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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

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Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review

Old 5th May 2014, 22:30
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Hyphenated words - pro-prescription vs principles-based

I read the McComic statements as being anti-outcomes-based and being pro-prescription, perhaps because he has comprehensibly failed to standardise his inspectors and decision-makers.
I read the McComic statements as a man desperately trying to hang on to a smoke'n'mirrors legacy that is rapidly evaporating like a distant mirage..
Screaming from a desolate office on the other side of LBG, that no longer has minions & IOS lobbyists cowering in the waiting room, will achieve bugger all cause no one is listening anymore...

Black states that principles-based regulation avoids ‘reliance on detailed, prescriptive rules and rel[ies] more on high-level, broadly stated rules or principles’
Have to agree with the Prince it is all a bit confusing for a layman (rather than lawyers & professional rule-makers) but it has always been my understanding that in the aviation world guidance (the principles) is provided by ICAO...

From AMROBA article here:
“Note. — The term “regulations” is used in a generic sense to include but is not limited to instructions, rules, edits, directives, sets of laws, requirements, policies, and orders.”
Each contracting State undertakes to adopt measures to insure that every aircraft flying or manoeuvring within its territory and that every aircraft carrying its registration mark, wherever such aircraft may be, shall comply with the rules and regulations relating to the flight and manoeuver of aircraft there in force. Each contracting State undertakes to keep its own regulations in these respect uniform, to the greatest possible extent, with those established from time to time under this Convention.”
Further, the Article states that: “Each contracting State undertakes to insure the prosecution of all persons violating the regulations applicable.” &
“A better alternative would be to adapt the regulations to meet the aviation environment while still maintaining harmony with other States.”
To my mind that's the guiding principle to a harmonised NAA rule set, so how is it that we here (Downunda) have apparently stumbled at the first hurdle...

Diverging a little... In Senate Estimates 29 May 2013 Senator Fawcett (in a quieter moment) said this when quizzing Mrdak on the instigation of the GWEP:
Senator FAWCETT:One of the issues we have seen is that under Mr Byron, for example, there was very much an approach saying industry are the current practitioners and they probably know best so let them bring forward a solution. If CASA has a safety case as to why that should not be adopted then they can argue that out. It appears now from feedback we are getting from industry that that focus has swung more to 'we will consult but at the end of the day CASA will do what it sees fit'. That is a fairly substantial change in direction. I am wondering was that direction set by policy from your level or was that left largely to the discretion to the director of aviation safety?
So the evidence was, despite the iron ring roadblock, that in the pre-Skull years we were making small steps to get back to the principals i.e. ICAO. However it is worth noting the Mrdak reply:
Mr Mrdak: To be honest I suspect some of the change of focus has come through industry consultation. I know in some of the regulatory suites certain segments of industry have sought greater certainty including in the maintenance suite.

They were looking for much more prescription around some of the elements to end what they saw as some uncertainty for them in how the regulations will be implemented. I think that process has come from industry feedback from certain parties about what they want to see in the regulatory focus. The simple adoption of a safety management system approach in certain areas was not going to meet the needs of some levels of the industry.
The whole Senate Estimates segment can be viewed in the following poohtube vid (it is well worth the time):
Which brings us back to the here and now with a WLR report pending...MTF Sarcs

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Old 5th May 2014, 23:24
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A rare compliment, I'm feeling jolly

Ok, now maybe I am softening with the advent of grandchildren, or perhaps senility has finally overcome me, but I am going to give a very very rare display of 'kindness' to the regulator. Here goes;

Mr Byron - He did indeed try to realign us back with ICAO rather than with the Iron Rings interpretation of best practise. However just as he was about to deliver the money shot he shot a blank instead. The power of the Iron Ring overcame him and our regulations once again went back to their flaccid state.
Byron's 'intent' was at one stage very good.

Prescription and Outcome based compliance - The reality is this 'we will always have both'. Some rules are prescriptive to the letter, other rules can be complied with by the operator utilising its own best practise system to achieve compliance. It is the nature of the beast, it's aviation, and it won't change. The challenge however is finding the right balance.

