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As airports appear to becoming of interest, the link below will take you Zippyshare where a small part of the many research documents into 'airports' has been released. They are in note form as provided to the Senate.

PAIN cannot guarantee the veracity or provenance of the 'working notes', they are offered in good faith, without prejudice in the general interest of assisting independent research. Please refer to the Senate disclaimer, page 1.


This is an uncorrected proof of evidence taken before the committee. It is made available under the condition that it is recognised as such

Airport Notes. –HERE -

Only click the

to avoid unwanted spam and advertising material.

P7 a.k.a. TOM.
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A name says a lot....or maybe not

It's ironic that the name Dolan means 'dark haired'! Now our Australian version of a Dolan, the Martin type, has no dark hair either on the face or upon the melon. A contradiction in meaning? Perhaps.
So what is the relevance of a hairless Beaker to the ATSB? Well the hairless Beaker is much like the Governments response to the Forsythe review - vacant, bald, without substance, even naked like, empty.
Mr Truss and his department of obsfucators are a disgrace. Again, the only way that this situation will be resolved (maybe) is if ICAO and/or the FAA have their interest piqued by a jet full of Yanks slamming into that great Spamberra monument to nothing, Parliament House. Otherwise boys it's all done and dusted, it's all over, pack up your uniforms and your flight bags, lock the door behind you and head to your local watering hole (perhaps 'The Pink' in Brisbane) and drown your sorrows. We have all become victims of BOHICA.
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Why, FCOL, someone tell me why?

Closely following D.C. electrics and hydraulics in my lexicon of boring or not understood things, (due massive interest failure) comes politics and the actions of politicians and those of their minders. Whether they are opening their mouths to change feet or setting fire to their feet to keep their hands warm, it is simply one of the many things I fail to understand. Not 'thick' you understand, just the hard wiring is different.

For example; MH 370 ranks up there with the Titanic as a disaster and a mystery. Perhaps even a bigger mystery; which was always (as demonstrated) going to draw a large crowd. That crowd keeping a watchful eye on the many layers of vested interest, Government, manufacturer, safety agencies, military, secret services etc. etc. Australia's SAR obligations soon became apparent and, to their credit, the government responded quickly and properly. Rapidly despatching our very competent search crews and aircraft into the wide, wild Indian Ocean; heeding neither the cost or risk, in an attempt to locate survivors and the airframe. The laudable SAR exercise was conducted by the first class Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and someone had the good sense to deal Angus Houston into the game. It was all peerlessly managed, honest, open and correct. First class job and bloody well done; by all; from the cleaning crew to Houston. Bravo.

Long before the 'theorists' got going for real, there were difficult questions, of a technical nature to answer. Conspiracy and piracy aside, there was enough 'smell' coming off the known facts to warn even the most naive, politically insensitive of creatures that this incident had the potential to turn very ugly, very fast.

So, why would anyone put the undermanned, under-skilled, under funded, discredited Australian Air Transport Safety Board (ATSB) management 'front of house' to replace the peerless AMSA and the impeccable Houston?.... Sure, it's an 'aviation' matter but without an aircraft to investigate and considering the world wide talent pool analysing the available 'aeronautical' data, the ATSB was pretty much one of the banjo players in the orchestra pit. Their practical value would be 'dubious', the clever folk, with the expensive toys would, eventually pass along their information; but not until 'they' were certain of their facts and results; at best ATSB would be an also ran in the information and analysis stakes.

Then, to crown this, a short sighted, blatant PR attempt to 'resurrect' the tarnished Bea-Cur reputation by his golfing mates. He is shoved centre stage of the MH 370 production. This mind you following closely on the heels of a 'lacklustre' performance in a Senate inquiry which clearly identified several areas of incompetence, went very close to calling the duck-up of the cover up a collusive conspiracy, shamed Dolan and by extension discredited the entire ATSB, as an entity. No one blamed the coal face troops, but mud does have it's own methodology.

Which ever way it plays (or spins) out, MH 370 has the makings of a first class political disaster. What I fail to understand is why throw more fat into the fire by putting the Mrdak/Dolan duo into a very fierce spotlight?, when they're joined at the hip. One whiff of involvement in anything remotely resembling the Pel-Air debacle and the government will catch the blame; probably not all of it, but enough to 'shorten' their credibility. If any form of cover up is ever proven and with these two, already 'suspect' under a Senate exposed 'cover up' cloud, standing front and centre it will be very hard to deny Australian complicity; given the proven track record in domestic matters. Even if there never was a cover up of any sort; the international press are no where near as tame, frightened or benign as the local variety.

