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See what I mean by "emotional".

Look at the logic, look at the reality and accept that the cosy nest you've been defecating in for the past several decades with your mother feeding you, is about to get shaken from the tree.

You may not like the management (nobody likes management at the best of times) and you can get off on your vitriol, but you won't change the inevitable.
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I've never said this myself before....
I've heard other people say it....
Here goes...
"Why become a pilot"
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Someone on Qantas Facebook page commented that Qantas was cutting London services - the person manning the replies commented that they were infact NOT cutting services to London - they were simply consolidating them !

Jump on and and read some of the quite viscious comments from people that to have the ability to post had to 'like' Qantas.
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ALLTHEWAYSTRAIGHT what do you do in the industry if you don't mind me asking? Wouldn't happen to be in Q Management?
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Qantas overhauls with $9 bln fleet order, 2 new airlines | Reuters

Mentions 200 pilot jobs here. No saying where they got the number from though.
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Leigh Clifford has stated that he is concerned that Joyce and Co are going to leave Qantas and take their expertise elsewhere.
His justification for this?
Joyce comes in 30% cheaper than Dixon. A bargain.
The cairman is ultimate responsible for the direction.
I forsee a blame game coming on. Who will be found responsible for the destruction? Management or the Board?

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Joyce and Co are going to leave Qantas and take the expertise elsewhere.

i'm not a religious man,
but i WILL be praying tonight.
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Is AJ misleading us? Not in his mind.

The little fella can only say that 'reducing the workforce by 1000' will fix the problem. Why doesn't he outline the actual root cause of the alleged 'mainline fiasco' for all to see, including a breakdown of poor management decisions and related issues that have contributed? If you are going to wield an axe, start chopping at the core of the problem. The way the execs are acting you would think that they feel they are immortal, have been filled with divine holy spirit and are some sort of Elliot Ness ? Its time to remove the head of the fish.
I had a very interesting email from a colleague who is closely associated with Irish Business. It is his opinion that we are all labouring under our Australian beliefs and teachings. AJ isn’t attached to, or constrained by, these beliefs, teaching or our history. He is not an Australian and had been brought up in a Country where intellectual betrayal, or more specifically, mental reservation, casuistry and equivocation are accepted practice.

As he (my colleague) explained, the Collins Dictionary defines mental reservation as....’a tacit withholding of full assent or an unexpressed qualification made when one is taking an oath, making a statement, etc.’ Casuistry is ....’ reasoning that is specious, misleading, or oversubtle’.

The doctrines of mental reservation and casuistry were developed in the middle ages and are most often associated with the Jesuits. Mental reservation involves truths "expressed partly in speech and partly in the mind," relying upon the idea that God hears what is in one's mind while human beings hear only what one speaks. Verbally, “I did not steal any sheep on Tuesday”, mentally continuing, “it was on Wednesday”. It is a way of telling lies while being able to claim that you’ve been completely honest. For instance, the Primate of Ireland, Cardinal Desmond Connell, was comfortable with telling journalists that diocesan funds are not used to pay off the victims of clerical abusers, and he was very pleased with the subtlety of his language. He took great satisfaction in explaining that he didn’t say such funds were not used in the past, and if the journalists happened to be hoodwinked by his clever use of language, why that was just their own misfortune for not being as slippery smart as the Cardinal!

In our culture the statement, “Mr. Boyce is not in the office” typically means that Boyce is not taking phone calls right now (or, at least not this particular phone call). The caller understands (or should understand) that this is a polite way of saying, “Boyce is not available to you at this moment, even though he is actually in the office.” No one is really fooled by this expression using ambiguous language; we simply take it for what it is.

President Bill Clinton was educated at the foremost Jesuit training centre, Georgetown University. According to Clinton's biographer David Maraniss, the President owed his formidable skills as a criminal defendant to 'his training in casuistry at Georgetown University'. Casuistry is equivocal to rationalization, “to cause something to seem reasonable, to provide plausible but untrue reasons for conduct”. We all recall Bill Clinton, a former Rhodes Scholar, insist that he did not have sexual relations with that woman, when most guys in his position would be more than happy to think of what he got up to as just that!