RAAF - Have to agree to a certain degree that a number of RAAF individuals have failed at CAsA due to the disconnect between military and civil behaviour. In fact, there are/has been a number of compete knobs enter CAsA. On the other hand, I have known a couple of brilliant RAAF guys at CAsA, who like the rest of industry were shocked, dismayed and dissuaded by the upper levels of this out of touch and out of control regulator.

In my humble, honest opinion, there are some good folk at CAsA with good skills, experience and understanding of what goes on, on both sides of the fence. But Mr Truss is the only person who can grab that large robust steel wrecking ball and fix the problem. Get rid of MrDak, the bureaucratic Board and each member and affiliate of the Iron Ring and you will have not only the complete fix, but the foundation for change. The results of the WLR will show is exactly what Mr Truss's 'intent' is. Let's hope that common sense prevails, however I am doubtful and I fear that VH-STYX is being prepared for departure.

In the mean time, it's party time for the Iron Ring;
(Footnote: Some of the below footage may offend those who don't like watching unaccountable CAsA management partying when they get word that their $89 million taxpayer funded trough injection was approved)

"Safe budgets and lederhosen for all"

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On the agenda.

N.B. I have not, as yet been able to research or confirm the information. Below is an extract from an email which I thought was worth sharing. It is the opinion of one man, but the questions seem valid – considering. I just wonder when shirt sleeves are going to be rolled up and some real work done to reduce costs and get things back on track is going to happen. The only agenda being the well being of the aviation industry in Australia. FWIW:-

[As] an example of waste and mismanagement I copy to you from the CASA website part of the minutes of the last meeting of one of its subsidiary committees, held 26 March this year. As my Commonwealth representative I would appreciate your influence in government to ;

1.) question the budget allocation to CASA, and
2.) what was the cost to the public purse of this last meeting?
3.) the meeting closed at 12.15 pm. Did the government attendees return to complete a days work?
Regional Aviation Safety Forum - Attendees - Industry Representatives

John Tessarolo, National Flight Operations Manager, Regional Express
Mark Clayton, Chief Executive Officer, Recreational Aviation Australia
Julian Smibert, Technical Consultant, Australian Federation of Air Pilots
Christopher Thorpe, Executive Manager Operations, Gliding Federation of Australia
Scott Lingard, Policy Manager – Regional Airports, Australian Airports Association
Rick Davies, Head of Flying Operations, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Qld section) John Twomey, Operations Manager, Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
Mike Close, President, Australian Sport Aviation Confederation
Peter Gash, Chief Pilot, Seair Pacific
Brian Candler, Regional Aviation Association of Australia

Government Representatives/Observers
Civil Aviation Safety Authority

John McCormick, Director of Aviation Safety
Terry Farquharson, Deputy Director of Aviation Safety
Jonathan Aleck, Associate Director of Aviation Safety
Grant Mazowita, Manager Standards Development and Quality Assurance, Standards Division Cheryl Allman, A/Executive Manager, Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation
Peter Fereday, Executive Manager, Industry Permissions
Gerard Campbell, Executive Manager Operations
Alyson Ross, Executive Manger Safety Education and Promotion
Carolyn Hutton, Manager, Corporate Relations
John Thynne, Manager, Safety Systems Office
Lee Ungermann, Team Leader SASAO
Sandra Mavin, Executive Officer to Director of Aviation Safety
Alison Hayward, Corporations Relations Senior Officer, Corporate Relations

CASA observer
Kevin Scrimshaw, Sport Aviation Safety Assurance Officer

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Jim Wolfe, General Manager, Air Traffic Policy
As you can see this so called "Safety Forum", held in Sydney, is very top heavy with expensive public servants, many if not most, no doubt from Canberra (over-night?) and a full reading of the minutes reveal that virtually nothing of a safety nature, let alone efficiency, will be accomplished via this forum.
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Old 8th May 2014, 00:33
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I've been wondering how to express the deep unease I feel over CASA, but now I'm game to try.

My conclusion is that CASA is going to suffer administrative implosion unless the Truss review puts it out of its misery and dismembers it.

The trigger for this conclusion was the attendance list at the alleged "safety forum". This is not good on any number of levels.