Nope, just don't get it – from a chance to shine by continuing with the great job done by AMSA and Houston to being tarred by a very dirty brush; in one ill considered, badly advised move, beats me. No matter, Julia will sort it all out, being a Bishop on a chess board, rather than an Abbott running a monkery.


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The Creamy prophecy??

What I fail to understand is why throw more fat into the fire by putting the Mrdak/Dolan duo into a very fierce spotlight?, when they're joined at the hip. One whiff of involvement in anything remotely resembling the Pel-Air debacle and the government will catch the blame; probably not all of it, but enough to 'shorten' their credibility.
While M&M, Bea-Cur & Co continue to play the WIOS for fools it would seem that Senate BOP has now shifted into NX's favour...: Palmer power weakens as Xenophon fosters allies
...One crossbencher said the experienced South Australian has forged a close bond with Ms Lambie. "Nick has been duchessing Jacqui. He sat and giggled away with her all day in the chamber during the FOFA [Future of Financial Advice] vote," he said.

Another source said: "He's the powerbroker again; the government knows that, that's why they've called this briefing. Nick loves it. He wants to be the linchpin. He wants to be the guy who makes or breaks legislation. He's always wanted that."

Senator Xenophon, whose huge personal popularity in South Australia delivered his Nick Xenophon Group one in four upper house votes in that state at the last election, is known as a wily political pragmatist with a good antenna for the public mood.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who drove the FOFA coup, said: "Graham Richardson called him the most talented politician in Canberra, and it's hard not to agree with that assessment. There's a lot of ego in politics but Nick doesn't let his ego get in the way of doing what he believes is right..."
Now the fact the miniscule is recuperating at home for probably the last Parliamentary sitting days for the year...

" Mr ABBOTT(Warringah—Prime Minister) (14:12): The Deputy Prime Minister is recuperating at home from an illness and will not be in question time this week. Questions to him should instead be directed to the Treasurer..."

...plays perfectly into M&M's hands for stalling any real action on the Forsyth report or the Board position announcements etc. till effectively the New Year; however it will not stop the pending TSBC released report as promised by Bea-Cur...
Senator FAWCETT: And the time frame for that to come back?

Mr Dolan : We had a teleconference with our Canadian counterparts last Friday and they assured us that their report would be published by 1 December.

Or will it?? Given the suspicions of complicity with the TSBC stalling the release of the final report so far it would not be a small stretch to think that they will do it again..and again till the WIOS has lost interest or fallen asleep...

However I don't think NX will rest on his laurels if the TSBC sail past their promised due date without the report being - also as promised - published on their website... {nor is it guaranteed the WIOS will be so BOHICA when it comes to the TSBC terminally stalled report..}

NX will still have 3 sitting days to bring this next attempt of obfuscation (if that is what transpires) - call it the cover-up of the duck-up of the cover-up - by Bea-Cur (& his top-cover Mandarin) to the attention of the Parliament.

Not to mention he has time to put pressure on the Privileges Committee to get on with it an release their AAI MoP report preferably before the New Year...

To the self-serving Mandarin and his minions there is a new paradigm in the Senate and gone are the days when you can merely thumb your nose to the good Senator X...

It will indeed be interesting when this debate finally resumes:


Ps In regards to the Ben Sandilands MEMO to the PM it is well worth remembering that there is no love lost between NX & the KL Govt...: Deportation from Malaysia 'a big mistake': Independent Senator Nick Xenophon
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Paywavegate cont/- Dear Heff...L&Ks Margie

Speaking on yet another of the current crop of executive, obfuscating, bureaucrats that fall under Mandarin Mrdak's murky spell remember this...

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee - 20/10/2014 - Estimates - INFRASTRUCTURE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO - Airservices Australia

CHAIR: Well, Mr Mrdak, you and I must have a discussion immediately following the shut-down of this committee in 30 seconds about the matter that was raised earlier...
Well here is ASA CEO Ms Staib AVM (not retired) belated explanation to the Heff
Dear Senator Heffernan


I write regarding statements made at the Senate Estimates Hearing on 20 October 2014.

