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first of all let me say congrats to the AIPA.....well done in your ballot and the result....But I am a bit lost about the "PA" to be made on friday,maybe the company will step in and stop it using some sort of PPM rule,and if thats the case you got your hour in the sun.But having travelled a lot,yes the punters do take notice when you guys/girls hit the PTT switch,but only to hear the if the flights going to bumpy and the flt time....anything more is lost......great idear and its already got the msg across........the rim
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Originally Posted by Ken Borough View Post
Qantas pilots are out of order with their proposed PA announcements...
So you'd prefer the pilots to take harsher action that most certainly would impact flight schedules, etc? Aren't one or two short PAs explaining their situation better for the travelling public than flight cancellations and delays?

Personally, I would rather see a tougher fight, though I guess it may come to that yet...
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Flights continue uninterrupted and without delay..... how is this giving management a bloody nose?
Judging by the response from management on the evening news (via Olivia), I think they are very concerned!

The actions that I have heard mooted from friends at Qantas I think are very measured and should hurt the company without disenfranchising passengers.
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You can afford the petrol & rego on TWO six cylinder cars????..... In Australia!!!!

**** me

I'll stick with my 10 yr old 318is Bimmer and 13 yr old Bulletproof Camry sh!tbox
(Which BTW for Bobby Browns benefit has an oil leak in the back of the engine, and it is cheaper for me to top up with oil than it is to lift the motor out and fix the seal!) Ha! it only sits in a staff car park in the sun, and goes to the beach anyway.....

The 318is is a damn pleasure in the hills though....and I am not a car person by any stretch!

All the best boys & girls!....though somehow I suspect a good deal of your pax fly mainline paid for by their companies, and their jobs may well entail looking to offshore jobs....suspect little sympathy from those that seek to benefit the same way as leprechaun & Clifford will do.....expect nothing form those who would prefer to fly mainline but can only afford the orange cancer either....

I fear the whole "Board a QF Flight Expect a QF Pilot campaign will resonate with very few...
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Seriously, Puku?

I mean, seriously? This is what it has come down to? What car we drive?

If it's any help to you, I don't know many of my fellow longhaul pilots at all who are driving around in shiny new Mercedes or BMWs. Personally, I have a beaten up old 1988 Nissan and a Honda sedan for the wife to drive to work which I bought when the Falcon died (which in turn replaced the Torana).

Yes indeed, my excess is on display for all to see. And is there seriously something wrong with caring a lot about my own job anyway?
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puku= internet/management troll. For those who don't know trolls are those who post just to make trouble.

2 posts in 6 months. Both talking about cars. This is a pilots forum, if cars are your thing maybe try another forum.

Back to the topic. Good luck boys and girls. Hope it all goes well.
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Watch out Trent,you may be in for a visit from Russell Ingal and crew.
1 Ford + 1 GMH in the driveway!
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Oh Ken it's so much fun when you pop into PPRuNe and make your churlish statements. Maybe you are a troll for Luke Skywalker's side of the debate, throwing up antagonistic lines, so that we can all wax lyrical!

"If you have a fight with the Company, have it by all means but don't involve the customer".
But hang on Ken, AIPA has had an ongoing "fight" (most prefer the word 'negotiation' in these mod times) for more than 9 months, and now the bastard child has been born. Is it a boy, is it a girl, nooooo... it's a new airline in Asia with the cheapest most inexperienced pilots on offer.

I can hear Management's parting words "Sorry boys and girls your jobs are now defunct 'cause wev'e found a bunch of wannabe cashed up pilots/high school drop-outs, with shiny jet syndrome. See ya later Australia. To be sure,to be sure...."
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QF management are unable to interfere with the PA's as they have been approved by FWA. If management were to interfere then they contravene the FWA ruling and penalties apply.
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2 Commodores for me - the newest one is over ten years old.

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Always question motives of posters on public forums, such as prominent ones like PPRuNe who join specifically to disagree with you.

'puku' is probably just applying lessons learned in IR101 in his Tafe Cert IV, derail public comment by posting crap on a forum.

It's amazing the managers who think they are the only ones in the world deserving of wages in excess of $100,000.

After you are only employed under the title of 'Pilot' not

'Senior Advisor to the Executive General Manager of the Department of Quality Risk for the Management of the Operations of all aspects of the Treasury's Paper Supply'

One job manages a machine that if mishandled could kill up to 500 people+ in a single hit, the other carries out risk assessments on the possibility of a paper cut and the effect that could have on supply of a printing and replication medium.