By "administrative implosion", I mean that CASA is going to collapse under the weight and complexity of its attempts at regulation in the sense that none of it is going to be coherent and consistent, leading to the situatoin where its contradictory nature requires that all Aviation activity is going to have to be covered by exemptions.

To put that another way, its the administrativve equivalent of a gravitational "black hole" where all matter and energy is sucked into it and nothing can escape the event horizon.

To be fair to CASA, there would be good people inside who wish to do the right things, but at some point the administrative complexity of doing anything at all is just too hard. The attendance list of CASA folk at that safety forum is indicative of too many layers of management and competing agendas.

Of course the solution proffered to the Truss review will be the old chestnut: "reorganisation" when I believe what is required is complete dismemberment.

There needs to be adoption of the NZ/FAA regulations, that is a given. This is the only alternative to the ridicule that faces Government if it proceeds with the current mess.

The functions of regulation, surviellance and enforcement need to be split and totally divorced from each other and the ATSB replaced on its pedestal at arms length from all of them. As I have said before, the boys and girls at PM & C know how to do this.

And finally the preamble of an amended Act has to include words to the effect that Aviation industry is to be fostered, removing forever the option of achieiving the appearance of safety by preventing any aviation at all.

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Please Sir

Can we have some of this:-

7th May 2014

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Domestic Vessel Division will begin a thorough consultation process with domestic vessel operators, starting in Hervey Bay on Friday.The National System for Domestic Commercial Vessels came into effect on July 1, 2013.

AMSA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mick Kinley said the National System had created one system for qualifications and standards for commercial operators nationwide.

AMSA will run a series of consultation sessions across Australia to improve the system and streamline elements of it to make it easier and cheaper for the industry to comply with domestic vessel safety requirements.

“Since the National System came into effect AMSA has identified areas that could be improved,” Mr Kinley said.

“AMSA wants to make it easier and cheaper for the industry to comply with domestic vessel safety requirements.

“This is part of the federal government’s deregulation agenda which seeks to reduce the regulatory burden on business and the community while maintaining standards for safety.”
Australia lacks a common approach to managing maritime safety.

“Each and every state and territory has a different approach to safety management and AMSA wants to improve vessel safety by giving operators the best tools to develop and implement safety management, with less regulation and red tape,” Mr Kinley said.

“The aim is to avoid duplication and AMSA wants feedback from commercial vessel operators.”

Multiple consultation sessions will commence in Hervey Bay on Friday, May 9 at 2pm at the Hervey Bay RSL.

Sessions will then be held in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria throughout May and June.
AMSA will hold sessions in 24 locations in seven states, including 15 regional centres, seeking views on how best to simplify domestic commercial vessel rules.

The review comes as a result of a Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure decision to streamline the national system and make safety simpler in the regulatory environment, with national consistency.

Media Enquiries: 0429657336
Must be our turn soon.....
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Old 8th May 2014, 11:03
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Oink oink

As you can see this so called "Safety Forum", held in Sydney, is very top heavy with expensive public servants, many if not most, no doubt from Canberra (over-night?) and a full reading of the minutes reveal that virtually nothing of a safety nature, let alone efficiency, will be accomplished via this forum.
Kharon, thanks for the post ( I think). Once more we see the taxpayer purse getting molested. The majority of CAsA attendees certainly did come from Can'tberra, but there was also a couple of Brisbane attendees there as well. So for me to work out the cost accurately is subjective as I don't have access to the CAsA 'books', however I can give some loose calculations based on some rough assumptions as follows;

- Airfares for 75% of attendees; $13,000
- Overnight accommodation for 50% of attendees (remembering that the higher you are ranked the more expensive accommodation you receive) $4,000
- Overnight allowance for 50% of attendees (again the higher you are ranked the more you receive, up to around $500.00 per day) $4,000
- Single day away from home allowance for say another 25% of the attendees; $1,200. I have not included incidentals, cab fares, Skulls blood pressure pills or any small items as such in this calculation.
Total = $22,200!
Now I believe I have been generous towards Fort Fumble with my calculations, but the point is that this was a complete waste of time and taxpayer money for so many CAsA people to attend a barely 3 hour meeting interstate. A number of the attendees absolutely did not need to be there.
This kind of expenditure would have the budget conscious Beaker passing out and screaming out 'mi mi mi mi madness'! And I wonder what mystery bucket of money the CAsArites dipped into to cover this little olly jolly? Either way we the taxpayer paid for this trough dipping exercise.

