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Merged: Senate Inquiry

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Mary Mary quite contrary has long since retired to well deserved obscurity, and my souvenir is a pretty FAA Certificate saying I have completed the FAA "Suspected Unapproved Parts Identification" course.

She would have fitted a job in the present CASA to a T, she thought she had found a vast criminal conspiracy, and career wise, it was going to carry her to a job as Secretary of DoT. Didn't happen, wrong boat.

Re. NZ, I did not mean to disparage their aviation efforts, the "overseas expert", politically, will be unlikely to be found in NZ.

An aviation act along the NZ line, and a set of regulations very close their "rules" would do very nicely, thanks --- but the changes would be to simplify them further, and weed out a few local NZ peculiarities. ie: type ratings, go with the FAA. Likewise, FAA VFR, which would mean, more or less, reverting to the VFR we used to have before CASA cocked up Class D --- GAAP was so near as made no difference to FAA D as made no difference. A case of mindless application of ICAO in Australia, but only when it disadvantages local aviation.

Tootle pip!!

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Drift On.

Only a slight drift while we are waiting :-

LS – "i.e.: type ratings, go with the FAA."
We seem to have managed this for single engine types without any horror stories; the addition of 'special design features' seems a sane, sensible way to manage things. So why not adopt the FAA system for multi engine <5700 Kg. First, I would destroy all trace of CAO 40.1.0 and all it's little appendages, what an absolute embuggerance of a shambles it is. It typifies, more than any other the mad, complicated, twisted – Ok, ok, I'll stop there....

Drift off – back to the mute button (changing channels is of no practical assistance).
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While we're waiting Phearless Phelan provides a summary of the LibNat aviation policy (which I don't think has been linked yet?): Coalition’s aviation policies revealed


Official Coalition Policy


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Kharon old mate, its always been my belief that whoever in the bowels of CAsA's rear end wrote CAO 40 should have received a knighthood for penning the most incomprehensible load of gobbeldegook ever devised in the annuls of beauracatese. There has been many who have followed but none that have come close to devising anything as convoluted, incomprehensible and totally valueless as CAO 40.
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Thorny, CAO 40 is a prime example of how select bureaucratic lawyers have raped aviation in Australia. (There are countless other examples though)
The buggery continues unabated.
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Grrr CAO 40

Well I'm confused!

Didn't CAO 40 and it's ANO equivalent look pretty much the same in format and principle in the 70s and 80s as it does now? This apparent blight on humanity is older than most of the whingers on here...

So where is the campaign and the protagonists' argument to have it changed and how long has it been running?
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Only the names have been more or less constant, there have been countless changes, most of them not good.
Tootle pip!!
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The rot remains in and out of CASA - Mates rates and wankers.

Almost as many changes as CEO's, DAS's, assorted bum lickers, GM Operations types and the odd LSD nupty.

I hear that the newly appointed Bald Eagle's first job as GM Operations is to cover the GWM ass, hence a clean up and reappointment of a new Melbourne Field Office manager is a priority, and now advertised. Gotta protect Terry's family. All that minor experience at Archerfield highly qualifies him, not! I wonder if he, Harbor and Harbor's girlfriend are still all friends?

I also hear that one R. Collins, famous for looking after Transair and buddy Les is also as popular at the CAA as a 'Quinn in a pub'. That is so funny, the little fella, author of SMS shite and serial idiot can't cut the mustard in PNG. What a tool.

Meanwhile the Skull, yes the angry incompetent bad shirt wearing DAS continues his ranting and raving around the place, more bad performances in front of staff, more public displays of aggression, child like whinging and uncontrolled outbursts. Grow up little boy.

And finally the Witchdoctor. Shouldn't bag out John in public, very unprofessional, doctor
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Shouldn't bag out John in public, very unprofessional, doctor
I would really love to know more about that, maybe the good Doctor has started to return to sanity.