I wish to correct the record for the following section that appears in the Hansard:

Date Monday 20 October 2014 Page 145
In response to a question from Senator Sterle relating to a staff member's misuse of an Airservices Corporate credit card. I stated:

Ms Staib: lt is in the order of about 10, 000 to 20, 000 dollars and it was around travel, if my memory serves me correctly.

This matter was complex as the credit card misuse related primarily to inappropriate expenses being incurred during periods of approved business travel. In some cases, travel had been modified or adjusted without approval.

The misuse was identified through internal credit card governance processes and thoroughly investigated. The investigation conclusively identified transactions where personal benefit had been obtained that amounted to less than $3,000 in total.

In considering all the circumstances of this matter, including some complex matters of a private nature, the decision reached by management was to terminate employment and not refer the matter further.

Airservices complied with all relevant guidelines and policies in relation to both the conduct of the investigation and the subsequent management actions. This includes provisions of the Australian Government Investigation Standard 2011 and the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines 2011 which give guidance to agencies on circumstances where referral to external law enforcement or prosecution agencies is appropriate.

Section 10.10 of the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines 2011 is particularly relevant, stating that:

"Agencies are responsible for investigating routine or minor instances of fraud, including investigating disciplinary matters. 'Routine or minor' means instances of fraud that, on initial assessment by the agency, would be unlikely to be accepted by the Australian Federal Police under its Case Categorisation Prioritisation Model."

We are, however, in discussion with the Australian Federal Police about whether there is anything additional that would enhance our processes for assessing and referring cases.

Airservices takes a very strong approach to the misuse of corporate credit cards and has robust processes and procedures in place todetect and respond to any instance of misuse. Regular reviews and audits of compliance with credit card and travel procedures are conducted across the organisation.

I trust that this appropriately clarifies the situation for the Committee.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Staib

Chief Executive Officer

24November 2014

So again we get the standard spin and further clarification that it is ops normal & under control..."move along nothing to see here".
Do you think if we fraudently received $3000+ dollars of Centrelink payments that we would get off with a simple slap on the wrist and a do not pass GO do not collect $200...not bloody likely..


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Land of milk (ing) and money.

"[routine] or minor instances of fraud, including investigating disciplinary matters. 'Routine or minor' means instances of fraud that,"
Is it just me ?, but it seems that minor fraud (tickling the till) is just a routine part of the daily round; and, provided you don't take too much, too often, there is little to fear - provided you don't upset the milking by getting caught with a big lump. That would upset the system as everyone else who was 'at it' would have to stop until the heat was off; so if you just keep it at a 'minor', routine level; all will be well. Correct Toto; this ain't Kansas.

It seems Nick Xenophon may have gained some extra Senate leverage, if Lambi can be persuaded to play nice; this could be a good thing for KC. When Karen asked Senator Lambi for assistance, the Senator went out of her way, despite the negativity and direct opposition of her advisors and actually wrote to the PM, supporting Karen's cause. For that, if for nothing else she becomes one of the 'good Senators'. Perhaps, if similar interest in, and assistance for the industry could be gained Nick and his colleagues may, finally shake something positive loose from the death grip Mrdak has on the aviation handbrake.

December 1 is the next milestone, when, "late in the Canadian Autumn" (Kinda poetic that, ain't it; useless, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi) - the TSBC finally release their manicured 'peer review' of the ATSB. What's the betting it will be published one minute to Canadian midnight Dec 1; primped, preened and massaged to a fare thee well. The ToR will keep the thing low key (moribund) and as it's essentially a 'look-see' at the paperwork, it may not generate any fireworks. The 'department' will certainly not be expecting surprises, Bea-Cur has been reappointed and (according to his press catamite) 'leads' the MH 370 search, so the required conclusions will probably turn up; on time. Only five sleeps to go now, NX and the Senate crew will be waiting for it, lets hope it makes it's deathline.

Toot toot.

Addendum: At least Ben Sandilands has the courage to discuss the unsavoury aspects of the MH 370 disaster; rather the lunch menu, who ate what and who paid. He also seems to be the only Australian journalist with enough national pride to point out that this whole thing could reflect badly on the country, the government and the agencies of that government.

Thanks Ben – Plane Taking – today. Food for thought, for those who can think beyond the rice (or spaghetti) bowl.