Best not let Mushroom Truss find out! Being Tony's right hand man during this budget crisis that Australia is facing it would be an embarrassment that he, the Deputy PM, has an aviation portfolio that is pissing away precious taxpayer coin on such a frivolous exercise!


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Rhetoric – for those as likes it.

Don't know how many have slogged through the Safe Skies (Oct 2013) speeches; but, as we approach the budget and hopefully a little clear political air, I thought it may be time to review the rhetoric from October for comparison against the anticipated results of the WLR.

Actually, some of the speakers were not too bad, considering the back slapping ambience of the whole thing; about what you'd expect. Bit like one of those backwoods tent revivals, where everyone goes home 'feeling groovy'. Anyway FWIW:-

The whole shooting match – HERE

The Truss address – HERE.

The Mrdak offering – HERE. Listen carefully to this fairly short speech.

The Forsyth closing remarks -HERE – they are of no practical value, being just to thank the delegates; but, for those who don't know the fellah, it may give you an insight.

I'd hate to see the whole thing slide off the shovel.

Alternatively – get a fix
. Your choice of course.
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Any news or rumours on the new DAS? Is it one of the existing execs or someone from outside the organization.
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Biccy...no news yet BUT...

If we get someone from the iron ring...we're fcuked.
If we get someone like the current das...we're fcuked again
If we get a career bureaucrat without aviation experience eg Beaker ATsB...we're fcuked thrice over.
If the current Miniscule,... who reminds me of a Russian doll after watching some recent TV appearances....just papers over the ASRR without MAJOR changes, then we are really and truly fcuked..

Fear not. Empty skies are safe skies
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I am still sitting here stunned.
in one of the posts I discovered that dear old terry is the deputy director of CAsA.
in western australia he is remembered for a court case finding someone a not fit and proper person etc etc.
the memorable quote is " and your honour I ask what possible difference there could be between an american gallon and an english gallon?"
the judge didn't actually laugh at his stupidity but found it necessary to disappear under the bench and re-tie his shoe laces.

I almost threw out my copy of the peter principle. it seems that in CAsA people still rise to their level of maximum incompetence so I think I'll keep it a while longer.

terrence is the deputy director of CAsA, I've heard it all now.
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Old Terry

Yep, I hear GV and MQ had him in their sights for retirement. That got shattered with the appointment of the Skull. GH was also loaded to let him go but got stopped by the GWS. Quinn was onto them re Sentinel or as they called it PAWS, a complete rip off of another professional web site. Also, an FOI was payed additional cash for the purpose! Now its several million!!! Good work Terry!

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W8 discovers the GWM.

W8 # 757 –"I am still sitting here stunned."
Is the Golden West Mafia worried (GWM) – after years of supreme control; hand picked, carefully groomed catamites slobbering on their boots, all happy to be willing accomplices to whatever embuggerance, dastardly plan or cover up was deemed required? They should be. While McComic has been the overseer of some of the most intriguing passages of play in the history of Australian aviation, one of the most troubling elements is the GWM ability to orchestrate them; either by subverting, intimidating, financially bludgeoning or 'legally' manipulating any opposition into silence.

There are, tragically, only two camps; 'the boys' and the silent drones. The silent drones are interesting; seeking only a quiet life through a well paid, pensioned position. They know what's going on; but, out of fear and/or self interest are happy to sit back and go with the flow. Both groups, in their own way are disgusting creatures. They are probably one of the reasons the miniscule does not want to retrospectively "fight the old battles" – if the public ever got wind of the antics at Sleepy Hollow- only the gods know where the political carnage would stop. Don't forget Truss had this knowledge in 2008 and there is nothing new in the 2014 'review', except more people saying the same thing. Never doubt why 260 + submissions to the WLR have been buried under a shroud of carefully penned words.

