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Gregg, Dixon, Carnegie, Singo make a play on QF

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Gregg, Dixon, Carnegie, Singo make a play on QF

Old 30th Nov 2012, 09:04
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Having said that, make no doubt, the highest of office in our country are continually monitoring this site and many others like it. Particularly at this difficult time in our IR history.
Kind Regards,
If that's so, then here's a message for the female K9 in the PM's position. Concentrate on running the country and stop being such a misandrist. As for the rest of the Labor party, pull your heads in. It's becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the government and QANTAS management.

A famous quote - “Australia is a lucky country run by second-rate people who share its luck.”

The same can be said for QANTAS!
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 09:06
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Anyone considered that this lovers tiff between Joyce and Dixon could all be just an act?
This is why trading in QANTAS shares needs to be halted. The current board sacked, and the mess sorted out. Dixon should be removed as chairman of Tourism Australia if he persists in being part of the syndicate to buy QANTAS, or retain his position, and withdraw from the buyout.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 09:09
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Acute Instinct

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Old 30th Nov 2012, 09:33
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The grand plan plays out as orchestrated over a Shiraz in the rocks ....
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 09:47
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Stop looking at the two "Japanese fighting fish" having it out over the scuba man blowing bubbles and look at the other one sitting in the corner next to the seaweed.
Waiting to eat what's left.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 10:46
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QF94, who, exactly, do you think can call a trading halt? If such a halt is called, how long is it allowed to last? If there is a halt, what would that signal to the market, and what would that do to the share price? Would such a share price movement be beneficial or a hindrance to the takeover syndicate?
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 11:19
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That's who can call a trading halt.

Trading Halts - Australian Securities Exchange - ASX

What will it signal to the market? The market already believes the company is a basket case.
  1. What did the shutdown of the airline signal to the market last year?
  2. What has a $200+million loss this year signalled to the market this year?
  3. What has the more than halving of the share price signalled to the market?
  4. What has no payment of dividends signalled to the market?
  5. What has the slashing of international routes and downsizing of the company signalled to the market?
  6. What has the failure of RedQ in Malaysia signalled to the market?
To hinder the takeover, the current board has to be removed. Geoff Dixon needs to be either sacked as Chairman of Tourism Australia, or abandon his bid for QANTAS due to his conflict of interest in both roles.

This charade that Dixon has fallen out with Joyce is just that.

Maybe the government, for all they're worth, needs to step in and take control of the airline, and not let it be taken over by a private equity company to only be broken up and sold off.

The share price as it stands, barely equals the cash on hand in the company. Then there's assets such a aircraft, property, equipment, FF program, Lounges, etc. The company is worth more than the share price suggests. Why wouldn't the likes of Dixon, Singleton, Gregg, Carnegie and Gerry Harvey buy it and then break it up and flog it off?

I would say this is reason enough to call a halt.

This is an APA II in the making.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 13:22
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So, as you found, for a 2 day halt, it has to be called by Qantas, that is, by Joyce. Why would he do that?

Who is going to sack the board?

Do you think the government is going to save Qantas? They have just bet the bank on being able to balance the budget. Any buyout would be a threat to that.

My job is at risk too. I don't trust Dixon or Joyce to run the company either, I just don't think a trading halt is the answer you think it is.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 20:38
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Don't attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity.

Joyce was promoted by Dixon precisely because Dixon knew he would take the airline in the wrong direction so as to make it a cheaper takeover target..

And Joyce has done exactly that.......

My guess would be that over those cosy lunches, Dixon would have encouraged Joyce in his follies:

- red Q

- Jetstar Asia, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

- Hatred of unions.

- investment and promotion of the bastard child - Jetstar.

-grounding the airline.

- suppression of International.

...and probably a lot more.

Dixon and more especially singleton know exactly what has been done to Qantas - deliberate cannibalization of the Qantas brand

......but not quite enough to destroy the brand name, just enough to destroy the share price.

Most importantly, I believe Singleton already has the brand rejuvenation strategy written and under lock and key.

Dixon would also have the operational plan to be executed when they seized control and took it private.

The elements of that are:

1. Immediatly roll Jetstar into Qantas.

2. Terms and conditions to drop to Jetstar levels.

3. Employ first class professional management, get rid of the obvious dead wood and extra layers of management associated with the wasteful, costly and inefficient "group" structural bullshit.

4. Singo will find a new face for Qantas and a whole new positioning statement and marketing plan that will exceed the impact of the "still call Australia home" shtick.