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A point, your honour, if i may:

The seasons officially change on the solstice in the northern hemisphere. The indeed picturesque phrase "Canadian Autumn" extends right up to Sun, Dec 21. And that should pretty much be that as far as any attention being paid by the News Corpuscles.

I aim to make a phone call over there shortly, eh?
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Hello Mr TSBC how are you going mate!

Good call Austra...

This is the dude you need to ask for...

[email protected]

As for Ben's latest..: MH370: Vast margins for error and disagreement in search zones ...this part is pure gold..
This account of the disunity among the advisory panels that appears in the Wall Street Journal coincides with bean counter stress in the Australian Government, where there is argument as to whether or how soon it should or could back away from its promised determination to see the deep ocean search throught to a successful conclusion.
And these should be sending warning bells to the PM, miniscule & by default M&M and his muppet Bea-Cur..:
...It parallels serious, but in Australia, suppressed allegations about highly improper bribes said to have been paid by an Australian government owned enterprise to senior figures in political or adminstrative establishments in SE Asia.

Mr Clark’s allegations, which amount to calling the Malaysia authorities liars, underline the serious risk to the credibility the MH370 search poses for the Australian Government if it uncritically accepts the official Kuala Lumpur narrative concerning the loss of the jet, and its ‘secret’ under floor cargo...

...Australia is carrying out its obligations under international treaty to search for the wreckage of MH370 as it came down within its defined maritime and aviation search, rescue and recovery zone covering a large part of the Indian Ocean.

But it has no obligation to be effusive, uncritical, unquestioning or gullible..
TICK...TOCK one and all in Scamberra..

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Austral - Oh, nicely played, good shot sir..Have a choccy frog......

We shall allow the learned collegues point to be admitted – but, using the telephone is a very modern concept – we shall consider the motion. Meanwhile.
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Thanks Sarcs. Mrs. Confidential Informant informs me that Mr. C.I. Is out doing whatever it is that Spiderpigs do. She was not privy to the inner machinations of this particular exercise but she was quietly, gently sceptical of us finding the holy grail.

I hope she is too cautious by half, but I have always trusted her b.s. detector. Saw right through me all those years ago

On edit: a choccy frog from Kharon! Doing the happy dance now m'Lud.
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Addendum to Planetalking MH370 latest

Interesting comments coming through on Ben's - MH370: Vast margins for error and disagreement in search zones - especially from about here...:
Posted November 26, 2014 at 3:17 pm | Permalink
And as I have noted before, its a waste of time and I think the government of Australia (or anywhere else) is obligated to protect the treasury and use the money in the best interest of the people of said country
Frankly this is just grand standing. 100 million plus
on a crap shoot? You really have to be kidding me.
colossal waste of money that in the end will tell you nothing even if the wreckage is found (other than all the conspireacy theories are wrong, not that in turn does not get more conspiracy theories about how it was all covered up)
Yes the Malaysian lied through their teeth. to what ends not a clue, maybe they just are pathological liars. That does not mean that a pilot hijack is not a simple and plausible explanation .
US would kill 200 some people to protect a stupid drone system that is only good for low intensity conflict (which china would not be) shees, amazing. Not to mention its another bogus story. Bring on the Aliens and the probes

Simon Gunson
Posted November 26, 2014 at 3:26 pm | Permalink
Giant Bird MH370 would have been discovered by now if they had not abandoned the search for debris spotted by prior to 27 March.
That was when Malaysia applied pressure to the JACC through the Joint Investigation Team (“JIT”) to abandon efforts to locate large floating debris and shift the search north.(NB ATSB Report 26 June pages 6-10)
Airline Operations Staff at Malaysian Airlines (MAS) recalculated the fuel based on an assumption that MH370 did not turn South at 6.792N, 95.901E, but kept flying further north towards Car Nicobar Island. Why they recalculated the turn point seems arbitrary, but in doing so they imposed a fuel constraint to exclude MH370 having reached the debris field.
The point I am making is that Malaysia have kept redirecting the search away from clues. That is why the search has been so expensive and fruitless.

