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Air NZ 737 donk goes pop

Old 8th May 2011, 01:58
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Air NZ 737 donk goes pop

It had to happen sooner or later. A 737 en route AKL - WLG lost an engine and diverted to HLZ, landing safely (as we would expect. right?) and as reported in Stuff. Here's the link:

Plane makes emergency landing in Hamilton |

All nice straight, no-nonsense stuff.

BUT, Radio NZ's National news just HAD to go further didn't they.

Radio New Zealand : News : National : 'Huge bang' as plane engine malfunctions mid-flight

Yep, the good old "I thought we were all gonna die" routine.

Where do they get these reporters from?

Le Vieux
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Old 8th May 2011, 06:41
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Ya gotta love how an Air New Zealand 737 has an engine failure and there is nothing on the news.

Qantas has a fuel valve problem and there is a chopper in the air broadcasting it all over the world!!

I've lost count how many people I've heard tell me they won't fly Qantas because they don't trust their aircraft.
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Old 8th May 2011, 06:52
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Old 8th May 2011, 07:11
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Well that was a big non event, as you might expect. A lot of frustrated firemen standing around by the looks of it.
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Old 8th May 2011, 07:50
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It was pretty big on the news I watched.. crap reporting though.
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Old 8th May 2011, 08:10
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No way. Surely this stuff on happens to Qantas.
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mustve been something big to go to HN..surely only a few minutes less than going back to AA....?!
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Old 8th May 2011, 08:25
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In a twin engine aircraft what do ya reckon the QRH says about actions in the event of an EF.....?

Something bout ... "plan to land at nearest suitable airport"
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But did it "PLUMMET"?
It's really serious when that happens.
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Old 8th May 2011, 09:27
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Slamer......just to be pedantic, and cos I am nursing a mild case of alcohol induced headache syndrome...

"plan to land at the nearest suitable airport.." can mean a great deal of things...besides which, suitable is open to interpretation as well
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Old 8th May 2011, 10:45
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Passenger Brian Childs says about half way into the flight he heard "huge bang" that sounded like the undercarriage had gone.
"The plane just rolled badly to the right then back again to the left and then started dipping."
"I thought this was it, we're gonna die."
Last time my undercarriage "had gone" there was no bang... I feel let down!!!

Strange how even when the engine was shut down by the pilots there was still a "huge bang".... peoples imagination must run into absolute overdrive.
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Old 8th May 2011, 11:51
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haugntney ... Agreed, but to fly past an operable port (which HN undoubtedly was) for commercial reasons alone (which is ultimately what it would boil down to) on one engine would be a dubious decision in my books. Based on that logic you may as well continue to destination.

Im sure the intention is to put the A/C on the ground safely for the circumstances ASAP.

I wont go further cause I know you know the rest...! and Ill accept you were being a little pedantic...

Disclaimer: I dont actually know where the EF occured or what if any complicating issues they had to contend with. But Ill propose they were closest to HN....!
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Old 8th May 2011, 20:06
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"Suitable Airport" is not open to interpretation at all. It is Black in white, at least in Air NZ's manuals. A suitable airport is an "Adequate Airport" (essentially, long enough and strong enough), with weather, atc, and approaches that will allow a safe landing to be carried out on the day. The only real reason to fly to a more distant suitable airport is if the Captain believes it will be safer for some reason. That reason would not include pax convenience, engineering support or a nicer cafe for lunch. Also, it is nearest in terms of time, so if you were at 30 000' over Hamilton, you could argue that Auckland is just as close in terms of time.

As for the stories of "plummeting to our deaths", what else can we expect.
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Old 8th May 2011, 20:27
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Yes, it PLUMETTED, it's serious

Passengers shriek and sob as plane plummets |

Passengers screamed as an Air New Zealand plane plummeted for several seconds when one of its engines failed during a flight.
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Old 8th May 2011, 21:19
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5:30 AM Monday May 9, 2011

A passenger on an Air New Zealand plane forced to make an emergency landing at Hamilton airport yesterday considered sending his wife a loving text when the plane started rolling and nose-diving.
Brian Childs said he heard a "huge bang" before the plane, flying from Auckland to Wellington, started rolling and nose-diving about halfway into the hour-long flight. "It scared the s*** out of me. I honestly thought that was it and I was going to die."
Mr Childs said passengers on the right-hand side of the plane told him they saw a big flash and smoke start pouring from the engine.
"One of the cabin crew who ran to the back of the plane was as white as a ghost," he said.
"It was pretty scary. I thought that was it. The plane dipped to the right side then swung over to the left before it started diving."
He said the pilot told the passengers that something had gone wrong with the Boeing 737 plane's right engine, which had been shut down. "It felt like the simulation that Air New Zealand released after their plane crashed in France... The woman next to me said she felt as though she were on the 9/11 flight and wanted to call her loved ones."

Another passenger, Simon Hoffman, said a passenger a few seats behind him had an anxiety attack and needed oxygen and others were in tears.
"Some people were visibly upset - they weren't making much noise but you could see it on their faces and they had tears in their eyes."
He said the pilot updated passengers over the intercom and the flight crew were "amazingly professional and calm". Mr Hoffman, who was returning from a 5-month overseas family holiday, said his three children were on edge for the rest of the flight.
The plane turned around to head back to Hamilton airport because it was too windy to land in Wellington with one engine.
Mr Hoffman said there was applause onboard when the plane landed safely at Hamilton airport about 10.20am.
Air New Zealand spokesman Mark Street said the problem was most likely caused by low oil pressure and not an explosion.
"The passengers probably would have seen smoke because of the low oil pressure, which means oil has come out of the engine. That also would have caused the flash."
The 95 passengers were taken via bus back to Auckland and were staggered across a number of flights yesterday afternoon.
The plane has been taken out of service and the Civil Aviation Authority has been informed.
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3news has a very amusing animation of what they believe happened

Plane scare shakes passengers - National - Video - 3 News
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Offcut has got it right.

It's a time issue and a more distant airport may indeed be more suitable as the time for descent may be the same as for an airport immediately below the aircraft at the time of the event.
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Old 9th May 2011, 00:48
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Trust the media to hype it up, they probably waited on the ground to find the stressed mother come screaming into the terminal with her three nagging children because of course she will say "we plummeted to the ground" and "i thought I was going to die". Never mind the rest of the passengers coming out calmly saying "that was a fun bit of excitement"

Someone might be able to shed some light on the engine failure characteristics of a 737 whether they are dramatic of just a yaw and roll (if not fixed soon enough) like in a light twin. Someone mentioned 'shuddering' and I cannot for the life of me think why it would shudder unless the engine tangentially disassembled itself
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I think they call it Turbulence.
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Stuff has reported on a second engine failure, this time on a b1900 operated by eagle.

Second Air New Zealand engine drama - travel |
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