Tootle pip!!
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Perhaps the voodoo Doc bagged out Mr Skulls Friday Hawaiian shirts?
Or perhaps the Doc is referring to the execs all attended a 'love in' and for entertainment they placed Mr Angry in a hessian bag, trussed (not Warren) him up as a piñata and proceeded to do to him what he has been doing to our industry? Could that be a reference to 'bagging'? Maybe Collins was there as well?

Casaweary you have our attention, more detail please?

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At the village pump -

CW # 1449 –"I hear that the newly appointed Bald Eagle's first job as GM Operations is to cover the GWM ass, hence a clean up" etc.
Don't know about the accuracy there CW; the way I heard it, first there was a training course in "Wodger" writing, followed by a series of letters to be writ. Only a Bankstown crew coffee break rumour of course; but they do say that Wodger has left a trail of very, very dodgy decisions in his wake supported by even shakier evidence; and, these need to be covered off. Apparently, it's all part of the mystical induction into the GWM. They do say that part of the process involves becoming guilty of something, at least by association so that you will be as keen as mustard, come cover up time. This is before the ritual lobotomy ceremony and funny hat issue party. The gods willing, there may come a time where hard facts can be heard, evidence tested and maybe even a little justice metered out. Time will tell of course, but the odds seem to favour at least a partial exposure. I can wait.

LS# 1450 "I would really love to know more about that, maybe the good Doctor has started to return to sanity."
Or, they finally got the medication right. No one has told him yet, but the grinding noise he hears is real – it's Phelan and Sandilands sharpening the pencils in preparation. Rumour of the week - if the Senate don't get it sorted – the press will; and I love a good yarn, well told...

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I also hear that one R. Collins, famous for looking after Transair and buddy Les is also as popular at the CAA as a 'Quinn in a pub'. That is so funny, the little fella, author of SMS shite and serial idiot can't cut the mustard in PNG. What a tool.
Where did you here that? Seems to be OK from stories at the Dero Club
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Honour amongst thieves ?

I can't imagine why Monsieur Collins is not often invited to high tea; perhaps it's muddy boots, or bad table manners; or, maybe it's prior knowledge of where lots of skeletons are buried. There are old fables about honour among thieves – then of course, conversely

A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true to one another ~ Shakespeare, Henry IV
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. Aesop.
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High tea indeed!

Considering Herr Collins, FF and Lockhart have popped up again, for those who may have short memories I thought the following might be worth pondering over a cup of high tea;

2005 ? Lockhart River [LHR] Metro | Assistance to the Aviation Industry

From Phelans article linked above;
Numerous submissions on the company’s behalf challenged the decision, in particular information put forward by aviation consultant Robert Collins. Mr Collins was formerly a pilot with Transair’s parent company Lessbrook, who joined CASA’s predecessor in 1990 and was its Group General Manager, General Aviation Operations at the time of the Lockhart River accident. However Mr Collins asserts that: “Transair was solely the responsibility of the Brisbane Airline Office and not the National or any local GA Office.” He retired on 29 September 2006, but later appeared as an advisor to CASA during the subsequent Coroner’s inquest.
In his consultancy role Mr Collins had since conducted various audits of Trans Air’s operations including a “review of safety and management systems” in March 2009, and his favourable reports, offered in support of Trans Air’s application, were accepted with voluble praise by the Tribunal, who concluded:
“The Tribunal sets aside the decision under review and remits the matter to the respondent for reconsideration in accordance with a direction that a Foreign Aircraft Air Operator’s Certificate be issued to the applicant subject to the conditions ordinarily imposed by the respondent upon certificates of that type."
Hmmmm. I can still smell something in the air that smells like sh#t........
I find it intriguing that Transair came under Brisbane's oversight, that may be true, but Cairns inspectors had carried out surveillance on Transair, strange thing to do if Brisbane is the primary oversight office?
Kharon, I can only assume that any media story will be released. A given Friday at 1659 PM? One can only hope it is CH 7, those ills of media society who have been chipping away at Fort Fumble through the FOI process for several years now

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Maybe we new a new peak body for Australian aviation, the;
Ills of Society Society.
IOSS has a nice ring to it, maybe Mr. McCormick could be the inaugural patron??

Tootle pip!!