Simon Gunson
Posted November 26, 2014 at 3:39 pm | Permalink
Tango the first attempt by Malaysia to divert the search effort away from clues was four days after MH370 disappeared when news emerged of an aircraft sighted on fire by oil rig worker Mike McKay, when they spun an enormous lie that a pilot hijacked the plane through the Straits of Malacca and photo-shopped an image of an SSR radar and claimed it to be from a military Thales Raytheon GM400 based at Butterworth.
That in itself tells one something. If an aircraft was sighted on fire at 35,000ft then it immediately indicates there was a fire inside the cabin which self extinguished through decompression once it had flared through a melt hole.
The reason why is because a naked flame cannot survive at 35,000ft outside the aircraft, but could have emerged from a fire inside the cabin.
All the facts point to an electrical fire. Since 2010 there have been 17 cockpit fire/smoke incidents or in-flight electrical failures to Boeing 777 aircraft.
Statistically the odds were certain that someday an electrical fire would claim a Boeing 777 however the risk of unlimited civil liability both for MAS and Boeing from finding MH370 are so huge they would rather spend hundreds of millions of dollars in a great charade to falsely prove that MH370 can’t be found.
You need to wake up and smell the coffee Tango that this is just theatrics by the JACC who know perfectly well they are looking in the wrong place and wasting money.

Ben Sandilands
Posted November 26, 2014 at 4:04 pm | Permalink
The object sighted by the oil rig worker appears to have been recorded by the global fireball network which now tracks up to several dozen large bolides a day and is often able to provide orbital elements. This was one of the first databases checked out by the science community. You can work back through the potential matches for the claimed sighting by following the links on Space Weather.
The oil rig sighting unfortunately tells us stuff all. Incidentally fire doesn’t self extinguish in a decompressed airliner unless it is defying gravity and velocity and moving very slowly. You need to educate yourself on the strength of the slipstream and the consequences for fire risk. There are numerous technical papers on this but I’m not your librarian.

Simon Gunson
Posted November 26, 2014 at 4:15 pm | Permalink
Ben Sandilands, the “JIT” team which urged the JACC to abandon searching for the large debris field east of Kerguelen islands includes MAS pilot Lim Jit Koon and senior civil aviation official Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar.
In the introduction to the ATSB Report dated 26 June 2014, Page.1, the ATSB states:
“On 17 March 2014, Australia took charge of the coordination of the search and rescue operation. Over the next 6 weeks from 18 March, an intensive aerial and surface search was conducted by assets from Australia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, UK and the USA.
During this period, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and the ATSB jointly determined a search area strategy correlating information from a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) located in Malaysia and other government and academic sources.”
Then further into the same report at page 6 states:
“On 27 March (D20), the JIT advised they now had more confidence in the increased speeds provided by primary radar near Malaysia. This increased the aircraft fuel burn and the most probable track moved north to the S3 area. The JIT additionally had more confidence that a 7th arc was a fuel exhaustion point. Two new search areas designated S4 and S5 were defined.”
and later;
“On 1 April (D25) the JIT advised AMSA/ ATSB of further aircraft performance and path analysis starting at a distance further NW of Sumatra that had the effect of shifting the most probable area NE within S4 and into S5.”
The search for the southern debris field was in fact abandoned on 27 March ostensibly in relation to a storm however that storm was close inshore to Western Australia and had no effect on the search area itself and thus the storm was just a false pretext by the JACC to abandon the debris field.

Simon Gunson
Posted November 26, 2014 at 4:21 pm | Permalink
Fire at 35,000ft lacks the stochiometric conditions to stay alight. You may have heard of a fire triangle in which you need heat and oxygen plus fuel. At 35,000ft the temperature drops to minus 53 degrees Celsius thus subtracting heat.
At 35,000ft the oxygen content drops too low to sustain a flame. Flames only exist in jet engines due to compression. Pilots are well aware that their APU generators can’t be relit or started above 22-24,000ft.
Any fire inside the cabin would self extinguish as soon as the heat had melted an escape path through the aluminium skin. The sighting by McKay tells us that he saw the flaring of a cabin fire from an aircraft which self extinguished.

Giant Bird
Posted November 26, 2014 at 4:51 pm | Permalink
Irrespective of what might of happened or should have happened it is time to stop throwing good money after bad. Australia really has no skin in the game, it was not our aircraft, we do not make any aircraft, we do not even have an international airline of any major size any more. Why should we care about this. If Malaysia is trying to cover up, then they win, so what do we care. If it is important to Tim Clark let the UAE find the plane.