Closer to home there was the Australian Spycatcher affair. Sir Robert Armstrong, now Baron Armstrong, produced the magnificent phrase “economical with the truth”. The world loved the patent absurdity of Armstrong’s phrase, and laughed at it, because we all understood what he meant. Economical with the truth! Every parent knows who took the sweets, or put a football through the window. It was Mister Nobody or maybe a kamikaze.

The question that should be asked of AJ and the QF spin doctors is, ‘Do you have a mental reservation in respect of your statement?’

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Do they realise that in Malaysia, everyone needs a cut?
Interesting. It would be a breach of QF corporate policy to give one. I don't think that would stop them though.
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Keg - there are many legal and above-board ways to structure payouts. Most can even stand scrutiny in a court of law in any developed country.

It would be silly to think QF didn't do it in Vietnam.
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I was really hoping this would read:

Joyce shoots himself in the foot.... by shooting himself in the foot
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They are copping a pasting on their Facebook page guys. It's very very anti joyce over there!!
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A380 to HKG!!!!
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QFdude, do you mean the A380's x 6 for a Jq franchise?

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Just For the record

For those who missed it, this is the live announcement before the media gets a chance to digest it,
part 1

part 2

Amateur hour, even News 24 cut it short. It appears this press conference revealed nothing much new other than demonstrate that the Qantas media department don't have a clue in delivering a short concise message, it was a very poor event considering this company is an Australian icon. I feel for the staff who have to endure this foreign monotone from this CEO.

That's how I felt this morning after seeing it for the first time.
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Interesting burst from DrPepz, but doesn't the whole of ASIAN become "open skies" in a year or two?
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No, QF A380!!
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ASEAN Open Skies? That's only for capital cities. It was meant to kick in 2 years ago, and now it's apparently kicking in in 2015. And even then, will it? Isn't ASEAN all about that skit they put up at the end of the meeting?

Which interesting city pairs do you have for ASEAN open skies?

Singapore-all the ASEAN capitals perhaps. Dozens of flights SIN-KUL, MNL, CGK, BKK, SGN (but that's not the capital!)

But what other route pairs necessitate a full service premium carrier?

Manila-Bangkok: PR 2x TG 2x 5J 1x daily
Manila-Jakarta: 4x weekly by PR. No other airline flies it
Manila-KUL: PR doesn't even fly it. MH 2x daily

Jakarta-KUL: Dozens of flights

Jakarta-BKK: GA 2x, TG 2x, Indon Air Asia: 1x

Jakarta-Hanoi: Not served

KUL-Hanoi: MH 1x, AK 1x VN 1x

What other routes within the ASEAN capital cities would be of much interest? If you take away SIN and BKK, the other capital cities can barely sustain a daily service. 3K is already serving all ASEAN capitals ex SIN except Laos. Even Rangoon is served by Jetstar Asia in cooperation with Myanmar Airways!

Oh isn't East Timor in ASEAN now. Any takers for Dili-Hanoi? or Rangoon-Jakarta? Silk Air already flies SIN-Dili.

In ASEAN you have Singapore and Burma and every country in between. Every country is culturally, politically and economically different from each other. Most ASEAN countries view each other with suspicion and try to outdo each other. Malaysia regularly has spats with Indonesia and Singapore. Singapore has spats with nearly every country due to small dick syndrome, and the fact it is richer than everyone else. That's why Singapore welcomes Australia into all the ASEAN meets because the rest of South East ASia hates Singapore and Australia, so both countries stick together because of common enemies. And so on.
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Hmmmm------perhaps QF is learning from the Chinese and all is not what it seems!
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ABC News and 7.30 report 16-08-2011

For those who missed it, I thought the 7.30 report was very good, AJ got a few hard questions out of nowhere. What is interesting was the views from the public interviewed at KSA.

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