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An apology

Old 2nd Jul 2011, 10:27
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An apology

The other thread was locked so I have to start this one. I can't access either of the links to the interview nor can I find a transcript but when enough people say you're wrong then I guess you have to fall on your sword. I obviously mis-heard the interviewers question or misunderstood BJ's response but either way the consensus seems to be that I was out of line and for that I would
like to offer an un-reserved apology to Captain Jackson and to all the rat drivers for my use of the "s" term that was unjustified. I'm not a troll, as one poster suggested, just an idiot with egg all over my face.
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Wow. More power to you brother. Not often we see an apology on PPRuNe.
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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 10:45
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Good on you for having the fortitude to apologise. Very rare on this BBS.

Ultimately, if an inexperienced pilot is taken advantage of by an employer then to an extent its not the inexperienced pilots fault.

If an inexperienced pilot makes serious mistakes that lead to an unsafe aircraft condition, then my interest is in the checking and training regime that put him or her there, not in crucifying the individual.

In the 'modern' LCC model crew training costs are a burden despite BB and co trumpeting "safety is our highest priority". Thats the issue. Lets stay focused

We were all inexperienced once.

The argument is not between us as pilots, but between dodgy operators and pilots.
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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 11:01
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Biton, I dips my lid to you.
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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 11:02
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Good call mate.
I'll also take this opportunity right now to apologise for any mistakes I might make in the future.
Saves me having to do it later, so make a note of it.
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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 12:13
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Nice one Biton, I've made about 2300 incorrect posts on this forum welcome to the club!
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Old 2nd Jul 2011, 12:29
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I only rarely visit PPRuNe, and found myself doing so this morning after hearing about the grounding of Tiger. I read your initial post immediately after you had made it, and came pretty close to posting a response, however it would've only been inflammatory, and I thought better of it.

Firstly, as many others have done so, I take my hat off to you for your apology. It takes a real person to make a public statement like that.

If I could further add, and I am not affiliated within the confines of an AIPA office, just an observer and a pilot, however, this is all about unity in the Australian aviation scene. Whilst the heat will inevitably be directed at some companies because of this, pilots should both individually and as a group, realise that this is a stand being made for the positive growth of the industry within Australia, and hopefully with flow on effects globally.

The 'blanket' aspersions which are being cast should not be taken on board by individuals directly, instead used as motivation to continue to strive individually as professional pilots, and back our 'brothers and sisters' up who are battling against intolerable airline conditions. By banding together, we are also all ensuring that there is a sufficient airline aviation scene within Australia for pilots who are currently in GA or otherwise who have aspirations of flying Australian jet airliners on decent pay and conditions, without the need to move offshore.

Just my two cents worth, and after seeing your apology, I felt I should raise my head slightly and also make a positive post on what so often easily degenerates into a negative forum of name calling and ego driven narcissism.
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Aww Bugga

Wrong thread - again. Mea Culpa. Old Farts Disease????. Betcha
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