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SkyWest A320

Old 22nd Mar 2010, 16:15
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SkyWest A320

Freshly painted in Uk.....

JetPhotos.Net Photo G-BYTH (CN: 429) SkyWest Airlines Airbus A320-231 by Nik French
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Old 22nd Mar 2010, 21:00
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Due Melbourne for James Holland hangars on 4 April.
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Old 22nd Mar 2010, 21:53
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She has had a long life, built 93'. Any idea much do these go for when they are this old compared to new at around $70/80m?
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Old 22nd Mar 2010, 22:03
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Now that's a great sight.

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Old 22nd Mar 2010, 22:11
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If this aircraft was a 1993 build it will be a Hangar Queen.
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 08:40
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An almighty 'Congratulations' to the guys at Skywest!!
Been a long time coming...
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 08:48
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Hats are being eaten all over this forum tonight.
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 10:14
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If they'd got the thing when they first started talking about it, the 1993 model might've been fresh out of the factory .

Seriously, that's cool, good for them, hope it works out.
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Old 23rd Mar 2010, 22:43
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... they doubted and they joked but today we see the proof.

Well done XR!
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 02:06
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$8 Mill, 1993 build with 22 previous owners. Yes, thats 22. Been in the desert for a few years I believe.
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 03:12
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Well Outtahere, i dont know where you get that info from, you only need to look at its history, and you will find it has never been in the desert, but been flying for Thomas Cook and others from the UK, for the last 10 years, and has only been stored for 1 month.
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 03:50
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Why be negative . More aircraft for Skywest means MORE JOBS. The A320 looks great in its new livery. Well done XR , hope you get more of them.

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Old 24th Mar 2010, 04:46
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The A320 looks great in its new livery.
The biggest cat's bottom I've ever seen!
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 05:03
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I had to look at the pic to get what you were saying Bloggs

Looked at the fin and nearly fell off me chair
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 05:15
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I confess - the term was used before!
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 05:29
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Ndicho Moja and Outtahere, you must be "the glass is half empty" kind of people. I bet your fun to fly with......not
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 01:33
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XR A320

xr a320 arrives in australia in april for it's australian registration and certification.

xr also chose an excellent engine choice with the IAE V2500 !

the last of the formal paperwork for casa (re a320) aoc application goes in shortly with ops to commence in the second half of this year.

so to all the xr crew/management well done and congratulations !


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Old 26th Mar 2010, 07:03
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Starting in the second half of this year????
  • No A320 Fleet manager, training/check crew or line pilots within their ranks (advert appeared just today - normally 3 month notice period for currently employed folk. I can just hear Max at MATFO now "you want who to be your fleet manager - I don't think so?" Just as they did with the original Tiger CP. Experience is a CASA requirement for new type operations. They will need to find someone good!)
  • If they can find crew how do direct entry captains sit with the union?
  • No AOC with A320 on it yet, let alone CofA for the machine itself(CASA's service delivery standard for new type on AOC is 130 days I believe - working days that is = 5.9 months)
  • Has CASA even provided an estimate yet and have XR paid the 50% up front.
  • No manuals written to even allow the start of CASA's process (still under construction at Altara I hear and I've never heard of CASA accepting the "first cut" of any manual they have assessed)
  • No MEL or SOM for the engineering side of the house (I understand the talk in the XR hanger is "we have no chance of getting ready")
  • Any spares on order to keep a 17 year old aircraft with 22 previous owners running.
  • Speaking of 22 owners - how is the back-to-birth tracing of the maintenance files tracking (can't get an CofA from CASA without that)
  • XR CAR 30 has no A320 on their approval (and JHAS are booked solid)
  • And that's all before a partial evac demo is even booked in with CASA who have a total of 1 Cabin Safety Inspector (other on maturnity leave I understand)
Always love to see our industry expand, but operations in the second half of the year are just a dream I think. A nicely painted machine means little sadly. I have a nice tattoo but that doesn't get me into the Gypsy Jokers. Don't polish your wings just yet lads.
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 08:07
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Sounds like somebody has an axe to grind, or a bee under the bonnet, why be so negetive, lets just hope it all goes well for them.
I believe there own crews start training in the next week or so, go for it guys.
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 08:51
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Just posted on the AFAP website;

Due to planned expansion of our operations Skywest is seeking expressions of interest for the following positions:

A320 Check and Training Captains

A320 Fleet Manager

Remuneration $215,000 per annum plus allowances.
Not bad coin .. how does this compare with Jetstar and Tiger's A320 Check and Training Captain's salary?
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