Ben Sandilands
Posted November 26, 2014 at 4:58 pm | Permalink
Your recollection of the storm is bizarre and completely at odds with the live tv coverage of the sorties that were attempting a low level search in conjunction with various state naval vessels and passing freighters.
The search was not close to the Australia coastline, it took a long time to get there, and to the frustration of myself and a few colleagues, there were sightings of floating objects that could have included the pallets listed as carrying mangosteens.
In your presumably parallel universe, the 777 caught fire and crashed way to the SE of Vietnam while it replicated itself to fly west across the Malaysia peninsula. I’m with you as to the obviously compromised official narratives, but not ready to fill the dark spaces with some of the inventions or suppositions that have been made to date.
Besides the fact that it is quite obvious that Simon quite likes the sound of his own cyber-voice - what this passage of comments more than adequately highlights is why anyone in their right mind would want to be associated with the MH370 mystery (read Abbott Government) and in particular the shonky KL government is beyond me... Then if we are to be inextricably involved why oh why would you take it off AMSA - who are the experts in SAR - & place it in the hands of muppet Beaker with his long list of discredited achievements??

PM to TA: The Malaysians are toxic..even the man at the back of the room can see that..

FFS...TICK..TOCK TA/M&M/Wuss & Co...


ps What GF said here you go:
1:15PM - 3:00PM Senate, Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport Legislation Committee (Performance of Airservices Australia)
Bit of light end of week entertainment...

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It's all 'rhetorical flourish'!

Sarcs, great post that last one..Please step up and receive your 1.5 Choccy frogs. (Sorry, I had to give something to Kharon's dog, damn thing bailed me up!)
As for Ben's article, smart bugger that boy. Some very interesting ripples in the space time continuum opening up. Most interesting is that in every high stakes game you need a patsy, a fall guy. Well the Malaysians found one - The Beaker. The ATSB, Abbott and Co appear to have fallen victim to a not so obvious ploy. It's incredible how downright stupid they are. You have Beaker, Sam Eagle (MrDak) and Statler and Waldorf (Truss and Abbott) completely naive to the machinations of the real powers manipulating the MH370 investigation, and stupidly following every red herring being tossed about. Pure gold!

I believe that Mr David Johnstones quote about Australia's billion dollar submarine building 'lemon' industry could be used to describe what team Beaker are currently doing - "rhetorical flourish"!
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Rhetorical flourishes tomorrow?


Let's see how many rhetorical flourishes we can pick tomorrow at the special hearing of the RRAT senate committee!

Topic: Performance of Airservices

Details at the Watch Parliament website
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Not blooming likely.

Jeez Gentle: not sure how much more of the ASA line of nonsense I can stomach: more passing the buck, more protecting the obscene AUD $100, 000, 000 screwed out industry; more ways to line personal pockets; more kick-backs, more credit card questions, more scripted lines, more questions on notice, to be answered later, much later. More Mrdak conducting the well trained Seals orchestra....

And for what, more of the same service, more 'corporate' service Muppets, more un-investigated separation breakdowns, even more exhausted controllers under increasing stress levels, more ATC overtime worked by those with less training. Less equipment, more and longer delays: etc. etc....

Nah, I'd rather watch a replay of MKR; or better still - Air Disaster Investigations – at least they get the aircraft type right and attempt investigation – which is at least marginally entertaining. Anything; any mind numbing, stultifying, puerile rubbish, rather than listen to Staib attempting to read aloud from a spin sheet, or gulping down bile as she does another stunned mullet interpretation during the search for a credible answer; or, worse, tries to remember who that responsible 'someone else' is to not answer the question. Nope; I'd rather chew my leg off.

The Senate reaction to the QON will be worth noting though. Steam on, perhaps??

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Senate wolf pack circling?? maybe right "K" yet another in a long line of Senate inquisitions - where we get to observe obfuscating public servants thumbing their noses at the RRAT committee Senators...

However judging from the QON index for Sup Estimates (see here from about page 92 onwards) it is quite obvious that the non-partisan alliance of RRAT Committee Senators is growing and their anger is universally palpable...

Now although we all know by now that M&M and his cronies will drag out answering - this long list of very damning QONs - till just before the Additional Estimates in February 2015, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that many of the QONs to ASA will be put to Ms Staib tomorrow arvo... That alone could make the nearly 2 hour Senate inquisition of reasonable entertainment value...

