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Fiji Military Takes Control Of Air Pacific

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Fiji Military Takes Control Of Air Pacific

Old 29th Mar 2012, 02:48
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Trojan. Read Capt SNAFUs post and I agree with him.Any fight with Australia over this and all Australian airlines suffer. They will be uncompetatitive across the Pacific withou Nadi as an alternate and the Fijian Govt knows it.

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Old 29th Mar 2012, 03:55
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At the time of the 1st coup, it was either the GG or PM at the time said somthing like:

Oil and Water do not mix but I need both to run my car just like I need both Fijians and Indians to run my country.

They knew the importance of Indians running businesses whilst the Fijians were the 'face of the country'.

Like when you guys stopped over at the Mocambo Hotel, plenty of Fijians at front office, in the bar and restaurant whilst the Indians were the back office staff. Even recall going to the Airport Club and it was the same thing.

Anyway, see QF 3 diverted to NAN last night on way to HNL.
Crack forces Hawaii-bound Qantas flight to divert | Fiji landing good thing NAN is available !
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 03:58
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Tail Wheel,

How wrong can you be. Bainimarama is trying to unite Fiji...he is getting rid of racist bias that has plagued the country with leaders such as Qarase and even Chaudry.

Bainimarama believes that if you are a citizen of Fiji then you are Fijian....not Fiji Indian or Native Fijian.

Have Australia or New Zealand ever been concerned with the racist policies introduced by the Qarase government??? Are you aware of any of this?

The Indians are in support of Bainimarama, so are most of the Fijians. Crime is at an all time low, foreign relationships with countries other than Australia and NZ are far better then they have ever been.

Perhaps it may be a good idea to read into the history of Fiji before stating who the locals support.

Also, ponder on the thought about QF having shares in Air Pacific then allowing Jetstar to undercut FJ. The dealings of QF were far to sinister for amateurs like us to even fathom.

My two cents....Vinaka.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 04:14
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vAlso, ponder on the thought about QF having shares in Air Pacific then allowing Jetstar to undercut FJ. The dealings of QF were far to sinister for amateurs like us to even fathom.
Or Qantas owning Jetstar and allowing Jetstar to undercut Qantas!
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 04:37
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The Indians own Fiji. That's racist!

Where is Steve when you need him: From Wiki.

Rabuka, by now a colonel, emerged suddenly from obscurity on 14 May 1987 when he staged the first of two military coups to reassert ethnic Fijian supremacy, following the 1987 election, which had brought an Indo-Fijian (ethnic Indian)-dominated government to power. Deposing the elected government, he handed power over to the Governor-General, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, a high chief whom he expected to implement ethnic Fijian interests. When, however, Ganilau attempted to reinstate the abrogated constitution, Rabuka carried out a second coup on 28 September that year. At first he pledged his allegiance to the Queen, but later proclaimed a republic, abolishing the 113-year link to the British Monarchy. He handed over power on December 5 to an interim administration, headed by Ganilau as President and Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara as Prime Minister, but remained Commander of the Army and Minister of Home Affairs, the National Youth Service, and the Auxiliary Army Service. Ganilau and Mara did not feel strong enough to dismiss Rabuka, but the public support they enjoyed as high chiefs was such that he did not feel strong enough to depose them. An uneasy truce existed between Ganilau and Mara on the one hand and Rabuka on the other.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 04:57
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Bloody Good One Frank!

Its about BLOODY time, QF have been a hindrance to FJ for sometime:

The NZ & Australian Govts need to get their heads outa their respective Arse's, and look at what the people of Fiji want? Isnt this what we call democracy?
or is it democracy when you have a vote every three years with pocketing thieves that have a rigged system:

I know of no other country, that has had COUPs the way Fiji has had them:

Uncle Frank Told the old cronnies he was coming to get them if they didnt change their ways, he dated this COUP, then put it on hold till the next day because the Fijian Rugby team had a game on:

Uncle Frank could only do better than the present CEO of Air Pacific Mr DP, or DF (however you say it) and hopefully this will rattle the cages of Pacific Sun, and get rid of the ROT, at the top there as well, in the main Herr Heinkel and SV:

Uncle Frank well done, & if ever you need a place to hole up in, it would be an honor to provide you such, and with the beers to go!

Uncle Frank, Put uncle Don in charge:
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 07:55
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Trojan. Read Capt SNAFUs post and I agree with him.Any fight with Australia over this and all Australian airlines suffer. They will be uncompetatitive across the Pacific withou Nadi as an alternate and the Fijian Govt knows it.
Last edited by Wunwing; 29th Mar 2012 at 16:32.

Fair enough wunwing. Do you think this sort of behavior should be tolerated though? I they want to buy QF out forcibly, then fair enough, but a simple take-over that forces QF to write off the investment should be punished as a crime.
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 08:16
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Victim of a bored god

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Would it give EK access to the Pacific market and a way around 5th freedom Rights which are sooo strong in that region of the market??
Is it? I don't understand these things but I would have thought that if FJ wish to operate Australia to the USA on the trans Pacific, it can not be direct but must be via Fiji, which would be a big passenger disincentive?

Ratu Udre Udre. Bulla! I bow to your superior current knowledge. It has been many years since I last visited Fiji, although over two decades ago I was a regular visitor attending ASPA meetings etc. I must get back there soon and visit Don C (of Sunflower and CAA) before we both expire and fall off our perch!

Put uncle Don in charge
Don C?? I would think he would be more nterested in peaceful semi retirement, a few coldies on a hot day and watching a game of footie, rather than back into airline management?
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Old 29th Mar 2012, 09:23
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It will probably just mean a reduction in board members appointed by QF?

ABC Radio Australia News:Stories:Fiji to seize control of Air Pacific from Qantas

Dominique Schwartz, wires
Last Updated: 20 hours 57 minutes ago

Fiji's military government says Qantas will no longer have effective control over Fiji's national airline Air Pacific due to a decree which came into force on Wednesday.

Australian airline Qantas holds a minority 46 per cent stake in Air Pacific, one of two international airlines which are majority-owned by Fijians.

Fiji's interim-government, which took power in a 2006 coup, denied the move amounted to nationalisation, saying it corrected an anomaly that gave Qantas control of the carrier while having only a minority stake.

But Fiji's aviation minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says super-majority and veto rights give Qantas effective control over Air Pacific's financial management, senior appointments and new air routes.

As well, he says, Qantas subsidiary Jetstar competes directly against Air Pacific.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum says that under the new decree, Fijian-registered airlines must be substantially owned and effectively controlled by a Fijian citizen, corporation or government.

"With this law, the government has now corrected the activities of prior Fijian governments, which allowed foreign citizens to control Fiji's national airlines," a copy of the decree on the government's website said.

Qantas said it was assessing the implications of the decision and expected the likely outcome of the decree to be a reduction in its board appointments.

It appoints four members to the nine-member board of Air Pacific.

"Qantas does not have veto power over Air Pacific's operational decisions, nor do we have effective control over the airline," a Qantas spokesperson said.

"We are a minority shareholder."
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