But of course all this will be done in private and you will never find out how much money these people would have made...

But then Joyceee does the ONE stupid thing that even Dixon didn't count on - gift the whole mess to Emirates.

Lest you think this is fanciful, this type of strategy is exactly what Kerry Packer employed to get control of crown casino from his "friend" Lloyd Williams, and he got it for a song.

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Old 30th Nov 2012, 20:41
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Nunc est bibendum
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Anyone else think this may just be a bit of share market manipulation? Dixon, Carnegie et al buy in at 1.16 and talk up the prospects of a take over. Share price rallies in the short term and they sell out for a tidy little profit of 20-30%.

These guys would take that return over a 6 month period.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 21:44
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Except for the Emirates deal, the whole plan amounts to conspiracy to manipulate the Qantas share trading. If you have something concrete, pass it on to the ASX.
As for Dixon and co. I wonder if they will be able to stump up enough to put themselves in a position that matters.

I have say though, that Joyce doesn't have any immunity from stupidity.

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Old 1st Dec 2012, 00:06
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One does have to wonder if the height of the Industrial Action last year was none other than a manufactured crisis to present a share price buying opportunity.
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 01:50
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Mstr Caution,

I think you're right on the money there.
I was walking through the dessert yesterday and came across an oasis filled with beautiful women wearing Emirates uniforms (well it couldn't be Qantas). And I thought about 2011

There were no union officials saying we will "slow bake" the company
No protestors at the AGM
No go-slows / work to rule
No ambit claims put forward
No announced strikes forcing cancellations and disrupting lots of passengers and causing people to book on the competition
No intention from 30% of customers not to fly Qantas
Qantas was making massive profits in an extremely uncompetitive industry and could happily hand out Qantas stamped gold ingots to all customers

And then I remembered... ohh Joyce did ground the company for absolutely no reason. The Federal government levied massive fines on Qantas, the Board was sacked, Joyce was charged by the police for making a false complaint, and indeed the FWA found 100% in favour of the unions.

It was all about the share price.
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 02:11
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if it is a short term thing, these blokes must be sailing pretty close to insider trading.

maybe the joyce/dixon charade is 'sposed to give it all an arms length appearance
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 04:13
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A excellent post Sunfish. I have spent some time thinking about all of this, and something in my head says something is not right, I think Sunfish you have answered it. These blokes would sell their mothers pacemakers if the price was right, and so it starts to fall into place. Does Jackson think the same, his interview on Sky the other day tells me he sniffs something wrong, very wrong, he was incredibly cautious, and gave the impression that he is not at all sure what is really going on. What I would not do to see the staff and retired staff along with sympathisers, grab control of this company, pie in the sky I know, but it has been done before, thirty six thousand ready to put some money in, thirty six thousand ready to gain control, put in a CEO who knows what they are doing, everybody give 110% and watch her fly. Dream on TG, dream on.
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 04:15
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All warfare is based on deception
Sun Tzu
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 04:34
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Posted 24/8/2011

GAAM, Fly Lease

Now to some fancy flying by a stellar cast of local investors who have been the force behind the country’s second-biggest aircraft leasing business Global Aviation Asset Management and have now managed to sell it to US-listed FLY Leasing for $US1.4 billion. FLY is the former Babcock and Brown aviation leasing business and boasts former B&B execs Trevor Lowensohn and Phil Brown as its advisors. The merry cast at GAAM cashing in on the deal include former Qantas boss Geoff Dixon, his former CFO and former Leighton CFO Peter Gregg, former Allco boss David Coe, John Singleton and private equity investor Mark Carnegie. This team is now looking at multiple investment opportunities and Dixon has told The Australian Financial Review that they are looking to put together a bid to take over the management of the $6 billion portfolio of RBS Aviation Capital, the fourth-largest aviation leasing company in the world.
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 05:51
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Qantas and Tourist Australia

Interesting read:

Mr Dixon has also found an ally in his former Qantas colleague, John Borghetti. On Thursday night, Mr Dixon met Mr Borghetti, who is now the boss of Virgin Australia, over a pinot noir at the swish Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney's CBD. The pair talked about Virgin broadening its funding commitment to Tourism Australia, which will go a long way to filling the gap left by the exit of Qantas.
Read more in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

Inside the rebels' lair: how a Qantas coup was hatched

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Old 1st Dec 2012, 08:59
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Frank Lorenzo and Michael O'Leary will also launch a bid, AIPA to greet them with open arms too?
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Old 5th Dec 2012, 01:33
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Made my day
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