After all, some people know they are important.. Others need big job titles to make them feel important, then post on PPRuNe to tell the important people how overpaid and undeserving they are.
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Handbrake wrote

QF management are unable to interfere with the PA's as they have been approved by FWA. If management were to interfere then they contravene the FWA ruling and penalties apply.
That's right. Basically QF can allow the ban to go ahead, or espond by lockout - would seem OTT; or not accept the ban - ala the left-hand LAMEs - and not pay pilots that choose to make the union PA announcements.
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Pardon my ignorance folks, i'm just a curious kid with a quick question. Even if pilots get their way and QF agrees to secure jobs of pilots, what's to stop QF from recruiting offshore pilots in the future when all the new fleet starts coming in?. My understanding of all this is (and please correct me if i'm wrong), current QF long haul pilots want QF to agree that they will never retrench another pilot (mostly in the event QF employs offshore pilots on lower wages). Basically what i'm getting to is will this new agreement make sure that QF can't employ offshore pilots at all in the future?.... thanks in advance.
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The job security clause that has been put forward does not make Qantas pilots 'unsackable'. All it simply states that any Qantas flying done under a Qantas flight number is done under the Long Haul award OR conditions equal or greater.
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Thanks carbonneutral. Could you (or anyone who can) please point out the "key" conditions from the Long Haul award that would state/imply QF pilots under this award must have such as the right to work/live in Australia, Australian licenses etc etc to name a couple... or did I just answer my question?. Thanks again, just trying to understand the whole story. Cheers
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I thought this was worth posting on here as I believe this was a extremely good interview conducted by Nathan Safe, for AIPA. He got many runs on the board in a short space of time. Well worth a listen again.

Kudos Nathan
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As far as I'm aware those rules are covered by Australian workplace and Australian aviation law. Which is why Qantas is looking to hire outside Australia to bypass these rules. The job security clause, by stating that Qantas flights, regardless of place of employment, must be under the long haul award OR conditions equal or greater, takes away this incentive.
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carbonneutral and Em777ER, you've finally taken us to the point!

There is nothing to stop Qantas from employing foreign/other pilots and basing them overseas

The job security clauses do not provide job security, because the document (LHCA) is only valid for an Australian based company. QantasAsia - or whatever it may be called - if wholly incorporated overseas, may be completely independent from Australian industrial law in the same way that Jetstar Asia, and Jetstar NZ is...

Unfortunately, that's the key battle here.
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Qantas International faces 'tough' changes warns chief executive Alan Joyce

from the Australian,

NEXT month's announcement on restructuring Qantas International will signal the start of phased but tough transformation of the airline over coming years that could include replicating the airline's successful frequent flyer scheme offshore. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce raised the prospect in a speech at a Sydney aviation conference today that was also likely to heighten speculation of a full-service offshoot in Asia.
Mr Joyce told the Australia Pacific Aviation Outlook Summit that the airline's review of its international operations would aim to keep Qantas Australia's leading premium airline while strengthening the focus on alliances, reviewing non-performing business segments and expanding in Asia.
"Change is always tough," he said. "But the competitive challenges we face make major change essential and our commitment to the change process is absolute.
"I believe we have a major opportunity to go beyond the natural limitations of our market size and geography, to become a champion Australian company in a globalised region and world."

Mr Joyce reiterated the airline's interest in Asia and China and pointed to Jetstar's rapid expansion in the region.
He said there was also an enormous opportunity to leverage the mainline carrier's excellence in brand management, aviation safety and other skills.
And in what appears to be a reference to a potential Asian full-service airline, Mr Joyce said the company saw continuing opportunities for the Jetstar model and "lessons to be learned for Qantas".
"I want to see both our airline brands maximising their global potential," he said, adding that the frequent flyer program was also "a business model than can be replicated in other markets".
Mr Joyce also used the speech to attack union leaders pursuing industrial action for being out of touch and blocking new business models.
He said new maintenance regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to bring Australia into line with Europe recognised the enormous advances in aviation technologies.
The new regulations were a huge step forward for aviation safety that Qantas was capitalising on through a new system called Project Marlin.
The largest and most complex IT project ever undertaken by Qantas engineering, Mr Joyce said Marlin allowed Qantas to look at a sophisticated database and get an instant maintenance update on any aircraft anywhere in the world.
The airline would start with its Airbus A380s and progressively phase in the rest of the fleet in what represented the biggest improvement to the airline's maintenance systems since record keeping began.
"More broadly, Qantas is spending billions on next generation aircraft with advanced computer systems linked to ground systems to enable the detailed monitoring of aviation performance in real time," he said.
"The vast majority of people within our business have helped us to maximise the capabilities of these aircraft in terms of fuel-efficient flying techniques and new product and service offerings," he said.
"But our maintenance and repair costs are among the least efficient and most expensive in the world.
"So it's time to catch up. We don't repair our cars the same we did 40 years ago. We can't repair our planes the same way either." my bold
"We can't repair our planes the same way either"
you can say that again AJ
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Interesting to note to where Steve Creedy put the story in the Australian.
In the second half of a story hidden behind the Headline about Qantas closing its Travel Agent shop fronts.
Advertising dollar wins every time.
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