulators, adopted human factors as depicted in all the training and transcripts that is orated, then the openness and transparency that is crucial in a “just” culture would have both the regulator and operator/ organisation working together to overcome any safety concern or deficiency.
The Forsyth Report repeats what was included in the Plane Safe Report:
“The committee was dismayed by the denigration, venom and viciousness of the evidence. This attitude of mistrust if not mutual contempt between the participants places a heavy load on CASA in fulfilling its statutory function of promoting higher safety standards through education, training, advice and consultation".
It is time to return to the international safety system where trust, openness and transparency exists between regulator and those regulated.

It takes all involved to improve safety and the Forsyth Report has clearly identified how mature effective regulator safety inspectors should carry out their functions and responsibilities.

All in all the AMROBA newsletter is worth the time to read and contemplate what happened before....to what may lay before us... That's IF (big IF) the Miniscule chooses to adopt the recommendations of the Forsyth report or..

...(IMO) pending doom for any resemblance of a sustainable, flourishing GA industry...

TICK...TOCK Miniscule, the new Senate sits Mundy...

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what is the bet eh?

when CAsA have finished dealing with the colour blind pilots they launch into the left handed pilots.

can you imagine the incredible risk to the safety of air navigation of left handed pilots trying to navigate with right handed nav aids and maps.
can you imagine the incredible risk to safety of a left handed pilot trying to use a phillips head screwdriver?

my god how has it gone on for so long undetected.
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Here's a bet, if you fancy it.

There is a very nasty whisper on the wind, Truss will reappoint Dolan to the ATSB, if the Canadian report is "not too bad". Strewth, what's next McComic back in the saddle ?, elephants reduced to dog food ? CVD pilots barred? and the rule of administrative embuggerance enshrined in law.

If this is true, gods help us. It not being an auspicious start to the weekend, whistles up dogs, exits stage left, ambles off to find a shred of sanity.
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