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1,750 jobs to go at Qantas

Old 1st Jun 2009, 13:53
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After 30+ years as a LAME, I never understood just how much you long-haul and short-haul cabin crew hate each other, It's just amazing to read your antics here !!!

But really, considering that THIS thread is about the 1750 of us who are getting the chop from the 'Roo, do you think you guys could please try to stay at least somewhat close to the thread topic, and maybe start your own LH Vs SH Cabin Crew thread elsewhere ?

Getting back to topic, in engineering it appears DMM's are squarely in AJ's gun-sight !!

Maybe even DH / GB / and TL ??

After all, DM went (back to the protection of the HR umbrella )

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Old 1st Jun 2009, 22:12
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This thread is a perfect example of why QF management, having said that 1750 people had to go, should have immediately got on with it, otherwise the stress on employees festers into messes like this very thread.

Come on AJ, get it over with, or do you like torturing people?

P.S. I don't think it's a good idea to single out on Pprune any person or group within QF as being good performers. The "service desk girls" were praised on Pprune and they were given the chop.

You may think that this is a conceit, but when you are an incompetent manager, Pprune might very well be a place you go to for ideas....
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Old 1st Jun 2009, 23:06
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Tail Wheel.A Plea

Can you either ban Heads Down to his IP address or close this thread?
It has run its course and has become an embarrassment.
Heads Down is not indicative of Qantas employees.
In fact I doubt he works for Qantas but is rather a loose canon that has made PPrune his home
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Old 1st Jun 2009, 23:33
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I'm with the Captain. Ban Heads down, s/he is a disgrace.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 00:44
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I agree with Captain.Que.
Heads Down you need some serious help. So much negativity and anger in your post.
You single handedly ruined this thread.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 00:46
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I too would like to see heads down banned. I cannot believe the absolute rubbish this person is posting.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 01:18
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You certainly get my vote!
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 01:45
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Well i pressed ignore on her a few days ago so am not longer viewing her rediculous posts. But i think that a permanent BAN is in order. Her posts are nothing more than the rants than one would normally hear at a psychiatrists sessions prior to being prescribed medication.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 01:47
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Dear HEADS DOWN. while your head is in its current location may I suggest you stretch those neck muscles of yours and and see if you can see a small dark smelly hole in front of you.Then push your head in as far as it will go. I know you can do it, judging by your posts you have been doing it for years.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 04:04
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Talking Ah the bliss!

Today, 00:42
This message is hidden because heads_down is on your ignore list.
User CP, Buddy/Ignore lists, type the name and then 'save'.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 04:59
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At the risk of providing further encouragement to heads_down [sigh] I do feel the need to respond to their statement that:
The total equivalent of a QF crew minus the metal capsule in the air is really a waiter, nothing more nothing less/ just wait on tables.
Well gosh, that's about the stupidest thing I've seen you write, and there's been a LOT of garbage.

Of course that's all they'd be. The point is they DON'T work in a restaurant. They work in a very specialised, dynamic, demanding environment. If your average restaurant travelled at 900kmh carrying 150T of explosives over vast expanses of nothingness and densely populated areas I would expect the wait-staff to be trained to the high standards that Qantas Cabin Crew are.

Yes, for the most part, really all they do is corral and feed pax. The reality is that when the hits the fan they are trained to be ready to respond, and have done so brilliantly on numerous occasions in the past.

When you look at it, what are the pilots without their "metal capsule in the air"? Just very good crossword players really...

heads_down, pull it in and STAY DOWN. Goose.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 05:12
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Any more developments on the jobs (or lack of?) front? One of the check-in people in a certain port told me that 1 in 4 of them will be made redundant, and that they have had to go interview for their own jobs while knowing they might get the chop... no wonder half of them look like they just can't be bothered any more... I don't think I could either!

Last edited by Boomerang_Butt; 5th Jun 2009 at 06:02. Reason: to not give mgmt any more ammo... :S
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 06:19
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I have never put anyone on the ignore list, Heads up you're on it
I truly believe that you are NOT cabin crew..........just a plant
Spanner twister, honestly there is no hatred just some bickering!
We actually got on really well on-board!
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 07:25
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Any news on the Engineering front for any changes? Have heard some things about certain A380 like people coming back to Base as a manager today.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 20:51
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It is difficult to imagine a more dysfunctional attempt at reducing head counts than what is being pursued by QF Management at the moment. The stress levels will continue to increase.

BTW "Being interviewed to apply for your old job" is the cruellest management tactic I have ever witnessed. It is a form of workplace bullying.
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Old 2nd Jun 2009, 23:23
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Sunfish Insight

Much of the anger,slanging and tribal rivalry witnessed on these threads from Qantas employees is borne out of frustration and intimidation in the workplace.
Sunfish correctly points out the cruelty of applying for your own job at a lesser wage.Qantas management continually uses the divide and conquer principle to drrive down wages and keep the workforce off balance.
The Qantas workforce is most likely the most disengaged of any airline.
The quality and level of service varies enormously as a result.
Qantas is a very divided and fractured corporation.
It is surprising it makes a profit at all.
The way in which the 1750 jobs have been made redundant should be made a case study for any MBA candidate.It is without doubt the worst possible way to implement redundancies.
It is doubtful that Qantas employees will never be re engaged.The damage done by Dixon and his gang is unlikely ever to be repaired.It would require wholesale removal of all management personnel from the Dixon era.
That is unlikely to happen

Last edited by blade.runner; 2nd Jun 2009 at 23:54.
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Old 3rd Jun 2009, 05:11
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Heads Down...

I have been reading your posts for some time now and have been attempting somehow to understand your purpose while endeavouring not to allow your syntax to provoke a migraine....

Your last post though is nothing more than unadulterated rubbish......
This is a company that thrives on low standards
You call yourself a Cabin Crew member and then call your profession salad tossers....

I sincerely doubt you are currently employed as Cabin Crew or if you ever were ........

Additionally I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you are nothing more than a bitter,twisted,malevolent individual with machiavellian intent.....

Last edited by lowerlobe; 3rd Jun 2009 at 05:31.
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Old 3rd Jun 2009, 07:16
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Can I ask

who heads_down might suggest as a new leader? I KNOW!!! How about that 'uneducated loser', Richard Branson??? He seems to have done REALLY badly out of having no post secondary education, or indeed finishing high school! Heavy sarcasm well and truly intended!!

BTW no one lives in fairy land about what is happening, at all. In fact most of us well and truly understand the current environment only too well....

Also please remember most CC are normal people...well mostly!
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Old 3rd Jun 2009, 07:53
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Heads Up Identity Revealed

Two years ago aircraft were being tampered with.Interphones broken and toilets sabotaged.The individual was found and managed out of the business.
This person was always a little bit strange to work with and it was no surprise that he was the saboteur.
It is highly likely that Heads Down and the saboteur are one in the same.
Heads Down is in fact most likely a disgruntled ex employee who somewhere along the way has had a meltdown.
The person who told him about PPrune should be hunted down and flogged for gross stupidity.
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Old 3rd Jun 2009, 08:01
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Poor writing skill is vastly different to words and sentences that are barely able to be understood. Honestly, what the hell are you talking about?

For all those sicks of posts like the above, please sign your name here
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