QON 228/Gallacher/ Medium Works Projects:
1. When did Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Part 139 subpart H come into effect?
2. When was it subsequently decided to assess airfields around the country for compliance of CAS Regulations?
3. When was the need brought to the Board’s attention?
4. What decisions were made at Board level regarding compliance assessments, builds and refurbishments?
5. When did consultation with CASA begin and what was the nature of that negotiation?
6. When did consultations with the Pricing Consultative Committee begin and what was the nature of that consultation?
7. Who won the successful tender for each of these medium work projects?
8. I note that the Airservices Australia Board meeting approved works for Ballina and Coffs Harbour at the September 2013 meeting. At which meetings were the other projects approved?
9. Did the Board consider the Newman and Gladstone projects given the tenders closed on the same day (14 June 2014) as the Ballina and Coffs Harbour at this meeting?
10. What caused the delay in the execution of the Ballina and Coffs Harbour contracts until March 2014 given the tenders closed on 14 June 2013?
11. Do the costings include cost of fitouts for projects where it is noted that after the completion date “… this will be followed by a fitout of the structure”?
12. Who is the successful tenderer for each project?

QON 230/Gallacher/ Corporate Credit Cards:
1. How many corporate credit cards have been issued to directors and employees of Airservices Australia?
2. What are Airservices Australia’s credit limits on these issued credit cards?
3. What are Airservices Australia’s protocols pertaining to the use of the corporate credit cards?
4. What are Airservices Australia’s protocols for inadvertent or deliberate misuse of corporate credit cards?

QON 231/Gallacher/ Civil Aviation Regulation Part 139:
1. In reference to Civil Aviation Regulation Part 139 Subpart H that came into effect in 2003, what is the date that the 11 projects (discussed in the Senate Estimates Hearings in October 2014) clicked over 350,000 passengers?
2. How many of those projects were not completed within the 12 month statutory timeframe?

QON 237/Xenophon/ Breakdown of Communication Incident:
I refer to the breakdown of communication incident described in REPCON AR201300090.
1. How much time elapsed between the time the breakdown of communication occurred and the time the breakdown was detected and corrected?
2. Can Airservices provide a copy of the Airservices Corporate Integrated Reporting and Risk Information System report mentioned in the REPCON?
3. Can Airservices provide a copy of the preliminary investigation it conducted into the Incident?
4. Can Airservices provide a copy of the radar recording of the Essendon Tower, Melbourne Approach & Melbourne Tower areas of responsibility between the time the breakdown of communication occurred and the time it was detected and corrected?
5. Can Airservices provide a copy of the radar recording of the Essendon Tower, Melbourne Approach & Melbourne Tower areas of responsibility between the time the breakdown of communication occurred and the time it was detected and corrected?
6. Can Airservices provide a copy of the Essendon Tower, Melbourne Approach & Melbourne Tower Airways Operations Journals for the day of the Incident?
7. Can Airservices provide a copy of the Essendon Tower, Melbourne Approach & Melbourne Tower Local Instructions & any associated Letters of Agreement laying out coordination and control responsibilities between those parties?
{Link for AR201300090}
Comment: That is the most amount of QONs related to aviation that I have ever seen for Supplementary Estimates??


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Smooth talker.

Wolf pack? circling? – don't know if that holds true any longer Sarcs. Reading through the QON, I get a feeling the circling is just about over. Actually, a better analogy may be of a pre game – Haka – the challenge before the battle. Those QON are 'distributed' among a team with, it seems to me, a clear game plan and a determination to win.

Although it's paper, not pig skin being used, you get the feeling of a Final, leading to a Grand final; with it all to play for. The volume and almost surgical precision of the QON, evenly divided amongst the backs and forwards, with clear lines of distribution make for an interesting contest. No doubt the foul count will mount in the rucks and nuts will be 'tickled' in the maul; but both sides know the rules and, although the Senate team may appear more elegant, never forget Rugby (as played in heaven) was essentially a game for young 'gentlemen', of a class which didn't get to rule half the world because it was overawed by a rough looking opposition.

OK, you dragged me in, I'll watch; and, read the Hansard – but only for love of the game well played mind you. I'll be using your bucket..


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Besides the fact that it is quite obvious that Simon quite likes the sound of his own cyber-voice
I would imagine in a parallel cyber universe Simon is saying exactly the same thing. The pot and the kettle are screaming at the top of their stainless steel lungs.
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Snoop Link & some QONs of interest.