If the Senate can ever wrest any form of genuine inquiry away from the clutches of the GWM and the influence of murky Machiavellian minds; the place to start would be the ex employee files; it's not just Hart, Hood, Quinn and Vaughan who have the wood on the GWM, there are many others; what a session that would be.

Do not envy the new DAS; that's quite a housekeeping job. Whoever takes it on must be the right fellah, the voluntary resignations and 'retirements' list will eloquently tell the tale. A period of trust and progress must, by default follow.

Aye well, it's in the lap of the gods now; lets hope the 'gods' make the right choice this time and give us someone with the balls, brains and integrity to weed out the GWM and it's sycophantic followers. Expect the worst, hope for the best and never quit.

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Its worse. some recent history

W8... re the 380 endo'd Farqwitson.
When the honorable M Hart former ICC found that 3 Tarmac T*rds should be dealt with by the AFP. DAS hissy fit followed, and to cover their arses, (dont larf) the so called "Conduct and Ethics Committee" was flashed up on the screen, a bastard child of the das...headed by TF himself,.

Criminality by the three was corruptly subverted to..breaches of the code of conduct ( NO criminal provisions therein)..admin penalties only. Belt with a wet lettuce leaf etc. Stay in the employ of the taxpayer and keep snuffling the tit.
All good then.

To justify all this I got a letter from this "committee" (sic) by Farkwitson, 4 pages of classic obfuctication, a 'gold standard' of drivel in the Yes Minister line.

And.... TF didnt even have the balls to sign it himself..!! FFS
"Signed by direction..B Calder" read.. under duress ?

Obviously a person of principles and conviction. NOT

CAsA site states that any criminal behaviour WILL be dealt with by the AFP.

That is untrue, It should state MAY BE or NOT if we can help subvert it.

And breaches of State laws?? NO can do because AFP do it !!

What a beautifully concocted let-off. Pass Go and get out of jail free.
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Budget Blues for Fort Fumble?

Poor D8, I likes the bloke I does. He must have been working in Russia or been incarcerated in the big house for the past 5 or so years?? (probably a minor aviation crime such as forgetting to cross a 't' in his logbook, or failing to adequately address the root cause on an NCN response? There is so much for him to catch up on, no fears my friend, keep reading and ye shall learn!
But it is amusing to finally see some airing of Tezza's activities as well as the GWM's. Even Calder and Harbor get a mention, lots of stories amongst that lot, hahaha.

Speaking of budgets, I believe the following will be announced in regards to CAsA's budget tomorrow night by Smoking Joe Hockey and Mathias von Dutch;

  • Embargo on Montreal trips. A limit of 5 trips per calendar year per Executive.
  • All pot plants in all offices are to be replaced with plastic ones. No ceramic pots will be allowed in Herr Skull's office after a risk assessment was conducted on the risk of facial injuries from flying pot plants came in at a 5B (based on the ICAO risk matrix)
  • The merger of TRIM and Sky Sentinel to create one mega deficient I.T system.
  • A380 endo's will not be given to employees 70 years of age and older (that rules out 80% of the retirement village staff)
  • Operator audits will be undertaken via Skype and video conferencing to save money and ensure enough coin remains available for executive bonuses
  • The Brisbane field office worm farm will be sold off and the proceeds used to top up the executives meagre pay freezes.
  • Renaming of CAsA to CAA and the removal of the letter 's' will save money in printing costs in those glossy Board written brochures.
  • Staff will no longer be given those snazzy blue Fort Fumble ties.
More to follow..............

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Are the budget cuts the reason for nothing on the DAS. I'm guessing some top level crats looking for posts. Maybe amsa and casa merging?

Truss report can then say all sorted.

I wonder if the extra 100 jobs that casa got will be cut back again. Or if the NZ rules will be adopted.
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APNG Fatal

I watched the Royal Commission into insulation today with great interest. Why wasn't DEWHA (same dept as Kokoda funding) highlighted over its subsidy of the accident flight to Kokoda regarding risk assessment. 16 people died including 13 Australians???
What risk assessment was done into that operation before they quickly pulled the subsidy post accident?
Additionally the ATSBeaker who assisted in the investigation came up with a bizarre Safety Recommendation that aircraft of this type be fitted with FDRs!!! My understanding is that Safety Recommendations are to PREVENT accidents, not help trying to work out what happened after! I guess Pel-Air makes a mockery of that as FDRs aren't that important!

