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Virgin Australia Cadetship 2012 & 2013

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Virgin Australia Cadetship 2012 & 2013

Old 8th Dec 2012, 02:30
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Exactly how has this individual been defamed ?? They could help themselves substantially by getting rid of that facebook page.
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 20:52
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Seriously, what place has solo cross country and dual commercial VFR Nav training have in an instrument rating course? By its very nature cir training is all dual and the enroute Nav should be done under the ifr rules and not VFR.
Pretty common at all the schools that do an IR before the CPL. You need 50 (could be wrong there) PIC before sitting the test, so this needs to be done. You also need to do the night experience if you want to be able to use the MECIR to it's full extent without already have a NVFR.

Kelpie, with this and your words about one of the cadets I feel you are jumping at shadows. I love your work but take a breath, this is certainly an improvement on J*.

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Old 9th Dec 2012, 21:22
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I agree it is an improvement on Jetstar.

The comment I made which you have raised is accepted, there are circumstances where, for example the 50 hours PIC cross country could be done. My comment was not intended to be general but more in the context of whether the 'hour building' was eligible for FEEHELP funding given that it is not described, and included within the Aviation Training Package document. This document is quite specific about the units that make up the qualification. The regulations concerning eligibility of training for fee help funding exclude anything that is not detailed in the training package.

My other comments which you felt we're jumping at shadows. Well perhaps were a little too detailed however when the statistics get published in a few years about how a initio cadet ships produce cadets that are of a better standard than GA experienced recruits (like REX did at the Senate Inquiry) I would just like for you to be able to research this and find out why - because they all have many more hours than an a initio Cadetship course includes.

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Old 10th Dec 2012, 05:10
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According to Pilot Aptitude Training Systems (PATS), Virgin Australia is "intending to recruit 80 candidates to this program in 2013".

80 candidates! Literally 10 times more than the 2012 intake.

On top of this, PATS states that the cadetship "will be expanded to supply 50% of Virgin's future pilots needs".

Here's the linkey if you want to take a peek: Pilot Aptitude Training Systems: Virgin Cadetship
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Old 10th Dec 2012, 08:05
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Of course, PATS would have NO commercial interest in making that statement, would they...... Just like the schools forever spruik about the impending pilot shortage. Sounds too good to be true? There's usually a reason.....!

Let's see, $4500 for a course that they claim has a 40% success rate with cadetships. I'm in the wrong business then

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Old 10th Dec 2012, 08:26
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That's it, Porchmonkey. I'll believe it when I see it.

Interesting to see that VA doesn't plan on running the next intake until mid 2013. Then again, the first eight cadets will be a little more than half way through their course, so VA will have a bit of an idea of how it is all panning out.
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Old 10th Dec 2012, 08:56
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No more than 10-15 cadets per year is what they are telling the line pilots.
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Old 10th Dec 2012, 22:35
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Cadet Interview Coaching

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your help with my queries regarding cadet preparation . It seems that most of the candidates that made it through to the final stages of the Virgin cadet interviews had their PPL, so for that reason I think it might be worthwhile continuing my training up to PPL.

What do you think about cadet interview training? The PATS course seems ridiculously expensive - I just couldn't justify spending $4500 on a three day training course
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Old 11th Dec 2012, 03:16
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$4500 for a 3 day course? I'm in the wrong business.
My advice, save your money. It won't change who you are and your qualifications.
Ask questions of people who have been through interviews and of the company or on their website.
I can't believe anyone would spend that much money for that. You might as well spend it on bribing people. (Note, in the current climate, that was a joke, if the joke offended someone there are professionals willing and able to help you on various phone numbers. Various lawyers are also willing and waiting to take your call on getting someone to pay for the rest of your life on a pension....

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Old 11th Dec 2012, 08:08
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Alternatively, pay me the $4500 and I'll tell you everything I know about the program.
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Old 11th Dec 2012, 09:55
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Wing boy, not sure what situation you are in (studyload wise) but there is so much you can do by yourself in preparing for the assessments. Treat it as part time/full time study and go through ample of practice material yourself(some earlier posts in this thread will tell you what to focus on).

Do you really think PATS will be able to put their finger on what questions/problems the assessments will have? If the assessments end up having exactly the same questions as PATS told you then the $4500 might be worth but I am sure thats not what happens. They will only help you practice questions. Besides that opens up a whole different can of worms.

Oh and the intake is a fair few months from now on so you have plenty of time on your hands to prepare for it.

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Old 4th Jan 2013, 20:33
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Forget PATS. The only way to go is Flight Deck Consulting.

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Old 4th Jan 2013, 22:50
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Simulator Assessment Training

I'm going to try Flight Deck Solutions, does anyone know more about their Simulator Assessment Training?
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Old 7th Jan 2013, 23:31
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Andrewwa, for a start get yourself into the Air Training Corps, it is a great place for a young pilot to start. You will get all the info you need there, and do yourself a service in mixing with other youngsters with the same ambition. Why a cadetship? Not possible to get a loan from the ol man and start your flying training now? Then go bush. Try Sling Air Kununurra, for starters. Most cadetships prefer you cannot yet fly, then they can do it they way from the beginning. And young Andrew, never give up. There will be times you have wondered what you have done, but it is worth it. Take this from a ol skipper who started in the airlines aged 19 years, and had not a bloody clue. Forty nine years later or so and 24,500 hrs, under my belt I would not change a thing. Go for it young fella, and enjoy your career.
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 02:40
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I would say 17.5 yrs is a little too old to start thinking about the Air Training Corps.
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 03:09
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Don't think so GW, mine all went thru the ATC at a later time due to school commitments, and did them a power of good. It is a mine of info for all young people either considering the Air Force or civilian flying. A bit of discipline thrown in never hurt a kid, and a bit of self belief also. Young Andrew could do worse.
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 04:56
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If you're looking for the easiest cadetship this isn't the industry for you.

It's a hard road and a greasy pole. You do it because it's who you are no matter the challenge.

I'd go the Skywest or Rex cadetships.

All the info is on their websites.
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 06:16
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Cadetships are certainly a means to achieving the goal of a seat on an Airliner and I know, train and fly with many of the products of such schemes from throughout the world.

I will tell you this, though- any time a group of pilots gets together, it is those of us who came through the more "Well trodden path" of GA/Bush flying that have the most vivid memories and best tall-tales to tell of our experiences.

As a young Aussie, you have the opportunity to experience a FULL Aviation career, with the advantage of being able to break the expense of the various stages of licensing and ratings up, while hopefully being able to fund your advancement from money earned actually flying.

In forty years time, you can look back on thirty-eight years of flying ILS to ILS in a jet, or have a stash of experience and life-lessons from flying in various parts of the country (or world) before finally getting into the certainly rewarding and satisfying, but none the less rather sheltered world of Airlines.

Go to your local Aerodrome, walk into a flying school, and talk to the instructors there- that will be a good starting point.

Good luck and enjoy it- Thirty two years in and I still do!!
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 06:35
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17 1/2 is way too old to be joining the AAFC as a cadet. Most of your NCOs are going to be 2-3 years younger than you. Your course mates are going to be in Year 8 and Year 9. If you haven't joned the AAFC by beginning of year 10 you've probably left the run too late to progress through and get maximum benefit.

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Old 8th Jan 2013, 09:31
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All my life, I have wanted to be a pilot

Me too. So I joined the RAAF and within 15 months I was awarded the pilot's brevet. Didn't cost me a penny. Best flying you could ever have.
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