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Press On -

While I'm not privy to the future plans of interesting, but scary people; there is a buzz in the air, akin to the sharpening of knives. The BRB have been given a file to peruse and make comment on, currently ploughing my way through it (not a preferred option for RDO - Thanks P7) in preparation for tonight's BRB pre election ho down. Obviously, can't offer a comment here but I reckon the market in tin hats and napalm proof legal advice is going to have a run on. When you drill down into the 'evidence' and work through the 'confrontational' issues, the picture becomes - very clear and it is ugly. I find it hard to believe that supposedly sane people, in charge of aviation safety oversight can believe they could get away with it forever; no one is that protected.

The 'honourable' way to play the hand is to wait (but not too long) for the official inquest sparing the new Gummint and the department from public humiliation. If that does not happen, then perhaps the alternate solution should be employed.

On the plus side, the Bankstown Chronicles have had some holes filled in, where hearsay and supposition has been confirmed with solid data.

Patience grasshopper, patience - Selah.

Sponsored by the anti Witless Overweening Doyens of Grievously Engineered Report writing, on behalf of the Ills of Society.

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the Bankstown Chronicles have had some holes filled in
Probably with a suppository. (which the Italian's call an Innuendo)

Bad Frank, bad.
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Well 16.59 on the last Friday of the present government has past. Lets see what Monday brings. Could be very interesting next few months.

Casaweary, Melbourne job re advertised?
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The irrespirable Gobbledock smuggled the latest 'vision' in with his postal vote. Now, for a choccy frog - name the protagonists.

Yep, I know blame Frank – bad Voltaire.....
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Where's Albo's policy??

Not sure if I'll go there "K"..I'll leave that to wiser members of the IOS(S)!!

So just wondering where Albo's policy is, or is he continuing with his.."all the answers are in the 20 year Great White Elephant Paper"...well industry has taken note of that {from Australian 05/09}:
Coalition policy flies with industry

THE Coalition's aviationpolicy has prompted a wave of optimism that in government it would be moreresponsive to industry concerns.

Industry players contacted byThe Australian welcomed the policy, released last week by oppositiontransport spokesman Warren Truss, as a step in the right direction that showedthe Coalition had been listening to the industry.

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese did not take up an offer to respond to the policy while at the big end of town Qantas and Virgin werealso reluctant to comment.

But associations representing tourism, the airports, regional aviation, general aviation, aerial agriculture and maintenance providers were all generally supportive of the 12-point policy,costed initially at $6 million, and gave the opposition kudos for putting it together.

They also supported the idea of an external review of the aviation safety and regulatory environment similarto the Wheeler review on airport security.

The Coalition also foreshadowed a potential restructuring of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority,a strengthening of the CASA board and an aviation industry consultative councilthat would meet regularly with the minister.

It said it would invest an additional $3.5m to introduce "a new and better targeted" en-route rebate scheme for regional airlines, focus on better use of Australian airspace by tasking Airservices Australia to fast-track new technologies and recognise the importance of Australian airports to the economy.

Other pledges included the continued promotion of aviation liberalisation while protecting the national interest, enhancing aviation skills, and a review of the way aviation security measures are implemented.

The Coalition's tourism policy also pleased the airlines and the tourism industry, especially the pledge tofreeze the controversial passenger movement charge at $55 for its first term.

Labor had not released an aviation policy document at the time of going to press, but at the recent CAPA Australian Pacific Aviation Conference Mr Albanese singled out general aviation, aviation manufacturing and pilot training as areas that would receive a renewed emphasis under are-elected Labor government.

However, in an address short of forward-looking detail, Mr Albanese spent much of his speech cataloguing what Labor had accomplished since the 2009 aviation white paper.

These included renegotiated air service agreements, an increase in the passenger liability cap to $725,000,the appointment of an airline customer advocate and the signing of the Cape Town Convention toreduce aircraft capital costs.

Both major parties have pledged to nominate a site for a second Sydney airport in their first term,with Labor saying it would also start work. Both have indicated they would look at Richmond RAAF base as a temporary overflow for the existing airport.