How sad is the ATSBeaker! If it wasn't so serious it would be funny.

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004 # 761-"Speaking of budgets, I believe the following will be announced in regards to CAsA's budget tomorrow night by Smoking Joe Hockey and Mathias von Dutch;"
How about a privatised ASA?, that will be fun. Never get Hoody out of the golden handcuffs then, shame really. Or:

Serious cost cutting measures and a general 'clean out' with >20 < 30 "voluntary" redundancies. Or:

Leasing buildings not being used - to recover the costs of renting space, air conditioning it, and leaving it to the mice, rats and cockroaches, who really need the security service provided.

But Mr Hockey, the pot plants must stay (you know why) and PAWS needs another couple of million thrown at it and the consultants budget must not be tinkered with. Under no circumstances must the 'reg re-write' funding be cut; what the hell will those dependant on it do, wander aimlessly about the building making work?

PS. We hid your share of the $89 millions under one of the pot-plants; go get it tiger.

Toot toot.

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Bu..bu..budgetary matters & aviation safety agencies

Budget time for Beaker must be his favourite time of the year, a time when he gets a chance to really prove his worth, & when previously, he would have received a quiet nod from miniscule Albo when the miniscule was addressing his dept post budget...

But what about this year, will he get any kudos and an informal invite to dine at the trough?? Or will he be cast off into oblivion in some back water office, as a Senior OHS manager for the Treasury Dept or ATO??

And what about the other aviation safety trough dweller wannabes, what will become of them?? Will they get the chop or be allowed to continue to dine with a slight diminishment in the trough buffet??

Well maybe the clues are in the commission of audit report?? If so there could be an element of truth to the ASA privatisation rumour, "K" alludes to above...

From AA online (my bold at the bottom):
Review for Airservices, CASA spared in Commission of Audit reportItem by australianaviation.com.au at 7:41 pm, Thursday May 1 2014 1 Comment

A review could be launched into Airservices.

The federal government’s Commission of Audit has recommended a review into the operations and activities of government-owned monopoly air traffic management service provider Airservices Australia.

The report recommends: “an independent review be undertaken of Airservices Australia with a particular focus on the scope of its activities as well as its planned capital expenditure program.”

It also mentions the “the potential to outsource some of its [Airservices'] activities”. Notes one of the report’s appendices: “Areas for early consideration in relation to contestability may include Airservices Australia”.

There had been industry speculation the commission might recommended the outsourcing of Airservices’ Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service.

The federal government’s other civil aviation bodies, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the ATSB, were spared the Commission of Audit’s attentions, rating only passing mentions.
So there you are Beaker job well done....err but farming out more parts of ASA....is that such a wise idea??

Farewell Hoody relegated to PS redundancy..

ps Hoody good catch by the way and equally good retraction/correction letter to the Heff, maybe the DAS (STBR) could take some lessons in proper political etiquette...
Correspondence received from Mr Greg Hood, Executive General Manager, Airservices Australia, clarifying evidence given on 24 February 2014
pps Hoody just think if ASA is privatised there'll no longer be anymore Senate inquisitions, but the IOS will miss you..
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The UK NATS has interests outside the UK and could well be interested in ASA?
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Beaker's bonus - Clawing back credibility??

There may not of been too many grinners in last nights budget but it would seem that the ATsBeaker may have received an unexpected windfall from the MH370 disappearance & investigation.. I also note with irony....the total cost for our contribution to the continued search effort...
MH370 search to cost $90m

THE search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will cost Australian taxpayers up to $90 million, with the government anticipating the hunt will continue into next financial year.

The government has provided extra funding of $25m to the *Defence Department this year to cover the cost of the search, with a further $3m built in for 2014-15.

Additional funding for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau over two years will take the total cost of the search to $89.9m.

The 239 passengers and crew vanished on March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and the search is focused on 56,000sq km of ocean floor far off Western Australia.

No wreckage from the aircraft has been found.
Hi Ho..... mi..mi..mi..Beaker's budgetary bowl runneth over... MTF
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