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VB hires Ejet Direct Entry Captains

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VB hires Ejet Direct Entry Captains

Old 5th Nov 2009, 05:15
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VB hires Ejet Direct Entry Captains

Claiming that lead times are insufficient for training of Ejet Captains as a result of an addition of 2 new E190s to the fleet, VB have decided to hire 4 Direct Entry Captains onto the Ejet.....

Tell me that out of the 400 or so FOs in the company, that not one of them were upgradable????

It appears that the smoke and mirrors that occured earlier this year has given the dream team more confidence to pull out more out of their hats.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 05:34
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Congratulations to the lucky guys.

Good on VB for taking the courage to employ experience.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 05:43
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Yes at the same time, throw on loyalty. Did I mention these guys ar to be based in BNE when there is a list as long as the nile of commuters to SYD/MEL who are trying to get back to Brissie? Why not base these DECs in PER for instance where few seem to wanna go?

Nothing against experience. When VB first started Ops on Ejet perhaps there is justification.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 06:14
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Think you might be a tad premature there old son. The letter I got from the Feds today said that there had been no decision either was as yet.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 06:33
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Angry "Don't be surprised you're doing the French Mistake"

*cough, cough* Hope you're not one of the 4, Phil.

It's just a "jobs for the boys" ploy by the ex-SAW boss in times where there are sufficient upgradeable FO's already employed. Some with excess of 10,000hrs airline command AND type-rated.
Not to mention the commuters that will be gazumped from returning to BNE!

He turned up with lots of huffy-puffy.
If he follows through with this, the credibility and respect he'll receive from his charges will be..............


He's just another wood-duck, IMHO.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 06:49
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Are we talking about the ex SAW Chief pilot...? Hes not at VB?
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 07:41
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P-air, shove your Sky air world experience

The only internal offer for commands stated only SYD, MEL or PER, nothing in BNE

There are E-jet Captains in SYD who are there because the company said there are no BNE bases. I know 4 E-jet SYD captains who have been trying to get back to BNE for almost a year and they are now stuck in SYD longer.

And what about the E-jet FO's who have 1-2 years on type (plus loads of other experience) who have been loyal to VB and just got screwed.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 07:58
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I think there's gonna be plenty of EMB work to go'round AND more, shortly. Hold onto your britches.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 08:15
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P-Air having known where you come from in your previous life you should be made very welcome in VB. Not. Flying in HK make you experienced!! Please.

edited spelling for the spelling police!!!

Last edited by Break Right; 5th Nov 2009 at 08:55.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 08:21
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The Virgin blue pilot management team (the conga line) are all 'as low as a snakes arse in a wagon rut' and this dispicable act continues to confirm that !!!!!!!
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 09:05
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Does the DJ pilot's EBA not allow promotion (or in this case DEC's) outside of seniority if there are suitabe and upgradeable F/O's within the company. As Whirlyman said, it's unbelievable that there are not at least 4 F/O's that would fit the bill!

I think someone is having a giant lend.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 09:08
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What about those seconded B737 pilots who went to the ejet fleet, became checkies and have now agreed recently to stay on for longer on line captain pay!!!!!

That's right, they have forgone the 16% allowance to keep their blue badges!

I'm sorry, but what a bunch of !!

Another example of a bunch of pilots undermining our terms and conditions. They should be named and shamed.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 09:21
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Are you sure about that Myriad?
Seems the KKK have struck again!

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Old 5th Nov 2009, 09:25
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This is going to be a good thread.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 09:34
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Break Right and whogivesa????

Go easy there fellas. Flying out of Hong Kong into China is excellent experience. I can assure you one year flying here = 4 years flying around Australia (atc etc) Ive done both. But this is not a "my experience is better than yours post"

Take your grief out on your policy making management, not the experienced guys who are simply accepting a job offer.

Does your union have a hiring ban? I think not.

Good luck to everyone.
And for the record I am pro seniority and promote from within. But if a DEC job is advertised and accepted by an individual you can not blamb them.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 10:15
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DJ never advertised for DEC's for the Ejet, the only advertised for 'Type Rated'.

The internal advertised Command positions were for Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, not Brisbane which these 4 pilots have been given!

Some of those pilots affected by this have also flown internationally, so who cares if these DEC guys may have flown in and out of Hong Kong.

No there is not a hiring ban, however the EBA states in
Section 4 Career Opportunities
4.1.1 Vacancies for positions on any aircraft type will br advertised internally. Applicants will be given details about the relevant skills and experience needed for the aircraft and the base location. Internal applicants will be given priority over external applicants provided the internal applicants have the requisite skills, performance history and experience. Date of joining will be used to distinguish between internal candidates followed by performance history and experience.

4.1.2 Nothing contained in the Agreement will prevent Virgin Blue from hiring people external to the business on aircraft types within its Australian domestic operations once it has complied with clause 4.1.1

So yes the EBA does allow for DEC so long as the company complies with 4.1.1, which in this case it hasn't complied.

The company failed under 4.1.1 due to;
1. not advertsing internally that Brisbane was available.
2. it has falied to give internal applicants priority, when these internal appliants have meet the requirements stated in 4.1.1

If the internal applicants do not meet 4.1.1 and the company has to employ DEC then they should go to the base that needs them the most which is Sydney. If there are Brisbane captain positions then they have to go to the Sydney captains who have bidded for a Brisbane base, which as I said there are Ejet captains in Sydney who are waiting to return to Brisbane.

Last edited by whogivesa????; 5th Nov 2009 at 12:47.
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 11:18
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Have they actually been "given" the positions
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 12:54
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VB management bow your heads in shame - they cant multitask whilst they are in the trough can they?
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 14:12
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Fail to see that there is not enough experience amongst the current EJET/Boeing FO community to fill these positions??

intelligentpilot - regardless of your petty justifications - one year flying over there = 4 years flying over here...

In other words, you are yet to fly into the side of a mountain?

If true - it's just another attempt by a desperate bunch of short sighted accountants, trying to ensure their bonuses.

As for the recruiting 'experience' s#!t - what a load of bollocks - there's not a VB 737/EMB FO that I wouldn't trust to make a 'command' decision with the lives of those I care about most - and have done for many years now.

Insult the FO, insult the man (or woman) who signed them off - disagree? Grow some 'macadamia cookies' and stop being so desperate!!!
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Old 5th Nov 2009, 19:25
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Good post Oz Angel. P.Air, how do you think you would feel if you were bypassed not for experience but for favoritism......... During the last EBA VB pushed out the line of the Egalitarian attitude and negotiations based on "Trust"........... Unfortunately this leopard doesn't change his spots no matter how many times the deck chairs change.
As for the head of HR....whats his name ....Spanner?, well they've really thrown a Spanner in the works this time.
What a great way to look after the troops who in the GFC as per mangmnt requests used all/most outstanding leave, leave without pay,RORO.

Congo line of mngmnt, yes well from the outside looking in it does appear that way. It will be interesting to see from an outsiders perspective how this is resolved. Hopefully the representational bodies of the pilots can resolve this in the positive for the long term pilots waiting for their Command.

Good Luck
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