For those interested here is a link for today's Senate RRAT Committee Proceedings: Also for those interested from the QON index -

First on the subject of the TSBC peer review of the bureau - these are Senator Xenophon's written questions to the bureau:
1. Does the ATSB have a date for the Canadian TSB to complete and table its report?
a. At what stage is the investigation?
b. Has a draft report been completed?
2. In response to a question I placed on notice last estimates (Q. 258), the ATSB provided a list of documents that it had given the TSB. Is this a complete list of all documents provided?
a. Has the TSB requested any further information since?
b. The response to this question states that the TSB obtained a copy of this committee’s inquiry into the Pel-Air incident ‘of its own initiative’. Did this occur before or after the ATSB provided documents?
c. Why didn’t the ATSB provide the committee report?
3. In response to a line of questioning from Senator Fawcett in February estimates this year, Mr Dolan stated that three incidents were referred to the TSB as part of its review – the Pel-Air incident, the Canley Vale incident, and the winching accident at Bridal Veil Falls. Why was no documentation relating to the last two incidents included on the list you provided to me on notice?
a. What documentation relating to these incidents has been provided to the TSB? When did this occur?
b. Why wasn’t this information included in the response to my question on notice?
From the CAsA QONs some of Senator Fawcett's written QONs of interest:
1. In 2010 CASA identified a need for additional funding which was provided for by an increase in the excise on aviation fuel. Part of this funding was for 97 personnel. Taking into consideration that 50 of the 97 positions identified in 2010 were already filled, have all the qualified personnel now been recruited to fill the 97 positions identified in 2010?
2. Since July 2010, as at 30 June 2014, CASA has recruited 153 new employees. Why has an additional 106 employees above the 47 identified in 2010 (a 226% increase from that identified in 2010) been recruited by CASA?
3. Of the additional 153 employees recruited by CASA since July 2010 at least 91 (59%) of these appear to be in support roles associated to Corporate Services. Why has Corporate Services increased while operational staff has decreased?
4. In 2010 CASA indicated that specialists in certain specific areas are difficult to recruit. Is CASA still having problems attracting experienced personnel and if so, for what roles?
5. In the Portfolio Budget Statements provided in May 2014 CASA indicated that they are forecasting a $9.6m loss for the 2013/14 financial year (a net change of 9.8m). On cross referencing the 2014/15 Portfolio Budget Statements with the 2013/14 Portfolio Budget Statements it shows that Employee Benefits have increased by $7m from that anticipated or 75% of the net $9.8m change. Why has there been an increase of $7m for employee benefits to that anticipated last year?
6. The 2012/13 annual report for CASA shows that they made a profit last year of $12m. With the changes now forecast by CASA this will provide a $21.6m turnaround into the red. Most of this turnaround appears to be due to a $17.2m increase (80% of the net turnaround) in employee benefits. Taking into consideration that the number of personnel employed by CASA only increased by 5 over the financial year why is there such a significant increase in employee benefits since 30 June 2013?
1. What is CASA’s policy on retention of pilots’ medical documents? How long are these retained, are any retained for auditing purposes and what is the policy for disposal? Please make particular mention in regard to 162A forms.
2. What is CASA’s policy for timely responses to correspondence from aviation personnel? Does this policy vary for letters, emails, phone calls?
3. Does CASA at times require specialists’ reports to support an aviation medical? How many reports does CASA usually require? Does CASA assist in the cost of obtaining these reports?
4. Does CASA at times require specialists’ reports to support an aviation medical? How many reports does CASA usually require? Does CASA assist in the cost of obtaining these reports?
One short, sharp written QON from the Heff gave me a chuckle...:
247/CASA/HEFFERNAN/Definition of Airworthiness:
What is CASA’s definition of airworthiness?
Hmm...wonder where he is going with that??

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Airworthiness? I'll take a punt:

The extent to which an aircraft complies with its type design, through construction in accordance with that design, compliance with applicable instructions for continuing airworthiness and operations within mandated limitations.
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punt 2

That beat up, poorly maintained C-172 with known but hidden defects has a current Maintenance Release. This makes it a legally flyable entity. airworthy. But is it ??

The Maint. regs dont specify, but there are TWO types of aircraft when discussing maintenance...for continuing "airworthiness"

Those WITH an current deemed "airworthy" and flyable
Those WITHOUT an not legally flyable, ie not airworthy.

In BOTH cases you will find the good, the bad and the downright dangerous.!

Very good question, Heff..! rgds ;The Liar'
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