While players were disappointed in Labor's failure to release a policy, they described the Coalition document as a good start.

The Australian Aviation Associations' Forum, the umbrella group, described Mr Truss's policies as"refreshing" and said the opposition had been listening to the industry.

The group believed Mr Truss was serious about the initiatives and the policy was a positive development.

"They are steps in the right direction," it said. "The industry has never been more united and is looking forward to working with the incoming government."

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia welcomed the return of the en-route subsidy scheme,but noted it was $2.5m less than the earlier scheme.

"The new policies are light on funding,but we are willing to work with any incoming government to help them trim the bloated bureaucracies, encourage further efficiencies and have the industry climbing again," RAAA chairman Jeff Boyd said.

RAAA chief executive Paul Tyrrell said the proposal to reappraise CASA, its board and the regulatory reform process had the support of the regional industry.

He said it also supported strengthening the industry complaints commissioner, although it would still like to have a minister of aviation.

"Overall, it appears the Coalition is having a good look at its major aviation bodies and how they are led and how they are structured and has offered some improvements," MrTyrrell said. "And we would support that."

Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia chief executive Phil Hurst said he would have liked to have seen more detail from both sides and it was disappointing only one party had produced a policy.

Describing the policy as"safe", he acknowledged the Coalition was unable to promise the world, but believed it was a positive development, which the AAAA was happy to put to its members.

"It's actually encouraging to see the Coalition is coming in with a pretty wide brief and they're not trying to second guess the answers before they actually get inthere and see what's going on," Mr Hurst said.

Aviation Aerospace Australia,which includes manufacturers and the big airlines in its membership, welcomed the Coalition's focus on the industry, including the future skills development and training policies and formation of the industry consultative council.

"Open and ongoing dialogue with the federal government is a vital part of the continued growth and development of the Australian aviation and aerospace industries,"executive director Paul Fox said.

"We believe there are real opportunities for Australia's innovative aerospace manufacturers in international markets and acknowledge the coalition's focus on the important growth sector. There are also substantial opportunities to export Australia's expertise in aviation training, particularly within burgeoning Asian markets."

Australian Airports Association chief executive Caroline Wilkie welcomed the external review of aviation, particularly given the impact of escalating security costs - now topping 12 per cent of total operating expenses - on regional airport operators. Ms Wilkie said the risk-based approach to aviation security, the new en-route subsidy scheme, the commitment to remote aerodrome safety and adequate regional weather services were also welcome. "A focus on better utilisation of Australian airspace will help ensure that the capacity provided by airport operators, particularly at major capital city airports, is more effectively utilised through better airspace management as well as enabling the latest generation of private and business aircraft, which are much quieter to operate at curfew-affected airports such as Sydney and Adelaide," she said.

The review of allowable charter and business aircraft that could operate during curfews at Sydney andAdelaide was also supported by the Tourism and Transport Forum "as a good first step on the path towards incentivising quieter, modern aircraft overolder, noisier types".

"The Coalition's policy recognises the absurdity of legislation that fails to take into account the massive gains made by aircraft manufacturers in making significantly quieter aircraft," TTF chief executive Ken Morrison said.

Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Business Association executive director Ken Cannane said most people in his organisation were "pretty darn supportive" of the direction proposed by the Coalition.

"It's a pity they couldn't be a little more prescriptive in a couple of areas, but they've got enough in there to make sure of the changeover that needs to be done in aviation to get us back into the business world around the local Pacific area," Mr Cannane said.

He said changes to regulations by CASA had negatively affected the industry and members buried in red tape no longer believed the regulator was listening to them.

Regional Express executive chairman Lim Kim Hai, a trenchant critic of the current government, said the policy addressed critical issues raised for the past two years and "which have been devastating to aviation".

"If Mr Truss gets into government I trust that he will keep his election promises and faithfully carry out the agenda set out in his aviation policy," he said. "Regional aviation has suffered too much in recent times from broken promises and neglect, and deserves better going forward.
Waiting..waiting..not long now! Vote one IOSS
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